Carmen Electra dances for Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” Awards

June 11th, 2007 // 164 Comments

Carmen Electra performed a stage dance with The Pussycat Dolls and The Bombshells during a performance by ZZ Top for Spike TV’s first annual “Guys Choice” Awards. And in case you thought Carmen Electra dancing around half-naked on stage didn’t quality as news, well, you’re wrong. Just thought you’d like to know. And you know what else would qualify as news? Me not completely devastating a woman with my good looks. Hasn’t happened yet!

carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_01-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_02-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_03-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_04-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_05-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_06-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_07-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_08-thumb.jpg


  1. Jimbo

    @44, yes I am sure that is close, but it did not look nearly as good Pic #4. I bet she has a droppy ass and long droppy lips that kind of flap in the wind and you can see her big herpes sores all over her ass and thighs

  2. her face lookz scary like shez
    a demon vampire from buffy…

    not sure how old zhe iz, but zhe
    lookz way better than
    :mommiedearezt: *Brittney*
    thatz for sure…..

  3. theblender101

    she kinda fat

  4. Lowlands

    Carmen electra does look quite a bit like Fergie.Why don’t they team-up and call themselfs The Neanderthal Girls?

  5. captain obvious

    Oh good Lord, put it away already Carmen..its getting old (literally). I mean, come on, is that all she can do is slither around and act like a stripper. It might have worked years ago, but its time to hang up the whole g-string thing now. And she’s working the ripped fishnets a la Britney Spears; not someone I would recommend emulating. Now imagine if Carmen didn’t have those big fake jugs…her body would seriously look misproportioned. In pic #6 you can see its all over for her any day now. Not that she looks bad, she has a nice physique…for a regular girl. She’s just not in top stripper form any more. But she does seem like a nice girl. Just don’t understand the whole Navarro (eww..and, um gay?) and Rodman (eww…and, um gay?) thing.

  6. hollyj

    IMO, she still looks best busting her ass on a glass runway.

  7. celia

    You people are absolutley freakin insane. If she is fat you ALL need to have your eyeballs taken out and cleaned and then burned! LOL! Seriously she has a slammmin body! I would kill to have body that toned and curvey. She is pure muscle yet still femine and she probably weighs no more than 110. Please you are soo used to Nicole Twicthies 79lbs boday a really woman freaks you out.!

  8. HoboChic

    I like how you can see the lines on her belly from where the fat rolls are when she’s seated. So…what’s the word for it..normal? No! Real.

  9. Lowlands

    It’s time to move on for this sort of girls which have reached certain frontier/age… On which they obviously need the help of stockings/bent ass to look sexy…There’re many other and better looking girls/talents.

  10. If we just had more of that in the world, it’d be a much much better place.

  11. at least she does something for her money! and she ist NOT fat! and who the fuck cares how old she is, she looks gorgious (as far as her doctor made her;-) @57-celia: you are just 100% right. yes ma’m.

  12. hollyj

    She’s not dancing. She’s trying out for the Special Olympics gymnastics team.

  13. Lowlands

    Who’s going to dance next year?Barbara streisand?

  14. ana

    her body is perfect..for all the gay men out there..newsflash women have hips and aren’t flat!

  15. Hecubus

    I just don’t get it, I don’t get how any of these amazonian tranny greasy haired sluts are considered even remotely attractive. I’d rather fuck Morgan Freeman.

  16. getoutofmygalley

    comment, shmomment.
    Like anyone in here wouldn’t do her if given the chance.
    Jesus himself would have a hard time saying no to that.

  17. Lowlands

    Oh yeah,it’s getting hot in here.Great pizza btw,always with a bit tabasco…

  18. hollyj

    @63, She’d be smootha than buttah

    I found another shot of Electra’s routine (yes, SFW)

    (Btw, if any of you can explain WTF is going on with her right leg, I’d be very appreciative.)

  19. hollyj

    (for that site to come, you’ll need to stick an ICS.JPG at the end of the above address)

  20. charm

    she’s a glorified stripper.

  21. Lowlands

    I even don’t dear to copy that url but i can see the last word is ‘aero’.Do you know what that means in good ol’Latin?

  22. Jimbo

    @69 Holly – where do I find a women that con do that with her legs?

  23. theoriginalmilf

    Carmen needs to work on getting some class. Every time I see her in the news, she’s looking like some aging stripper desperate to get her next drug and donut fix.

    @54- Yeah, her and Fergie are starting to look like long-lost twins. Hell, all they’d need is Jessica Simpson to join them and they’d be giving freakshow circus acts a bad name.

  24. MrSemprini

    You weenies have been watching too much Gisele Bundchen. Carmen is a woman-sized woman. Plenty of meat in just the right places. I wish my wife looked that good. I’d be nicer to her.

  25. SnappyDresser

    I like the picture of her posing in front of a restroom sign with an arrow poiting to her head.

  26. I wish I was Carmen. I would rule the WORLD! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

  27. theoriginalmilf

    @74- Speaking of weenies…do you tuck yours under before heading out to the gay bars? Because to get off on Carmen you must be batting for left field.

  28. #51 – Jimbo, you should work for Hallmark, writing greeting cards!

  29. Binky

    Spike TV has an award show ?
    Yeah right.
    This looks like a clip from ‘Pros Versus Joes’

  30. Name (required):

    I’m sure the older gentlemen here are getting quite a kick out of these pictures.

  31. Snatchit

    OMG, that ass shot is fucking amazing! The only thing that would make me think twice about screwing her hard is the realization she had that gay guy Navarro’s dick in her at some point.

    Well, that thought quickly came and went…

  32. jeff

    She looks like the “Before” picture for woman treated for IBS.

  33. She’s such a slut.

    And I love it so much.

  34. woodhorse

    Lowlands, I think you are very close to the truth when you notice that she sticks her backside up in the air to signal her readiness to accept a penis.

    Victor, where in the hell do you work? Are these jobs listed on

  35. isitin

    She is 35 years old, shes still a kid….

  36. Chauncey Gardner

    Ordinarily, I find these older Hollywood whores pretty revolting, but I’d have no problem letting that one suck on my porky.

  37. lindsay

    jealousy spreadin like a bitch, well get well soon yall

  38. notyoubitch

    what a fake plastic whore

    please drop dead.

  39. Jimbo

    @78 AJF – How did you know where I worked?

  40. oooohplease...

    seriously, does she do anything else other than acting like a slut? if she has to expose herself like that, she must have insecurity issues.

  41. Jimbo

    @90 What else would you like to see her do? That is all she has ever been? That is what she does best and I say there is no reason to stop now. She was put on this earth to please man and she is doing a damn fine job

  42. You all must understand that Carmen will come over to our team soon then you will all be sorry! muhaha!

    go team go team yaaaay team!!

  43. Nice commentary and great pics of Carmen at the award show. I wrote a little bit about the show on my blog too and have some pictures of other women who attended the show. Check it out if you get a chance!

  44. theblender101

    she ain’t no “real woman”
    she’s a fat woman

  45. Jimbo

    @92 Gina – I am sure Carmen plays on both teams and we have no problem with that. Do you play on both teams?

  46. Bo Babbyo

    To any male who says that Carmen Electra is too fat:
    You are a complete fool. You should not be allowed outside of your supervised living facility. You should go to your local euthansia station NOW. Do not allow your DNA to pollute the gene pool. For the love of humanity, stop existing RIGHT THIS SECOND. You are a greater threat to this planet than the Axis of Evil and the Third Reich combined. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? BITE THAT CYANIDE CAPSULE NOW!!!! Thank you for your time.

  47. Victor is the Ultimate Homo

    Jesus, that Victor guy is an embarrassment. Someone cull him and his kind, please.

  48. Darth Hater

    How many of you people calling her fat have daughters that you worry about having eating disorders?
    OK she doesn’t look as good as she did 10 years ago, but who does? She still looks better than “stars” 10-15 years younger than her that make regular appearances on this site.

  49. Victor is a Perv


    You need to get your mind out-of-the-gutter.

  50. zo,zhez 35,huh*****
    can U imagine Lindzay,Pariz,
    MommieDearezt(Brittney) at 35..?

    they will look like old,
    wrinkled alcoholic druggiez
    with drawstring lipz…
    I’m gettin zick thinking of it!

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