Carmen Electra is a whore

tn_carmen_electra_cr.jpgWhen you spread your legs for Dennis Rodman and marry a transvestite, the only thing left to do is sell yourself on eBay. But before I could win, she decided to remove herself from the site. I guess offering my soul, left kidney and bitchin’ collection of Magic cards was a bit much.

“They were bidding for a date with me on eBay, which was kind of weird, but the money went to charity, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do. It went up to some crazy number and I actually felt obligated to, like, sleep with the guy.”

She says it’s for a good cause, but you know it’s just a front to finance the Dave and Carmen sex guide they’ve been working on. Carmen, you got away this time, but don’t think I’m not saving up for your next overt display of prostitution.