Carmen Electra shakes her booty

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  1. Carmen Electra is the baddest bitch ever.


  2. dangerice

    ya rly

  3. YouRang

    Did this show end with a whore off?

  4. combustion8

    she’s starting to look a little long in the tooth.

  5. JuniorLeaguer

    …………thats hot

  6. Jedi Kevin

    Looks more like the Pussy Flash Dolls.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    Ugh, the skank is strong in this one.

  8. leewame

    That’s got to be illegal in some states. At least Idaho.

  9. 15PiecesOfFlare

    Why doesn’t she just cut to the chase and do porn? Then she can show her bony vagina all the time.

  10. Naid

    I would tickle that bitches taco untill she begged me to stop…holy shit its hot this morning.. that Dave dude is obviously a blind faggot to cheat on her

  11. vanman

    I dunno, I cheated on Carmen Electra too. Its easy to judge, but, when she wont have sex with you, you have to get it somewhere.

  12. tits_on_snack

    I’d make a comment about how hilariously pathetic this is, except that would make me a jealous fatty.

  13. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Judging by her hairstyle in that last picture, she must be watching a lot of “Mork and Mindy” reruns.

  14. 15PiecesOfFlare

    She is an inspiration to thirty-five year olds everywhere…

  15. wedgeone

    #9 – and you know that her vagina is bony how? You’d be more believable if you said that her vagina was large. After all she was married to Dennis Rodman.
    That is the ONLY reason that would keep me from taking a very long dip in her snatch pool. I don’t think that she’d feel me since Rodman stretched her out.
    What a flipping shame.

  16. wedgeone

    #13 – Damn – what a flashback THAT was. You’re definitely showing your age. Or your affinity for TV Land.

  17. Lowlands

    I don’t know what Carmen Electra is doing here.But i think it would more spectaculair if she jumped through a burning hoop,right after the dog.

  18. didey23

    thats a sight I didn’t need to see.

  19. The pics are hot until you realize that she’s performing for a bunch of LPGA dykes (picture a sea of Jeri Blanks). Carmen is the uber starfucker. She fucked Prince for a record deal, and since then you have to have some name recognition to get up inside. She’s working out her tongue on Joan Jett now. I’m sure somewhere Dave Navarro (who, incidentally, looks like a male Joan Jett) is crying in between sucking dick.

  20. If you wouldn’t do her, your name is probably Andy Dick.

  21. Jug_Nuts

    How did Tara Leigh Patrick ever come up with such a cheesy stage name? Is Carmen Electra the sound a windsock vagina makes when it queefs?

  22. veggi

    Once again, she was great in “Dirty Love”.

    and every man would love to knock the walls on her.

  23. veggi

    Prince gave her that name.

  24. anothershityear

    fuck she’s hot

    hey Scots, clone that bitch, stat

  25. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Prince told her to call herself that. If you are going to hang with Prince, you cant have a boring name like tara patrick.

    he also named Vanity of Vanity 6.

    But not Apolonia, whose real name is Apolonia Kotero.

    I will now go kill myself for somehow knowing so much useless trivia about Prince. Excuse me for a second……

  26. anothershityear

    #19 really, i always thought it was Joan Jett who looked like a male Dave Navarro

  27. teetee

    That is one CLEAN CLOSE SHAVE!

  28. Courtney

    Carmen Electra did Pussycat Doll shows all the time in L.A. So fucking what?

    Nice pics though.

  29. jaffo

    Wow. Carmen Electra is classy. I hope someday I can have a daughter just like her. How much high-end liquor do you figure it takes to drink your shame away after a display like this?

  30. jaffo

    …and while i’m at it, am I really the only one who thinks the name ‘Pussycat Dolls’ is about the most pathetic, 7th grade attempt at sensuality ever used in pop culture?

  31. Shanipie

    I know no one agrees with this cuz men don’t really discriminate this much when it comes to half naked whores but…she looks so used up. I remember going to my friend Joe’s house when I was like 16 and seeing a poster of her in his room. Okay so that was…6 years ago. She was hot then. she didn’t look as fake to me and her face looked less crunched and damaged by tanning. More angelic I think…

    Her face just looks haggard to me. Her body is great but what really does it for me is a pretty face…her’s has gone way down hill.

  32. Shanipie

    And #31 I couldn’t agree more.

    The first time I heard “The Pussycat Dolls” on the radio I thought it was a major joke. I just can’t take them seriously as artists because it sounds like they combined a whole bunch of retarded stripper names together.


    BTW, I remember “Carmen” before she was a star, at the 1995 Dallas Fantasy Comic Con. I was a dealer there. She’d dress like a sexy vampire at one of the booths, and they’d put her picture in the program guide. I’ve always thought she was a little sad underneath. Now, she’s just a glorified 40-year old stripper. You wanna bet in ten years, she’s back doing that small-show circuit, like so many other ex-playboy models? It’s called the circle of life, boys and girls.

  34. allykitten85

    #32 I totally know what you mean. She’s still beautiful and has a great body, but she’s starting to look worn down. I think she may have also had some plastic surgery that changed her face a bit. I’m glad to hear that an “angelic face” still means something to boys, and not just that open mouthed eyes-rolled-back face that I keep seeing these chicks doing, trying to look hot(aka Jessica Simpson).

  35. Call me crazy, but I really think I’d like to have sex with her in her butt, right now. Weird.

  36. jaffo

    It’s spectacles like this which make me glad I never went into entertainment. I mean, is this really what you have to look forward to ‘in the biz’?! Going to some over-priced club to watch a bunch of used-up skanks covered with Dennis Rodman sweat and Dave Navaro load prance around in lingerie earning the cash for their next botox injection?! Thanks, but i’ll take the corner bar, my usual skank, and a $2 bottle of Yuengling any day of the week over this crap…

  37. tits_on_snack

    #31/33 WORD.
    First time I ever saw a Pussycat Dolls video, I thought it was a really lame parody of some sort. Even the name “Pussycat Dolls” sounded like a joke. Then I realized it actually for real, and I got that same feeling I had the first time I ever saw a Spice Girls video: “Ridiculously gay flash-in-the-pan pop music, they’ll last about two weeks” – only to witness them take over the fucking world.

  38. Lowlands

    According to her age,her body ain’t bad.Only her face has a kinda high Fergie-standard.

  39. Penis de Milo

    She’s got a nice ass for a 40-year old. Fifteen years ago, sure, guys would have killed for a chance with her.

  40. woodhorse

    #7 Give in to the Dark side of the Skank….

  41. Carsten5577

    When women insist on acting and dressing like stupid, worthless, dirty whores, they shouldn’t be surprised at being treated as such.

  42. Lowlands

    Luckily i’m going to meet a much hotter woman soon…

  43. This is a side of carmen we’ve never seen before!

  44. woodhorse

    #12 I thought if that talentless desperate clod can do that, so can I so I hooked my neighbor’s daughter’s hoola hoop up to the ceiling fan and it immediately folded inward and now I have a serious rug burn on both knees, not to mention what am I going to explain about the hoola hoop’s condition to my neighbors’ daughter. You may think Carmen is pathetic but that is one damn strong hoola hoop!!

  45. yolatengo

    you people are so full of shit, how many of you would quit your 9-5 loser jobs for Carmen’s lifestyle… sure it’s skanky and she’s not doing Oscar work but,,, she never claimed to be anything but a hot piece of ass , at least she doesnt pretend to be a ‘serious actress’ like so many annoying skanks do… and yeah she is not 23 yrs anymore, guess what its called getting old. at least she is still working hard at looking good.

  46. biatcho

    I am pretty sure Dinah Shore would frown upon this.

  47. veggi

    @46, yolaskankho. that’s all.

  48. Lowlands

    There’re so many hot girls/women.But i think Carmen electra is not the queen of them.

  49. woodhorse

    #46, besides being the master of understatement (“not Oscar material”) you are also right that she is “getting out there and doing something”. I have just this day vowed to next year join the Dinah Shore Hoola Hoop Invitational and, by God!, I will never have such a crappy hoola hoop again.

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