Carmen Electra is cleavagey, but kind of scary

December 19th, 2007 // 80 Comments

These are pictures of Carmen Electra on vacation in Chile that I got distracted from posting thanks to Jamie Lynn Spears’ fertile uterus. I don’t exactly know what happened to Carmen Electra’s face, but it should take some advice from her cleavage on how to achieve awesomeness. Maybe they can swap notes or something. I’m not really an expert on how the female anatomy works. I’m 90% sure it involves unicorns and some kind of fairy magic. Which is why I wear a wizard’s hat during sex.


  1. kayla


  2. kayla


  3. KAYLA

    omggg i got second too! i’m so excited. this never happens to me!! omggg. ok. i think i’ll actually read the story now…

  4. I think she looks awesome!

  5. kayla

    i don’t really like the way she looks. i’m way hotter.
    i’m starting to think the only reason i got first is cuz it’s the middle of the night and nobody expects the superfish to be updated.

  6. kayla

    ok. i’ll go study for my ap physics test now and stop commenting on this over and over again….

  7. frankiedue

    did she get work done on her face? i didn’t recognize her at first

  8. Splooge

    yes, she got some work done on her face. And by work, I mean a heaping helping of my man-juice. That’s why she looks different.

  9. The White Urkle

    She looks pretty hot. She lightened her hair some. Although I doubt is matches her pubes now. Too bad her vagina was wrecked after having sex with Denise Rodman.

  10. 23apples

    Her face looks all puffy and round, like she got stung by a bee and is having an allergic reaction. Or maybe she’s getting over a case of the mumps. Either way, why are her boobs so far apart? That seems awkward to me.

  11. Narcissist

    9th is the new 1st! I probably missed it typing this. No, I’m really happy for you Kayla. You’ve achieved something most people only dream of and never accomplish.

    Is Superficial pulling an all-nighter to keep us up on important events? They must be staying by the computer to see if the Spears family can get any skankier.

    Looks like Carmen has toned down the image or something. She looks almost matronly, except for her boobs falling out.


    Her face looks that way because she’s forty fucking years old.

  13. Narcissist

    She’s 35. Maybe she’s pregnant or put on weight or something. She appears to have put on weight to me.

  14. Tee

    she’s been looking different lately…. her face has been looking old or something..and what’s up with the hair…not a good look. Ken Paves is definitely slipping..

  15. Loser

    she definitely gained weight. look at those sausage arms

  16. Ted from LA

    I used to date her. For foreplay (stick with me on this double entendre) we would go to the driving range. She would lay on her back, I’d stand on her left tit and hit 9 irons until I reached her right tit.

    Happy Holidays!

  17. toma

    Nice body, I saw her photos on an online dating club It is a famous site amony rich women. They are wandering on the site
    for looking for their handsomen sugar babies.

  18. pointandlaugh

    that doesn’t even look like her.

  19. toma

    Nice body, I saw her photos on an online dating club It is a famous site amony rich women. They are wandering on the site
    for looking for their handsomen sugar babies.

  20. toma

    Nice body, I saw her photos on an online dating club It is a famous site amony rich women. They are wandering on the site
    for looking for their handsomen sugar babies.

  21. IWONKY

    #18, I agree – That could be a lactating Jamie Lynne.

  22. She’s hot. But she is a lesbian.

  23. tif

    I put on my robe and wizard hat …

  24. a doe

    it’s her hair…it look like crap

  25. Dookie

    Yeah she looks alright. I mean if not for the fake tits and whatever else. She looks like a more mature version of herself which would be cool… if not for the fake tits. Her face is fine. The silicone is out.

  26. the striking red lipstick is horrible.

  27. jack-in-the-green

    she’s fucking hot as hell to me and i would do unmentionable things to her any day of the week, BUT it does seem we’ve finally come to her Tipping Point. all people reach theirs and it seems it’s finally her time. she’s had one hell of a run as a wild, gorgeous sex machine, but we’re nearing the front-end of the downslope. (i’d still go crazy on her, fyi.)


  28. KingWang

    This is your face……….this is your face on old-timers and tweak rock…….
    This is your body……..this is your body after that freak Dennis Rodman does you……

    Paper or Plastic? I see she is wearing paper to cover the plastic parts………but a bag of shit by any other name is still a bag of………Electra Shit.

    I could have sworn she had a career……….no wait, that was her Playboy spread……..

  29. K

    I think she just looks odd because she’s wearing a long black dress and necklace so she looks a bit dressed up, but then she has this mop of wavy, beachy hair that looks like it hasn’t been styled (it’s really cute, it just doesn’t go with her outfit). Then she’s wearing very harsh eyeliner and lipstick.

    I don’t know, she looks kind of strange, but I think she looks more real here than she usually does.

  30. lisa630

    She is so charming. Do you know so many men are crazy to her and often share her videos at

  31. She looks….different..

    Fish should be putting pics up of kayla, she’s way hotter..

  32. Michael Vick must Die

    Another orange woman with fake tits – sorry boring!

  33. grits2005


  34. Joe

    The photographer girl in the background is cuter

  35. woodhorse

    Her ex husband is more feminine – in a Juarez prostitute kind of way.

  36. Arsn

    I’m from Chile, and i can tell you that she was promoting a new brand of rum.

  37. michelledavegan

    Do you mean that she should cut up and rearrange her face like she did her chest? Yeah, thats f’n brilliant. Your taste is off, her face looks better than her chest, except for that horrible red lipstick, her hideous hair color and who let her cut bangs – bad advice.


  39. cookie monstrrrrrrr

    CARMEN ELECTRA???? be FKD!!! If it is, (And I am XTREMELY dubious…) she has to be at the LEAST, 40 and living in a trailer park, NO FKN WAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!
    carmen has done the block, she must be near 45….
    look closely superficial peeps. that’s the cute scrubs guy…..

  40. titsonsnack

    She has *always* had a freaky face. I’ve always thought she had the weirdest dead eyes, like nothing is behind them.

  41. Funny, I thought her face looked fine, but her breasts look awful.

  42. This new look does’t please me either. Evething is soooooooooooooo fake and SCREAMING for attention!! Much to much make-up, you are a woman NOT A DOLL OR A CHEAP WHORE!! Your hair is likewise much to blonde. Almost everything is to much!!
    The more natural look we love!!

  43. joeypants

    I would wreck that…

  44. Gerald_Tarrant

    She is just aging that way because she’s a stone-cold virgin.

    Let’s look at her list of guys she’s been associated with:

    Prince – homo

    Dennis Rodman – More interested in gambling and playing dress up than tapping her, for fucks sake, when they got married they both wore dresses.

    Dave Navarro – Raging homo.

    She needs a man who will do all sorts of nasty things to her, namely me.

  45. L.Linus

    #44 you might be right, who said any of these guys ever had sex with her. They were all freaks. She’s getting older and her time in the limelight is very short. There are too many young starlets on the rise!!

  46. veggi

    A family of four could live in the gap between her (fake) tits. Mattel has girls that look better.

  47. ph7

    She must have hit 35 — you know, the Wall.

    Looks like an old woman.

  48. Auntie Kryst

    Her body looks like a case to store an Olson twin in.

  49. Lindsay

    I thought it was Courtney Love when I first saw this photo. What happened??

  50. havoc

    She finally turned. Time for a stake through the heart……


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