Carmen Electra goes topless for Vegas show

July 9th, 2009 // 117 Comments

Here’s Carmen Electra performing topless in the The Crazy Horse Paris Show debut last night, and I really don’t think I need to explain why I’m posting this. But just to be safe, it’s because I’m the Jesus of Internet. Click these in remembrance of me.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of 100% choreographed silicone.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Hefe

    There is a God.

  2. boobies


  3. banksy


  4. Delgo

    “This is a song about work. Work fuckin’ sucks”
    :cue Mastodon’s “Workhorse”:

  5. helloyouloser

    have we not seen her breasties before?

  6. spudsy

    Ugh, she’s fat. And ugly. What’s the big deal with her?

  7. yahoo

    Whoop-ti-dooooo…..looks like every other breast implant titty…how exciting and original *yawn*.

  8. Aerialgreen

    *Fap fap fap fap* moneyshot on spudsy

  9. @6


    and @8

    Fuck off.

  10. Ozzie

    JoshtheChopper … too bad you’ve been contaminated by stupidy

  11. @#5 Yes, I do believe we have. Some of us, too many times to count. Doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with another glimpse. As to #8′s comment of true ignorance….still shouldnt’ keep you from taking a peek now, right? There, there, hater.
    The Rake

  12. lulubean

    God loves us. It’s about ten years too late, but…still.

  13. stitrehnoemacI

    She really does have one of the best T!T jobs in hollywood.

  14. jennifer

    2 8


  15. jennifer

    @ 8


  16. Zee Brat

    That is a really well done boob job.

  17. Champ

    I’d still motorboat those fuckers.
    Wait – you cant get STDs from titties can you?

  18. jennifer

    @ 4

    thanks. noe i have the song in my head

  19. tj

    I’m a racist with a tiny penis.

  20. jennifer

    I’m a racist fuckhole.

  21. Darth

    Girl gotta make a buck?

  22. Axel

    Agree with 10. Crave Carmen Electra. Dont like the stars though…

  23. Big deal, she’s been naked plenty of times, completely naked in Playboy and Penthouse if I remember correctly. She’s not even that attractive, other than having nice tits. Meh.

  24. Lipster

    Here’s the video –

    You can thank me later you black bastards!

  25. wowwwwwwww very sexyyy

    thanxx friend

  26. Lipster

    Here’s the video –

    You’re welcome you black bastards!

  27. Vlad

    Yeeaaaa! Thank you.

  28. Duuude

    @11… Contaminated with stupidy? Nice try Ozzie.

  29. Eva

    Her breasties are so fuckin amazing! But where is her butt???

  30. Tera

    Um, did they specifically choose backup dancers with little tits?

  31. Eva

    Her breasties are so fuckin amazing! But where is her butt???

  32. loveablackmaqn

    Y’know why men who are not black are prejudiced against white women fucking black men??? I DO!!! MOST simply CANNOT measure up and never will. Take it from this lovely blonde All-American girl…I won’t be going back to small-minded small-penised REDNECKS. MMMMWAAAHH #8! Hook up with Jennifer, she likes little tiny wankas like you have!

  33. necklace

    That’s a nice necklace she has on, bu ti think she’d be better suited wearing a large Pearl Necklace.

    She can also have a large chin omelette while she’s at it.

    And she can receive my swollen cock in her ass if she’s a good girl and promises never to touch those filthy black cocks ever again.

    ……………. \m/ \m/ ………………………

  34. rien

    @31 – I think they specifically chose backup dancers that look like men.

  35. Looks like she rotate those humanly contrived racks annually like Pam Anderson…

  36. frank lloyd wright

    I wanna suck the silicone out of those tittays

  37. The best cans money can buy.

  38. The best cans that money will buy.

  39. Anon

    I think the ones who hate it when white women go with black men are straight.
    Otherwise they’d be hating white men who go with black men.

    They aren’t interested in men, especially men who pretend to be women on the internet so find yourself a nice gay black man and be happy.

    You don’t have to have sex with them and I’m sure your dick is biggest.

  40. wait...

    I’m confused, are we talking about black dudes with white chicks or carmen electra’s perfectly sculpted breasts? Honestly, those are really well done. As for the whole interracial couple thing…I’m a white dude who’s into black chicks. what now?


    Well, ANON …what on earth does one to say to someone as IGNORANT HATEFUL and DISGUSTING as you are? I seriously doubt anyone, gay or straight, could stomach your stupidity for more than 3 seconds…so i’m pretty sure your ugly twat or little willy is UNTOUCHED. You were probably one of those that thought Obama was Muslim, right? Awwwww poor stupid you. I must be awfully lonely in that empty coconut shell sitting on those worthless shoulders. GET A FUCKING EDUCATION you STUPID BIGGOT. I hope you get SODOMIZED and LOVE IT by a BIG GIANT GAY BLACK MAN.. I happen to know a wonderful guy that matches the above description, but he wouldn’t touch you with his 20 foot pole.
    p.s. i’m selling condos on some land in florida for prejudiced haters, where you can all just sit around and HATE HATE HATE cuz you’re ugly vile human beings. Interested?

  42. gaylord farker

    Get fucked all of you hating cunts.

    Carmen can suck my cock… as can those back up whores she has with her.

    Mother fucker…!!

  43. necklaceTHIS

    Hey NECKLACE I hope you wake up tomorrow with a big black dick rammed down your throat, and your own special necklace. You fucking racist piece of shit.


    It’s time for middle America to start teaching themselves and their children that it is NOT OK, NOT REMOTELY ACCEPTABLE, NOT KIND, NOT CHRISTIAN, and NOT REMOTELY COOL. Get with the program people. Do some traveling. Take a class. Check the calendar…it’s 2009!!!! Racism is the work of the devil as well as every other form of hate based on a person’s skin or physical appearance. Read a history book for God’s sake. Racism is a horrible and deadly disease that has caused millions more deaths than cancer.

  45. alex

    my pants just got tight

  46. mikeock

    Those are the best fake tits ever. Anyone else notice she buzzed the side of her head?

  47. wah

    what the hell is wrong with you she is hot as hell, and her back up dancers only seem to have small tits in comparison to carmen. don’t be a hater.

  48. dude_on

    If you must …then hate the person, but not the titties.

  49. Carmen_is_a_babe

    All women should look as hot at her age. She’s awesome, has a very nice shape, and one of the few fake boobie women that I like.

  50. Breasts Galore

    She’s almost 40 but she still has magnificent mammaries! Granted their implants but they’re still delicious.

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