Carmen Electra is generous

March 7th, 2007 // 104 Comments

Carmen Electra was spotted giving a homeless guy some money recently. At least I think he’s homeless. Judging by his clothes and backpack he’s like the must successful homeless person in New York. And if you look at Carmen Electra’s fingers there’s not actually anything in there. Yeah, maybe the photo was taken after she dropped some change, but maybe (and this is the version I like to believe) she only pretended to hand the guy some money and then made a ‘clink’ noise with her mouth. Because why give poor people money when you can not give poor people money? Just do the math.


  1. imran karim

    did she give him a quater

  2. September_bebe

    Does anybody know what kind of shoes those are???? PLEAASE? I lovve em!

  3. Joe D

    The fact is she is reaching in the cup to take the money out.. In the next shot which is not above you can see her walking down the street counting change….

    If you notice those two older people in the background turning around because the homeless guy was yelling for help!!

  4. yeah,lol, it could be a hobo…then again it could be her latest boyfriend!

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