Carmen Electra is generous

March 7th, 2007 // 104 Comments

Carmen Electra was spotted giving a homeless guy some money recently. At least I think he’s homeless. Judging by his clothes and backpack he’s like the must successful homeless person in New York. And if you look at Carmen Electra’s fingers there’s not actually anything in there. Yeah, maybe the photo was taken after she dropped some change, but maybe (and this is the version I like to believe) she only pretended to hand the guy some money and then made a ‘clink’ noise with her mouth. Because why give poor people money when you can not give poor people money? Just do the math.


  1. schack

    technically, circumscised males are much less likely to have an STD than their female counterparts, so it would be safer to have sex with a male whore than a female whore. AND, since social conditions are such that the market is small, you can probably get quite good head and some dick for like 20 bucks.

    i hope someone is taking notes.

    anyway, i’m out for today. i love you people. keep on rocking.

  2. damn, i’m inclined to say give her a break. she’s actually doing a good deed that most people wouldn’t.

  3. I was there, and turns out she was just making change for the subway

  4. veggi

    She was great in Dirty Love with Jenny McCarthy.

  5. guymorgan

    #48 Thank you, you made my day.

  6. LoneWolf

    I’m liking those shoes. I gotta wonder though, is she that big a celebrity that the paps follow her? Seems a little conincidental that someone just happened to be taking her picture at that moment. I smell staged photo op.

  7. Be a lot more generous if she gave that dude a blow job instead.

  8. biatcho

    That dude is definitely no homeless New Yorker, god knows they don’t take chump change anymore. They get all pissy if it ain’t at least a finski, standard cost of living-without-a-home wage increases I guess.

  9. He obviously isn’t that poor, because he has a STARBUCKS CUP! I mean, it’s not even a tall cup, it’s a venti cup! That had to have been at least, like $4 to even get!

    Whatever happened to homeless guys using good ‘ol Dixie Cups for their change buckets? Homeless people are soooo ostentatious these days…

  10. China Doll

    I live in Manhattan and I may have seen that guy before… I definitely agree with #7, it was terrible yesterday and it’s worse now because of the snow.

    The “well dressed” beggars are usually the ones who have signs about how they need money to go back home and/or that they ran out of money while traveling. I tend to give food rather than money to actual homeless people who don’t beg because the ones that do beg for money just want to shoot up.

    I’m not trying to defend him but just because he has a Starbucks cup doesn’t mean that he bought coffee from Starbucks. There is practically a Starbucks on each block, you’re bound to run into an empty Starbucks cup.

  11. mika85

    51- it doesn’t matter if your genitals are cut or not, you can get an STD from having unsafe sex as easily as anyone else. are you a circumcised male? please, go ahead and be a “man whore” and see what happens to you.

  12. Anna

    Okay, I used to see this guy EVERY DAY on 48th St. between 5th & 6th with some stupid sign about a hostel or about being homeless and looking like a St Marks pseudo-punk. This is going back about 6 months, AT LEAST. He disappeared around December, I think, and from the looks of it he just relocated. I’m trying to figure out where this is, I’m thinking 50th & 5th…so what, he moved a block away? I guess I don’t see him anymore because that’s not the route I take to work. This guy bugs the shit out of me!!!! AAAARGH.

  13. Sheva

    Yup 62, he’s a spanging fuck and he’s in midtown which just happens to be the cross section of the most workers and tourist you can find.

    Will some nice girl find him and kick her heel into his eyeball please.

  14. ShalaFalana

    Her outfit looks feirce!!!

  15. ponk

    wtf?! that’s PapaHotJew trying to raise bus fare to get back to ‘weezyanna’!

  16. Stink

    Spanger or not, any man who can get Carmen Electra to bend over has zazz.

  17. HoraceMcTittiesworth

    She may just be giving her imaginary money to her imaginary homeless friend, Schnozzle McGoo…it just looks like she’s headed for the real guy’s cup.

  18. fame is funny

    I’m sure he would have rather she just planted her ass on his face for a second or two. Would have made a much better story when he was tell the story later at the shelter.

  19. fame is funny


  20. Jill

    She’s pretty. I don’t know why she wears so much eye make-up.

  21. Sox

    Does IDLYITW steal ALL of your shit? They’re like the Carlos Mencia of celeb/gossip sites.

  22. Clete

    Husband #3? He looks better than the first two specimens.

  23. k naz

    i don’t really think anyone should judge how much money a rich person should give poor people. maybe she carries all credit cards. who fucking knows, but it’s the fact that she didn’t keep walking with her nose in the air that makes her cool. she’s probably also smart enough to realize from walking on these busy streets all her famous life that YES many people do pretend to be homeless. soooo wtf.

  24. supafreak

    Her feet are fuckable.

  25. sitara

    I thought I knew that guy, but I don’t — the guy I saw was heavier, but it was the same scenario: ostentatious backpack, cardboard sign, specific, low amount of money, same handwriting.

    It was 42-34th street, 7th ave, last summer. The first time I saw him/her, I almost felt bad.. the sign used to say ‘need $17 more for my bus trip home’.. but then you see them more than once and you realize this is meant to nail the tourists. Congrats, Carmen Electra — you’re *definitely* not a New Yorker!

    The fact that so many people recognize this guy-with-a-sign makes me wonder if there’s some organized group effort behind this brand of faux-meless.. if I was feeling naive, I’d imagine it was some college psychological experiment.

  26. hollywood_hillbilly

    He is not homeless!!!! She should be kicking his ass back to wherever trustafarians like him come from (here its usually california or mass) not enabling his parasitic existence. He is an affront to real homeless people who cannot do any better. This fucker could easily go to his parents estate in napa or maybe rough it at their cabin in bend. Shame on her for perpetuating this shit, I usually just tell them to eat their dog if they are hungry.

  27. schack

    #61- a New York Times article came out just last week about how uncircumscised men are 60% MORE LIKELY to contract HIV.

    of course it’s more likely. just think about it- it’s delicate skin, which on the inside is a mucosal membrane (like the inside of your nose) which, due to its softness is much more likely to suffer tiny lascerations, and due to its wetness, much more likely to incubate bacteria. for these same reasons, women are much more likely to contract STD’s than men… there are of course other factors, but i’ll have to refer you to additional sources.

    actually, though, i am not even a male. and my last three boyfriends, for some weird reason, have been uncut. i haven’t seen a cut penis in years. i like the way a “natural” penis looks.

    all i’m saying is that male whores are safer than female whores, and i would hope that people use protection with both.

  28. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    OK. I agree the guy is not homeless. But all of your wannabe-columbo retarded detective reasoning that “homeless guys don’t buy Starbucks” is just plain stupid. Did you ever possibly think that (Drumroll please) HE FOUND THE FUCKING CUP???”!!!

  29. licklick

    Why can’t she get her own cup of coffee? She’s got money.

  30. happy_bunny

    76 – hollywood_hillbilly beat me to it. That’s not a homeless guy, that’s a trustafarian. She should be hip to those by now.
    At least from the looks of it she’s only giving him enough small change to be insulting.
    “Here’s a nickel, leech” *plink*

  31. wedgeone

    “my last three boyfriends, for some weird reason, have been uncut”

    my last 3 … wow – slut! cool. got pictures?

  32. SuperChic

    He’s NOT homeless, it is an acting scene, you know they are trying out the “real deal” out in the “real” tough streets of god knows where for her next romantic comedy: Carmen and the Homeless Hobo. She’s not giving him money, its pocket lint, look really closely…

  33. llllllllll

    #77 What about the 3 slabs of boink meat before the last 3, what cut were they? And the 3 before that?

  34. llllllllll

    #77 What about the 3 boink meats before your last 3, what cuts were those? And the 3 before that?

  35. schack

    as cute as i think the phrase “boink meat” is, i can’t say they were just meat, which i do wish i could say, trust me. i’ve always wanted to be that girl.

    the overwhelming majority of my boyfriends have been circumscised, which is why i said it was “weird” to have three in a row. this is america, after all. what i like about american uncircumscised men, is that they bear a scar of lockerroom and sleepover traumas, which usually makes them much needier and more malliable than their looks would otherwise warrant.

  36. schack

    well, malleable is the wrong word.

    how about penetrable.

  37. schack

    plus, i just like how they look. what a cool structure- the skin rolls back when it gets hard, so that it looks like some kind of red jewel unsheathing itself, and, of course, when that happens, the mucuous membrane is exposed, which emits a powerful aphrodisiatic odor. it also makes jerking-off so easy, and when it’s idle, its a cool little hood-type device, which covers and protects.

    the only thing is cleanliness, obviously… but it’s not that hard to not be a slob, and most ppl have to give up their slovenly ways in their early 20′s anyway.

  38. tink0414

    the homeless guy looks like gavin degraw……..anyone else see the resemblane?

  39. llllllllll

    Since we are on the topic, I just had to post this.

    Dear Alice,

    Maybe this is a weird question, but my boyfriend is uncircumcised. If he hasn’t taken a shower right before we make love, his penis smells. I assume it is the secretions getting stuck under the foreskin. Have you had any other questions about this? I’m really very curious to know if this is a problem.

  40. schack

    i’m guessing you are not circumscised, lllll?

  41. llllllllll

    Actually it was indirect advice for your next 3 cheddar cheesy smellin boinkers. “Helping the world one whore at a time.” Geesh, not even a thank you?

  42. schack

    Both males and females produce smegma. In males smegma is produced and accumulates under the foreskin; in females it collects around the clitoris and in the folds of the labia minora.

    Smegma is invisible, noticeable as a smooth or moist texture until it is allowed to accumulate, when it takes on its characteristic texture and appearance described in many texts as “cheesy”. Since smegma tends to accumulate under the foreskin in males, its presence is less common and less noticeable in circumcised males.

  43. schack

    that’s from wiki…

    smegma isn’t dirty, and it’s completely different from yeast and bacterial infections. it’s normal and it’s actually an aphrodisiac.

  44. schack

    but i wouldn’t expect a belligerent fucker like you to make such subtle distinctions.

    i hope your own rustic obtuseness sucks you down.

  45. llllllllll

    Spoken like a true superficial pompous whore. Hey smegma schack…suck on these then wrap them around your neck and hang yourself.

  46. schack


    just because i write at a 9th grade reading leve, i’m pompous? compared to my colleagues (the future heirs of the world), I’m actually quite rustic and obtuse, myself.

    jesus fucking christ. i can tell you one thing, babycakes, you ain’t movin’ up in the world.

    go jam your head in some unyielding hole, and keep it there till you die, will you? or don’t i have to tell you to do that?


  47. llllllllll

    Smegma schack, oh how you love flattering yourself. You try too hard my dear…sure you FEEL smart but that doesn’t classify you…stick to what you do best. 3 cheesy cocks per shift makes for good calcium intake. I don’t see osteoporosis in your future…. thats a plus right?

  48. lilygirl

    She is fierce, but stupid obviously to give this little douchey looser anything. She would be like 10 times fmore ierce if she flicked her cigarette or spat on him as she walked by. Or stepped on him.
    Ugh, I hate him now, we should all go find him and beat the shit outta him, he deserves it for existing.

  49. lilygirl

    She is fierce, but stupid obviously to give this little douchey looser anything. She would be like 10 times fmore ierce if she flicked her cigarette or spat on him as she walked by. Or stepped on him.
    Ugh, I hate him now, we should all go find him and beat the shit outta him, he deserves it for existing.

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