Carmen Electra dances for Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” Awards

June 11th, 2007 // 164 Comments

Carmen Electra performed a stage dance with The Pussycat Dolls and The Bombshells during a performance by ZZ Top for Spike TV’s first annual “Guys Choice” Awards. And in case you thought Carmen Electra dancing around half-naked on stage didn’t quality as news, well, you’re wrong. Just thought you’d like to know. And you know what else would qualify as news? Me not completely devastating a woman with my good looks. Hasn’t happened yet!

carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_01-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_02-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_03-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_04-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_05-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_06-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_07-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_08-thumb.jpg


  1. Carmen looks makes me sad that she would dance around in her underwear, rather than using the brain God gave her for a greater good.

    Think she sports that outfit to church on Sunday Morning?

  2. Big Mama

    Who is this Mexican. Sluts like her are a dime a dozen in every border town.

  3. Rodman

    It may look good, but it’s worn out….trust me.

  4. I’m sure the guys are happy. She actually looks like she’s lot weight, she looks better with curves. I hope she doesn’t get all Hollywood skinny. What is with Hollywood women wanting to strip all the time? LOL I guess when you look like that…

  5. Pikachelsea

    Wow… she looks pretty busted. lol at the bulging tummy, weird creases on her stomach, muffintop, rolls on her side… enchanting.

  6. woodhorse

    #97 Shut the Fuck Up. Victor’s OK. He’s honest. We used to have some class around here called Richard and he wrote perceptive and optimistic classy stuff till Dr. Phowstus started making fun of him and he left. Victor shouldn’t leave. So shut the fuck up.

  7. Victor iz funny, except
    for the drinking of the
    douche water….

    and where, may I azk iz
    the MrGoodSir been?
    probably shoving hiz fingerz
    up someonez azz!

  8. WowJustWow

    She’s adorable. But I am getting sick of watching women act like sluts.

    /yea, I’m getting old..

  9. hollyj

    Jimbo, I think the women that bend that way live in Las Vegas and Bangkok.

    108 WowJustWow- I think you’re my hero. Why can’t they be sexy AND classy?

  10. oh shit: hellz kitchenz on

  11. Lindsay

    I wouldn’t call her fat, I mean – far from it (Let’s compare her to Britney Spears, even now) but those are some fangry rolls shes got….but it’s so weird. like an illusion. How old is she anyway?

  12. velveethra

    Cripes people. She looks hotter than holy old hell. Dave Navarro is a painted up nipple sucking moron.

  13. Binky

    My guess is she looks so smmmoooth because she’s using the new Shick Quattro for Women, (the high performance disposable)
    Then again, maybe my cookies may have just hypnoed me with product placement, and she swings a Gillette.

  14. PatinNJ


  15. She also has a killer sense of humor. Check this shit out (the Fish will filter them, so take out the spaces):

    youtube . com/watch?v=yrgogtso5yM

    Hot (almost) titties!
    youtube . com/watch?v=DBNLZ7XPK3c

    Now tell me she’s fat!

  16. Amy3000

    WOW…she is fucking gorgeous, and anyone who said she looks fat needs to get thier fucking eyes checked…she has the *slightest* bit of a little tummy, and I happen to think it’s feminine and womanly and cute…chicks with a little meat are way hotter than any of you ugly-ass skinny anorexic bitches… can anyone say *Jealous?* Fucking a skinny bitch is like fucking a pair of elbows.. bony, uncomfortable and disgusting!!! Looking at these pics makes me wish I had a penis…

  17. jca

    she’s fergalicious

  18. iz

    ok lik WTF y r ppl sayin shes fat?? r u out of ur mind jus cuz she isnt being blown away by the wind lik all the other hollywood sluts doesnt mean shes fat. wen ppl who r bigger thn her look at ur fuckin comments n read shes fat makes thm feel terrible about thmselves. jus cuz ur wives of gfs dont look tht fuckin hott doesnt mean u can go trashin her lik tht r u all insane. ok jus cuz she likes to show off her body n ways mayb a woman her age shouldnt let her its her fuckin life not urs n sum ppl lik those pics. so wut if her tits r fake guys complain wen theyr too small n they complain wen theyr fake WTF DO U WANT NOT EVRY GURL IS BORN WITH THE BOOB GENE YA NO! UGH all those men who sayd carmen’s fat i hope ur wives or gfs or daughters get an eatin disorder so u can c how those other “perfect” gurls get so tiny and mayb thn ull respect those who dont try to die to b skinny. thts all n good night fuckers

  19. Carmen is neither “pure muscle” nor “110″ pounds. She’s been spending too much time on the pole ( double entendre intended ), and not enough time on the treadmill.

    Check out the ample back fat rolls and love handles in picture #5. They are impossible to miss, and there is not much room for interpretation. On the positive side, she seems quite comfortable with her body, and she is probably a spectacular fuck. She sells her body with attitude, but physically she’s OK, not great.

  20. Danklin

    Oh my god she’s a fucking whale!

  21. Binky

    I knew there was something creepy here, but I just couldn’t place it.
    Check the first pic. (like who hired the guy to write RESTROOM upside-down ?)
    The Thumbs ! She has the thumbs of a 65 year-old laborer. They were creeping me out. So don’t worry people. She’s not hot.
    Nothing to see here.
    Nothing to see here…

    (Have they left Carmen ?)

  22. bitch is a heifer. and she fucked and married this guy.

  23. buttons

    Id hardly call her fat. The ‘rolls’ you can see are what happens when one moves in such a way that causes your skin to bunch up. *rolls eyes* seriously guys, you’re being ridiculous. Sure, she’s not skinny, and she’s not as slim as she was 10 years ago (but let’s face it, does ANYONE posting here look like they did 10 years ago?) but she’s still fucking gorgeous and has probably done a darn sight more in her life than any of you whiny losers :-)

  24. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    I don’t care what she looks like, that dancing like a whore thing is older than even she is. Old, tired, overdone. I hope we can get some female celebs soon who have some class, because the $2 hooker look is ancient.

    It’s not jealousy on my part, just…ennui.

  25. Kathleen

    She is old, she is an airhead, and she is slutty, but she looks good in the first picture.
    The whole “she’s fat” thing is ridiculous. Guarantee she looks better than everyone on here posting or at least 99.9%. I’d like to see all of you at her age.

  26. Seymour Butz

    Jesus, old?! Carmen’s younger than I am.

    Goddamn punks. Shouldn’t you be waxing your crotch? With it looking like that, someone might mistake you for someone who’s hit puberty.

    That out of the way, I don’t quite understand this “burlesque phenomenon” that Hollywood keeps trying to push on everyone. They’re trying so hard to bring it back, you have to ask – why can’t they leave it? It’s been dead and buried for decades…

  27. BLT

    Wow she is AMAZING still. What was Dennis Rodman thinking leaving her??? And Dave Navarro. Well Dave can still get chicks…but I think everyone , man, woman and animal is afraid of Rodman these days.

  28. Michael1

    Carmen is in NO way fat.. well phat maybe. But that little bit of what someone called “chub” is the only thing on her that isn’t plastic except maybe her eyeballs and I’m not sure about those.

    Still, for a mannequin, she cute a very pretty picture.

  29. Michael1


  30. tonycatman

    Ugly girls and skinny girls take note.

    This is what a woman should look like.

    Check out the old posts. There have never been so many guys saying they want to put her stink on their Johnsons.

  31. woodhorse sucks Victor's anus

    He talks like a desperate ‘tard – is that why you like him?
    You can finally relate to someone, yeah?

  32. star69

    She’s definitely seen better days.

    Is she a stripper now or what?
    All she does is dress like one and dance on stages.
    She should get a job at Spearming Rhino.
    She’s do well.

  33. star69

    She’d do well, that is. Damn typos.

  34. Francois

    I SEE A STRETCH MARK! Right above her tummy. Fresh she is not.

  35. give the most average woman a fake tities pamper her all day cause shes got shit little to do all day exept what?…exercise, get her hair done ,do a couple of hours per week on what ever shes famous for…and that is it..

    so all in all…shes nothing special..her tits are fake…wich is the first “-” for me..her face is nothing special..and the rest of her body is the same as any other 30 year olds woman who is not obese

  36. Any of you people bashing Carmen Electra are either women, gay, or just plain stupid.

    If I had that, I’d never leave the house.


  37. kenzier

    I don’t think she’s fat. Visiting this site for so long, I’ve found that pictures tend to be somewhat deceiving. I’m sure she would look just fine and hot if you met her in real life.

    As much as I love the VS models and think they are heavenly gorgeous, I’m sure they’re not even remotely voluptuous in person. How could you when you’re 5’10″ and 110 pounds? ANTM taught me that.

  38. CountDrunkulaXxX

    are you people retards? Yeah shes a whore, but fat she is NOT. Thats fucking hot… a chick with a bit of meat on her bones. Screw that cokewhore look all you douchebags are into nowadays.

  39. CountDrunkulaXxX

    are you people retards? Yeah shes a whore, but fat she is NOT. Thats fucking hot… a chick with a bit of meat on her bones. Screw that cokewhore look all you douchebags are into nowadays.

  40. MargeAggedon

    Nice to see the old hookers home has a talent night.

  41. katers

    She is not fat AT ALL. Wht do you want, a man???!!! She’s hot!
    Although, is that like, bleachers with two guys in them behind her? WHERE IS SHE?

  42. Dung Beetle

    Time to hang it up, Carmen.

  43. Ruby

    This broad has the talent of a frenchfry cook at Wendy’s. Greaseball.

  44. jus'stupid

    Well, I must say, as an old fart, that stuff looks pretty good. I hate to tell ya, but that stuff would still taste pretty good.

  45. jus'stupid

    Some of you are lost balls in tall weeds. Somebody better find you before you get run over by a mower.

  46. Fumus

    She looks fat, I mean not fat by my bring back home from the bar standards. (i.e. has a vagina and I can fit my arm around her) She’s fat for being on tv, supermodel standards. It’s truly a shame she has appeared to let herself go.

  47. meh

    boba fett- you’d never leave the house because your herpes would make it too painful for you to move

  48. mike

    where can i fint this video?

  49. sandy

    This is totally sexy. She’s hot and probably great in bed. PERIOD.

  50. mia

    You’re totally right.

    You guys haven’t seen what a real woman looks like. Fucking misogynistic losers. This bitch is useless and makes us real women look like meat bags. I’m tired of all those ”i want to put my penis in this” comments. The only place you can and will put your penis in is your fucking right hand (maybe left). I don’t care if you are pervert or sex addicted. You don’t have to treat women like objects. And why does her empty head is sexy? Cause it make her as intelligent as you are? Or cause only a fucking retarded like her would accept to dress like a whore in front of a bunch of DnD addited albinos look like teenagers.

    Get a life. Maybe you’ll get a girl. A real one. One who have the right to grow old like you and be happy even if she is not perfect.
    And NO, I’m not some kind of fat sexually frustrated woman. I have a man and i’m happy with my life. I’m just so fucking bored to see how men are desperate to have sex. STOP BEING SO MEAN WITH WOMEN. Thats the key to have sex… and to be happy.

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