Carmen Electra in a bikini

August 25th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Here’s Carmen Electra in the Kos Islands of Greece over the weekend, and when did her face morph into Linda Hamilton’s? Seriously, I’m waiting for a gun-toting Christian Bale or Eddie Furlong to roll out of her vagina at any moment. Or both of them at the same time. In a tank. (It’s Carmen Electra.)

Photos: Mavrix

  1. rita repulsa


  2. rita repulsa


  3. tailspin

    so meaty

  4. Yah!! someone else in a bikini besides heidi!!!!

  5. TheNobleJustin

    Wow… She’s not too pretty anymore… Age is a mother fucker!
    And WTF? Is she STILL using a shitty ol’ RAZR phone? Lame… ——–>

  6. Best of the best

    OMG!! I see Kirsty !! In there.

  7. eric

    Aging Sucks!

  8. IKE

    Kinda catches you off guard at first glance. Hmmm, wouldn’t mind seeing her with a little makeup on. You know…preserve the facade of beauty.

  9. GrammarMenshevik

    Would hit it until something broke.

  10. richard

    No makeup, no airbrushing. Little plump (salvageable though!) but I’d still hit it so hard the person who pulled me out would be next king of england.

  11. walmart executive

    Ugly beaner whore. Only a real whore would wear that swimsuit. Where in Mexico did she buy that swim suit – “Whore R Us.” I hate her, and she is only good for being a maid. She also looks like she needs to brush her teeth.

  12. Miss Clairol

    Looks like someone needs a touch-up.

  13. Harold^Sick

    Why does she even bother wearing clothes? Free yourself, Carmen!

  14. Nina

    Over 10 years of hotness… it was a good run. If not for picture 9, I’d argue that this couldn’t possibly be Carmen.

  15. ginger

    She looks awesome – she is friggin cool.

  16. Hefe

    They all get old sometime.

    It was a good run.

  17. I’ve been saying it. I’ve been saying it for about 10 damned years now: She’s homely. Like, HOME-LY. She’s got a nice set of tits, and THATS IT. For those guys that would shag anything with a pulse (and some things without), yeah she’s “super hot!” But for guys that actually have some sort of standards, she’s disgusting.

  18. barry

    #12, you probably live at home in your mother’s basement. Your fat and sit in the dark on your computer masterbating to bad porn. You havent had sex with a real women ever…..Anyway. Carmen looks good for her age.

  19. M

    i wish i had her boobs.

  20. Hit IT

    Actually, I think she looks more normal now, and quite pretty. Sure, older, but not so fake. She’s held up well considering. I approve!!!

  21. Mucius Lustre

    She looks very good considering:

    1. her age.

    2. she’s hung around with dirtballs and addicts for 15 years.

    3. these are candid photos. We see lots of heavily controlled, art-directed photos on this site, along with true candids. But there’s a temptation to compare one with the other and that doesn’t work.

  22. barry

    Hey “23. Jen – August 25, 2009 10:39 PM”

    I watched the video…so what,,,,was it supposed to be interesting?


    Jasmine Fiora Pics:

  24. clpierced

    Okay this is why i do NOT wear tons of makeup. it masks the ugliness. guys think wow she is hot, then the morning after a guy wakes up to this pile of shit with a hot body next to them. ha im glad im young still and look good with/out makeup. damn old bitches

  25. koko

    yikes..under all that cake makeup, black eyeliner, lipstick, false eyelashes, hair extensions, fake contact lenses, professional styling, and airbrushing, she looks like one of us! who knew…

  26. DickyDoo

    AHHH!!!!!! I’d still let her pee on me any day, any time!!!

  27. Rod

    I’d clean her carpet.

  28. clpierced, I usually agree with you & love your posts but Tara Fitzpatrick always had a nice face & wasn’t a total makeup job like Pam Anderson. Problem is…she’s really white & probably drinks & smokes & is getting older. She has nice bone structure but white girls just can’t drink past a certain age if they want to be attractive. Every drug, cigarette and drink shows. I mean real white girls, from Northern countries, not gray people from southern Europe.

  29. Anna Luhan

    Hey WALMART EXECUTIVE!! Just because she married a guy named David Navarro years ago it does not mean she is now a mexican, you stupid ass. Have you put a thought that maybe that ugly ass bathing suit was from walmart,???? Maybe she was trying you make you guys a favor because walmart clothes look like shit TARGET ROCKS!!!!

  30. Anna Luhan

    Hey WALMART EXECUTIVE!! Just because she married a guy named David Navarro years ago it does not mean she is now a mexican, you stupid ass. Have you put a thought that maybe that ugly ass bathing suit was from walmart,???? Maybe she was trying you make you guys a favor because walmart clothes look like shit TARGET ROCKS!!!!

  31. UPinYA

    I’d beat it up.

  32. Karri

    it kind of makes me sad to see the people of my youth getting older….. it reminds me that I’m getting older too…. :(

  33. Donkey Dongey Dong

    Time is a cruel bastard as evidenced by Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, Lilo, and this creature.

  34. Eyed Bonit

    Sexy legs, horrible taste in men.

  35. Ryan the Canadian

    Nina – your comment is perfection.

  36. wth talkin about? She looks mighty fine

  37. How do you like that, she look like Rene Zellwegies(not sure if thats good or bad) without the Kabuki make ups…

    I was never an Electra guy maybe because i had no idea she had juicy inner thighs such as those…

  38. Cody

    Damn. Dead on with the Linda Hamilton remark. I saw that right away.

  39. Shea

    #39, the VERY FIRST THING I THOUGHT was Rene Zellweger. Look at the first picture, it is a spitting image. Unfortunately, that’s also not a complement.

  40. Deacon Jones

    I have to agreee with Fish on this one. Linda Hamilton, great reference! I bet half the fuckers on here don’t even get it.

    I think she looks damn hot for her age, she is in her 40s folks.

    One red flag that pops up – no ass shots = staged??

  41. Kiki

    Actually people she is not that old – she is 35 not 40 -something- hard living has taken a toll on her

  42. dontlooknow

    This should be no surprise to “celeb insiders”; all celebs are someone else when they don’t wear makeup. She IS Linda Hamilton. Just like Madonna IS Granny Clampett when she’s off the greasepaint. Just like Heidi Montag IS a skank with or without makeup…..

  43. Deacon Jones

    We’re both wrong, she’s 36:

  44. Lugan

    I have always thought she was a pretty lady. For those of you who think she isn’t, i’d like to see what you sleep with..oh that’s right, your hand sleeps with you. Ha ha Who loves ya baby..I still do , Carmen!

  45. Solaera

    Wow. Linda Hamilton’s face and Mariah Carey’s body.

  46. Superbiggerevil

    She looks okay, that is, if you like damaged goods.

  47. Superbiggerevil

    Oh yeah and #12? What the fuck do you know about sex with anything other than what you have to carry to the Chevron station to inflate!

  48. not carmen electra

    Um… that’s not Carmen Electra. I don’t know who that is. But it’s not Carmen Electra. Do you know who Carmen Electra is? It doesn’t even look remotely like her.

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