Carmen Electra Malibu bikini pictures

August 13th, 2007 // 134 Comments

  1. #97
    If you’re popular, then everyone wouldn’t hate you……..

  2. RichPort

    Rihanna looks like a light bulb with a wig on. If you can’t look better than that, you’re a fucking doofus.

    p0nk! How does it feel to be 25 again? That’s the age I stopped counting…


    If anyone has paid attention over the years, “Carmen” is afraid of men.

    She confessed as much to Regis a few years back when she co-hosted (they were both dressed in medieval-gear).

    She said she went with Rodman cause he was a celebrity too, and wouldn’t take advantage of her celebrity.

    She married that mousy singer who lost his Mom cause he seemed tame and wouldn’t hurt her.

    She told Regis that she couldn’t trust men who just saw her for her beauty and celebrity, and not the “real” Tara.

    This is a girl with issues, but if you guys are over 20, you know they’ve all got ‘em….

  4. woodhorse

    #78: small note Veggi (good afternoon) “helmut” is Krazi’s middle name, “helmet” is what she wears….

    Look at pic 6 how she sticks out her chesticles! I can see this couple with the strutting Cisco Adler Ball sack pose on top of a wedding cake (I’m a matchmaker genius)

    #87 Not only do I think the comments by Fish are even more excellent today, I enjoy posters such as yourself and Wedgeone, Veggi, jrzmommy (when she bothers to show up) – site’s a long way from Hell (I’ve actually been there)

  5. MJ

    CARMEN IS EFFIN HOT ALL DAY FROM EVERY ANGLE….You can put some more pics of her up if you want…Ha!

  6. Where did you go #44?

  7. Why the heck is she sitting on that freak’s shoulders when she could as easily be sitting on my face? It makes no sense!

  8. woodhorse

    #67 Learn to speak Spanish.

  9. AmeriCanadian

    She’s pretty hot for her age. I wouldn’t mind having a body like hers, eh? She has creeeeeeeeeeeepy taste in husbands though, ewww!!!

  10. NeoconLuvLiberty-n-Dungeons-n-Fairies-n-silliness-n-Kelli2

    TT I am here peering from the shadows into the void.

  11. Texas Tranny

    Do you still want my picture?
    I’ll send it if you want it.

  12. PrettyBaby

    “Crackers will always hate because they have to pay for black dicks?????? ”
    *ahem* Thank… you….. for that ….interesting tifbit, kelli.

  13. LJ

    Kell, hon, I’ve called your mom, she’ll be down to the radiator in a few minutes for your computer. I’m sorry this is your only connection to the outside world but, someone had to take a stand.

  14. Demon Slayer

    krazihottkell do you have a boyfriend?

  15. justsayin

    she’s got a great-looking body, but I think she’s sucking in her stomach a little (which she does not have to do) and it makes it look like she’s got a short neck.

  16. bri_fari

    love the goosebumps all jumping to attention

  17. frank

    take some pain killers
    stop pretending to be hotter than rihanna
    get a job you old man
    cause pretty girls don’t talk like that
    what a weirdo
    am i right?
    and i won’t be looking at this page again
    so say whatever you want
    love ya

  18. margeret

    and kelli if you’re not a old man
    you’re a weird fat ugly 25 year old black female that does not leave the house

    either way, my darling, get some help
    and a man

  19. Mama Pinkus

    I think she looks good. Since her career is her body, it is in her best interest to keep it preserved as long as possible.

  20. Treebeard's Nuts

    open up your window and jump.
    I wish that your mother never picked up that used condom from Carrot Top’s bathroom and thought that it would be a good idea to hide it up her skank hole. You are worhtless and your postings here prove that.

  21. \?/

    Ha ha ha! It’s really funny how people come here to put down female celebrities who are much more comely and have much better bodies than at least 95% – or more- of females. Have you seen the people lately in a major city – OR basically any city- in America? Hardly anyone is in shape, hardly anyone has a nice body, and hardly anyone is pretty. Women like Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, and Scary Spice, are leagues above most women (that includes the women who come here and claim that they are so much better looking and have better bodies than certain female celebrities. Mind you, they make the claims with no photographic proof) in being in shape, body, and looks in general. That’s just to name a few that people here try to put down. Btw, women like Scary Spice and Carmen Electra don’t merely have nice bodies for women their age, but they have a better and more in shape body than most people regardless of age (I’m saying this even though I’m still in my 20′s). One more thing, being skinny/thin doesn’t necessarily make a decent body. For example, Eva Mendes and Posh Spice are good body thin/skinny, but Hilary Duff is bad body thin/skinny (no breasts, no butt, no waist, and no hips. every thing just melts into each other and it’s not the body that was ever intended to be a good body for females, even since the beginning of time). You don’t have to have all four attributes (breasts, waist, hips, or butt), but to have a decent body, you should at least have 2 of the 4 attributes to a significant degree.

  22. \?/

    Btw, I’m a woman and I think the people here should realize that their bitter words accomplish nothing. The celebrities will go along as usual being rich and famous while many of you wallow in your hatred.

  23. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Damn, my wrists are sore now.

  24. Poor \?/


    One accomplishment of their bitter words was making you think that the rest of us didn’t already know the points you made in your comments. Congratulations for pointing out the obvious.

  25. lucky7

    Carmen Electra has been ruined. The image of her sucking on Dennis Rodman’s licorice pencil dick has forever tainted her in my eyes.

  26. LJ

    Hi 118. I’d just like to point out that while I’m not in the practice of bashing other peoples figures it’s kind of stupid that you feel you need to point out that regular people are fat. Sure it’s bad for them, no I don’t like that thats the way the world is, but I must remind you that it’s not regular peoples jobs to be thin busty and hot.

    People like Carmen get paid millions of dollars a year TO BE thin busty and hot. I think it’s stupid to bash them for every blemish but hey, it’s their job to look like that so when they don’t why are they earning the bucks lmao.

  27. cg

    she looks great, considering these are all candids and show every blemish. nice proportion and hot ass. put on a bikini yourself and have a photo taken every 2 seconds by a high-powered lens, blow it up on your computer screen and see how horrible you will look. most of you would be disgusted.

  28. terry6v

    Say whatever you want about her. She’s in the story YOU are in the comments. And that’s where you all will always be. Have a good day.

  29. Luna

    124 ur hella funny

  30. bigone

    She still looks pretty hot, but who wan’ts Prince’s and Rodman’s sloppys seconds. Who knows what diseases she got from those two alone.

  31. she is wearing the love bracelet from Cartier
    does she have a new BOYTOY???? on her right arm

    It takes 2 persons to get it on and the man keeps the key around his neck

  32. girly

    I think she’s soo hot, and at least she has curves! (unlike paris)

  33. lyrical kelbo

    this monkey-lovin’ white thrasher was married to Foxy Brown..wait I mean Dennis Rodman

  34. lil britney hater

    #130 white thrasher? Sounds like something my great grandfather would have been called.

  35. S4R4H


  36. de bush


  37. Batman

    i really like here
    can any one tell me how can i contact here ????/

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