Carmen Electra dances for Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” Awards

June 11th, 2007 // 164 Comments

Carmen Electra performed a stage dance with The Pussycat Dolls and The Bombshells during a performance by ZZ Top for Spike TV’s first annual “Guys Choice” Awards. And in case you thought Carmen Electra dancing around half-naked on stage didn’t quality as news, well, you’re wrong. Just thought you’d like to know. And you know what else would qualify as news? Me not completely devastating a woman with my good looks. Hasn’t happened yet!

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  1. mia

    And for those who say if they had that ”stuff” (wtf????) they wouldn’t leave the house, Have you ever considered that she may be totally boring?? Perhaps insane?? Perhaps she hate sex. Who knows.

  2. mike

    you guys arer losers!!!! she is hot, that is all there is to it!!!

  3. jagoff

    If you type in “first” in your comment, you are a RETARD. I mean seriously. And if you think Carmen is anything but hot, or if you think Paris is hotter than Carmen, you are just as much of a retard as the person who types “first”.

  4. Ruby


  5. colleen

    She’s not fat people it’s just she shouldn’t be doing that at her age. Again though she is not fat.

  6. Butterfly

    She is HOT! I bet everyone on this page doesn’t look half as good. FAT?! Where the fuck is she fat? No wonder we have eating disorders? What do you people want up there to dance – skeletons?!

  7. Nats

    Butterfly got it just right.
    I beleive the majority of negative comments come from jealous women with nothing better to do than to pick apart at others making a decent living from just being attractive.

  8. Anonymous


  9. If Carmen is fat I must be a frickin’ heifer. I think she’s gorgeous, witty, and fun. I adore her.

  10. star69

    I’d give her a dollar.

    When are the two-for-one specials coming up?

    Maybe I’ll get a lapdance just to see how ugly she is in close up, if she won’t crush me to death that is.

    She might try to suffocate me with her flabs.

    She should ease out on the whipped cream on weeners trick. Plus it’s a little played out by now.
    Navarro got sick of it too.

  11. I think her potbelly
    iz cute..zhez not fat
    like I said, better
    than leazt
    zhe doezn’t give a beaver
    zhot every time zhe getz
    in a car..

  12. yea ok

    And pple wonder why there’s so many celebs looking like zombified crackwhores. I dun think anyone who is either not plastic’ed to perfection or a rotting corpse suddenly categorizes into fat. Anyone who thinks carmen is fat deserves a kick in the groin for it not working properly in the first place. She’s still hot and I’ll hit that.

  13. Keith

    Wow, you guys are into twigs. Not only is she talented, and beautiful, when it comes to figures there’s no tummy nor fat thighs.
    As far as being a whore, go out and try and find a whore that looks anywhere near as good looking as her.
    Jealousy, envy, and lust has blurred your vision. In a lot of the cases I’ve read here “sperm back up” jerk off, your eyes are drowning in your own sperm, sheez !

  14. carmen electra is hotttt! hace you seen any of those spoof movies she’s been in carmen electra is hot as hell i would fuck her so hard!

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