Carmen Electra shakes her booty

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  1. yolatengo

    wow. how clever.

  2. lookma_nohans

    #26 — nice work on the Prince trivia. But I hafta disagree with you about her name’s star power. There’s a particularly hot “Tera Patrick” of porn world fame who is likely making horny teenagers screw up their “what-i-gave-up-for-lent” promises as we speak. Even Prince would approve, methinks.

  3. woodhorse

    there is no way I can put on that much makeup without looking like Tammy Faye – what else counts for hotness points? I want to be at my best……

  4. Lowlands

    #49)She’s more the born out of wedlock princess.

  5. Lowlands

    Just being the hot sexyness yourself,That’s one of your best…

  6. Lowlands


  7. woodhorse

    OK, and a school uniform…

  8. Lowlands

    If possible a victorian one…

  9. Penis de Milo

    There was that story awhile ago about her chronic inflamed hemorroids…

  10. Shovelhead

    Damn… she is one of the hottest chicks out there bar none. Come and sit on this for a while Carmen.

  11. jmack

    That ass is fantastic. That hooker never seems to age. Id throw my johnson at her ANY day.

  12. woodhorse

    tienes nada. estas enamorada con Carmen? ella es enamorada con su mismo. Que lastima! Piensa que puedes conseguir una chica mas bueno que esto. Tienes fe, por favor.

  13. deborah

    She sure gives “wax that ass” a brand new slant — how much do you have to pay a friend to help you with that?? Do you think that they all get together and have waxing parties….I need to leave now.

  14. woodhorse

    (a numero cinquenta y uno)

  15. Shanipie

    Hate to break it to you allykitten85…

    I’m a chick.

    But my husband always tells me that what set me apart the most from other women was how angelic my face was. So I think a lot of man appreciate a sweet pretty face.

  16. yolatengo

    huh? de que hablas?

  17. yolatengo

    oh and my comment was directed at #48 sweetie

  18. I wanna take a dump on her face she’s so hot. Wait, is that gross? I’m sorry, I don’t really know anymore (single tear-drop).

  19. Lowlands

    It is that she’s nicely shaved.

  20. woodhorse

    #67 lo siento mucho – soy stupida

  21. Pikachelsea

    “But my husband always tells me that what set me apart the most from other women was how angelic my face was.”

    I hate to break this to YOU, but men will say anything to their wives to make them think they’re pretty. I’ve seen so many guys with huge ugly wives who go around talking about how she’s the most “beautiful woman in the world”… yeah, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, blah blah, but sorry, a husband is about the least objective judge of his wife’s beauty on the planet. I can’t help but roll my eyes every time some guy who has a total beast for a girlfriend/wife says this.

    Anyway, nothing against you; just wanted to get that out. Boyfriends/husbands attesting to their girlfriend’s/wife’s beauty proves nothing.

    As for Carmen… I don’t think she looks too bad physically, but she looks pretty bad in general, just by the fact that she has to writhe around half-naked on a stage to make a living. Mom and dad must be so proud.

  22. woodhorse

    #63 $50 bucks says #69 is wrong – no shave is that close. Let’s get together and wax and then collect our money off Lowlands. I have some shopping to do for a big date.

  23. Anna's Abscess

    “But my husband always tells me that what set me apart the most from other women was how angelic my face was…while swallowing his lumpy semen.”

    fixed it.

  24. veggi

    lumpy semen. I just threw up a little.

  25. Lowlands

    The girl on the first pic who’s touching her ass says it’s shaved.Carmen electra almost fooled us.Nice try Carmen.

  26. greeneyed_girl

    #42- You strike me as possibly a bitter, cynical person that was…. unpopular in highschool and is now jealous and can’t tolerate those different than you. But of course- I could be wrong.

  27. greeneyed_girl

    Eh.. Just remember that boys like naughty girls.

  28. woodhorse

    I’m not paying you $50, you had inside information.

  29. weeble

    I’d tap that…

  30. Shanipie

    Hey…um I wasn’t so much trying to tell my own story as I was trying to say that I believe that men really do value a pretty face…the body isnt everything and it can be overshadowed by an ugly mug no matter how hot it is.

    BTW I don’t need my husband to tell me that too know how fuckin Hot I am so go tell your own butt ass ugly wives lies.

    And unless women have lost their eye sight they know if they are just being playcated or if the compliments are really true.

  31. thexelleos

    #65 hate to to tell you but your husband is rubbing one out to that pic of carmen, not your face.

    ps. you must be fat

  32. Shanipie


    W/E Douche Bag

  33. thexelleos


  34. highknee

    Sharpei…Hairpie…whatever your name is…a sweet pretty face is wonderful – to skeet on, at the very end. Until that point, it’s irrelevant – well, pretty eyes are nice if you’re good at giving head while looking up…which brings us, as always, back to target-skeeting. Of course, a pretty face would be great, theoretically, if a guy had to kiss at the beginning and cuddle at the end, but most of us know how to gnaw our way out of those beartraps. Trust me, guys know only 2 things on this topic: always try for the chick with the best body, and always lie.

  35. I’d love to see pictures of all the people bagging on Carmen.

    I bet you’re all super attractive.

  36. kickservebt

    She is so damn cute. I would lick her spleen every morning and night until she couldn’t take it anymore…and then I’d say too bad and devour her some more.

  37. Wow highknee your so classy. I’ll bet you wear a monocle and raise you pinky finger while you sip tea.

    Now that you’ve shown everyone how disgusting you are and proven that you obviously speak for all of men everywhere, let me be the first one to congratulate you one being a pig.

    Glad I don’t actually believe all men are as moronic as you sir


  38. FRIST!!!

    Damn I wish I looked as good as her bent over. Eh…I do ok.

  39. imran karim

    how old is she?


  41. highknee

    awwww…Sharpei you’re so feisty! That’s a little hot in its own way, so I’d maybe skeet on that cute face of yours. But it’ll have to be a gloryhole encounter if your bod is as not-so-great as you seem to imply…

  42. minniememe

    yeah, so joan jett is munching her carpet now. my dyke friends love that dinah shore weekend shit in san diego… pussy galore. lipstick lesbians and uber dykes in droves.

  43. Shanipie

    Oh highknee, would you? would you really do that for me?

    Oh sorry I think I just threw up a little.

  44. LadyJane

    Wonder who waxes her crack….

  45. bigrob1969

    I wouldn’t skeet on you Shani. Nuthin’ but love for you honey.

  46. littlejuliet

    Ya know, when I see this kind of crass display of “sexy,” I feel it is actually pretty demeaning to men.

  47. arden

    She’s gorgeous! Bad taste in men, but everyone has a hobby.

  48. blogista

    Where’s the part where she slips and falls down?

  49. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    LOL 98.

    Sorry but I think she looks hot. Her ass is in super shape. She has muscle tone. Her face isn’t bad at all, she looks younger than a lot of the 19-25 starlet set. She may be a little depressed, maybe because her 2 hubbies wore more makeup than she does. Hell I dunno. Anyhoo, her body & skin look great imho.

  50. she is one sexy lady!

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