Carmen Electra is generous

March 7th, 2007 // 104 Comments

Carmen Electra was spotted giving a homeless guy some money recently. At least I think he’s homeless. Judging by his clothes and backpack he’s like the must successful homeless person in New York. And if you look at Carmen Electra’s fingers there’s not actually anything in there. Yeah, maybe the photo was taken after she dropped some change, but maybe (and this is the version I like to believe) she only pretended to hand the guy some money and then made a ‘clink’ noise with her mouth. Because why give poor people money when you can not give poor people money? Just do the math.


  1. gavrilloprincip

    god love her

  2. Baroness

    I think she might actually be reaching into his cup and taking his money in that shot.

  3. mmmBitch

    Fine legs. Take a look Nelly – T-sraps if you have leaner legs, mules or strapless if you don’t.

  4. mztry

    GOD DOES love her.

    Why are you people so dam MEAN!

    Burr in your butts?

  5. Nsomniac

    Man, when I was homeless, I sure as hell didn’t have enough money to buy STARBUCKS and use the cup to beg. Something tells me this guy’s got a benz parked a half block away, and this is just more lucrative than using his degree in economics.

  6. hollywood_hillbilly

    according to his sign he is “traveling” and needs 3 bucks to stay at a youth hostel. assclown hippies like this probably make their mothers wish post-birth abortions were legal

  7. jesseeca

    There is no way this was yesterday. That dude would be frozen to death on the sidewalk & she would not be wearing capri leggings with open toed shoes. It was about 10 degrees with a -5 windchill.

    I don’t think that guy is homeless, I think needs money to stay in a youth hostel. Hey here’s an idea, get a job!

  8. julyper

    That “homeless” guy is waaaaaay better dressed than any Olsen sister in an ordinary day. He should work as their stylist

  9. guymorgan

    Let’s make fun of her because she is giving money to homeless people.

  10. schack

    i didn’t know that the yuppie ho-bo’s had spread to new york city!

    i live in santa cruz for a few months, and the street was littered with the lazy and discontent children of upper-middleclass america, who were hoping that they could remain children forever- not brushing their hair or teeth, not working, not thinking- and that somehow the archetypal santa claus would swoop in as the white man’s god and save all his beautiful little blue-eyed, pale-assed children.

    hello- trash comes in every color. and you can only ride on coattails when someone is wearing the coat!

  11. She might be the finest woman ever to live.

    I’d give both my legs to hit that.

  12. schack

    but carmen electra fell for the trap. probably cause trash likes company.

  13. schack

    11- HAH

  14. mmmBitch

    I like her hair too, and how she doesn’t cave to bleach it. She wouldn’t look as nice if she coloured it blonde. She’s a good looking woman who knows how to stand out. Too bad about the boobs, but as she said ‘everybody was getting them in the 90s’

  15. llllllllll

    Did Carmen get Navarro’s right hand in the divorce settlement?

  16. llllllllll

    Correction: handS

  17. Jenster

    I like her shoes. Thats it, I usually don’t have that much bad to say about her.

  18. vandelayindustries

    looking a little thinner….mighty fine legs on that little philly..if given the chance to hit that, one should do so, even if she has been with prince, navarro, and rodman…oyyyyyyyy

  19. llllllllll

    #18 I’m glad you brought that up….come to think of it I see a little pattern here…Carmen only dates and marries feminine men …things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm

  20. llllllllll

    Schack you may still have a chance

  21. DingleberryJam

    I hope real homeless people tracked that lazy jackass down and cannibalized him. He’s probably an “artiste” and lives as a faux hobo on the weekends when he’s not staying at his parent’s upstate new york mansion. Not that he enjoys it, however, because they’re FACISTS.
    I live in baltimore and theres a kid just like that guy i pass when walking to work everyday. He does his best pathetic impression by mumbling “Got any chaaaaange maaang?” It takes iron will to keep myself from delivering several kicks to his poser hobo ribs.

  22. #13

    If you disagree, you are obviously a homo.

  23. rockdust

    It was nice of her to give money to that homeless guy, but only pocket change? My income is only a hair above poverty level, but I’ve given homeless guys at least a dollar! I guess I’m more generous. ;) It seems people with money are so damn cheap!

  24. jesseeca

    newsflash people, he’s not homeless!

  25. JadisOne

    I have to agree with #5. I’ve never seen a homeless person sporting a Starbucks coffee cup. Dude has a Benz and a condo in Florida. He probably bums for money to minimize his tax liability.

  26. schack

    sorry, lllll, i may have a chance at what?

    22- i agree that she’s attractive, i just think that she is probably pretty lazy, which is why she decided to get breast implants and make a carrer out of looking young and cute in hopes that santa claus would make her a perennial nymphet.

    ever watch the girls next door? great show. awesome. the girls are sure as hell not dumb and neither are cats for evolving to be so heart-wrenchingly cute), but they are like little girls and hef is santa.

    santa baby, i’ve really been a very good girl, so come on down the chimney tonight ;)

  27. guymorgan

    Whats to say the guy didn’t get the starbucks cup out of a trash can?

  28. schack

    the “chimney” ;)

    *purr, purr*

    *squirm, squirm*

    *slither, slither*

    *meow, meow*

  29. MrSemprini

    Carmen Electra – proof that there is a God even though SATAN got to her first. Bummer.

  30. schack

    if an epicurean kitten-like existence is EVIL, then Satan is pretty banal

  31. 86

    That is the cleanest most well dressed hobo I’ve ever seen. He has clearly had at least 3 showers this week. What a fucking loser. Even the hobos around here offer to dance or clean your windshield for cash instead of just sitting there all clean & shiny like a fucking college kid. That’s gotta be it…he’s gotta be conducting some sort of sociology experiment for his professor or some shit. Man.

  32. Amy

    Unlike alot of other celebs Carmen seems like a nice person. And she’s actually pretty.

  33. rockdust

    He’s really color coordinated as well…notice how his hat matches his pants and gloves.

  34. Reminds me of when I was in Europe spending a month at school.

    Went up to amsterdam (of course) for a few days, walking around while I was all small. there were these 3 hippies playing music on the sidewalk, me and a friend walk by, looking at them. As we pass the hat they have out for money, not giving any, one of them say, “It doesn’t hurt to help.”

    I turn around and say (loudly, but not screaming), “Fuck you!” and just keep on walking.

    I relate this story of mine because this is exactly what Carmen did, at first. Then, she saw the paparatzzi, did a double take, and went back to drop a few measly pennines in the guy’s cup.

    The problem with Carmen is she has no backbone……but she got the booty.

  35. schack

    i don’t know why hobos with big dicks don’t at least sell their bodies to support their childlike existences.

    there are 4,000,000 single women in New York, most of whom, aside from their pretensions at virtue through Love, love to get fucked, like any good whore.

    it’s too much work to gamble on a big dick. and you usually don’t find out until it’s too late.

  36. beavis

    You hobo humpin’ slobo babe
    Get it off, get off, get off of me!

  37. Sheva

    First off this prick isn’t homeless. He’s what they call spanging. When I lived in the East Village, these punks would show up on Thursday and Friday and take up residence to raise money for getting high. I mean look at this prick. He doesn’t look like he’s missed one shave or shower in 24 hours. No homeless guy is sitting on the stree with his freaking backpack.

    Like when you go to work/school you take your backpack. When this guy goes spaning, he takes his backback to his job.

    I hated these little fuckers and if you want to screw with their heads just stop and tell them to get a job. You’ll be hit with a litany of curses like you never had in your life.

    As for Carmen, she’s looking smashing. Here’s a little story. My buddy worked on this crappy MTV show Singled Out. It was probably the worst TV show on television. Jenny McCarthy was hosting but she was replaced by Carmen Electra. My friend said Jenny was a floozy but from day one Carmen just blew her away with her hotness.

    Since then, I know it doesn’t matter how hot unless it can stand up to the likes of Carmen Electra. Apparently Prince and Navarro agree.

    As for this spaning punk I’d like to stomp on him. I hated this little fuckers taking up space in the neighborhood.

  38. She’s getting old. She’s not so pretty these days.

  39. Kim

    All I have to say about this is… Doesn’t she realize it’s freezing out! She is wearing cropped *shudders* Spandex pants and open toe shoes! Look at everyone else in the pics, they are all bundled up. But if you’re Carmel Electra, I guess it’s HOT all of the time.

  40. Lowlands

    She probably gave the guy a ringpuller or her worned out spiral.

  41. schack

    Low- that didn’t make any sense

  42. SuperG

    Wow, a flawless beauty!

  43. PrettyBaby

    If it were me, I’d reach down and slap his cup, sending the money flying all over the sidewalk. Then, when he started to yell at me, I’d turn and do a sidekick, driving that heel spike right through his eye. Then I’d pull his eyeball off my heel spike, put it in his money cup and place the cup in the puddle of his own blood, and say “Have a nice day!”.

  44. schack

    why would you be that mad, pretty baby. if you can love your pets, then you can love a good whore. most of social interaction involves selling oneself for pleasure anyway. the point is, i think, that he’s not really being honest about what he is. if he’s gonna sell his dignity for money, he might as well do it in style.

  45. Lowlands

    The guy doesn’t look homeless to me either,his handgloves aren’t even fingerless.

  46. schack

    picture him coming up to your ear and whispering, “we’re both well endowed, in our own way. i can do something for you, if you can do something for me.”

    wouldn’t you take him in a cab or a bathroom or on your lunchbreak? heck, you can even make him go down on you.

  47. meee

    hey, maybe it was his first day of being homeless so he wasn’t all tattered and dirty yet. you know everyone’s gotta have a first day.

  48. ZaZ

    Why do homeless people always have markers?

  49. RichPort

    I know half of her is made by DuPont, but she is extremely fuckintheassable.

  50. Lowlands

    At the end of the day this guy scrapes all his money together and drives away in his Porsche Cayenne…

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