Carmen Electra dances for Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” Awards

June 11th, 2007 // 164 Comments

Carmen Electra performed a stage dance with The Pussycat Dolls and The Bombshells during a performance by ZZ Top for Spike TV’s first annual “Guys Choice” Awards. And in case you thought Carmen Electra dancing around half-naked on stage didn’t quality as news, well, you’re wrong. Just thought you’d like to know. And you know what else would qualify as news? Me not completely devastating a woman with my good looks. Hasn’t happened yet!

carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_01-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_02-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_03-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_04-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_05-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_06-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_07-thumb.jpg carmen_electra_spike_tv_strip_08-thumb.jpg


  1. Eugene


  2. Hollard

    Wow, too bad she bones black guys…..


  3. Eugenio

    Yeah, frist for the frist time!!!

  4. Superevil

    I’d Still Hit It.

  5. It’s news. It more interesting than finding out some new asshole blew people up in Irag. That shit happens every 20 minutes. I mean, how often does Carmen Elektra act like a slut … ok, that’s every 20 minutes, too. But it’s still news.

  6. Eugenio

    Yeah, frist for the frist time!!!

    what a hottie she is. I would pay her $150 without even thinking about it.

  7. Donkey

    She makes me feel funny down there.

  8. Bruce Dickinson

    I’ll be honest.. Carmen, you’re looking great for an old chick with chemical-ball tits and a potbelly. But.. that.. that doesn’t work for me. I gotta have more Paris!

  9. yukadoozer

    This hag needs all the black leather straps/buckles she can attach…fresh she is not.

  10. Alayney

    I just LOVE Carmen Electra! And I LOVE her belly and thigh flab — I feel so much better about myself now! :)

  11. bob

    damm what a potbelly hate to tell you guys but she is gettin really fat

  12. Victor

    Oh my fuckin gosh, instant fuckin hard on. I would love to get my dick wet with her. Wouldn’t fuckin drink her douche water though. But sure would love her to give me a golden shower.

  13. DBag

    FRIST!! Yeah baby! Woo-hoo, take that! ::Doin the Frist dance::

    And I just know all of you haters are going to cap on me for being Frist and announcing it to the world. It just shows that you’re jealous and envious of my frist status. Little do you know that Carmen has made it her policy to go down of fristers like me, so IN YOUR FACE frist-haters!

    Ahhh… frist… I can die happy now.


  14. Jumpin_J

    #12 – Victor. Nice comments. You’re all class. Guess that what makes you the ladies’ man. Now if you would only come out of your mother’s basement.

  15. p911gt10c

    Now pics of HER peeing, I’d def. want to see.

  16. Victor

    #14. Get over yourself. Just a fuckin comment. Get your head out of your ass, and wipe the shit out of your ears, because it is causing you to make stupid ass comments like you just did.

  17. flaivo

    i wanna fuck her so hard now… will jek off thinking on her… at least im allowed to think about that.

  18. nick


  19. Victor

    If I could jerk off right now I would, however, I am at fuckin work. Would do it regardless if I was at work or not, but a guy got fired at my work for doing that in his office with the door open.

  20. I can’t get up from my desk now for a few minutes.

  21. Megathy

    Hello muffin tops. She’s still beautiful, though.

  22. Del

    She looks great! At least she’s not a toothpick like some girls! She doesn’t have a fat body, she has a phat body! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. suckit

    Victor is the new jimbo. Everyone needs a sad pervert in their lives.

  24. veggi

    @13- tee hee.

    Carmen was funny in Dirty Love.

  25. whoaaaaah… she’s really let herself go

  26. 15piecesofflare

    Wow, she never gets tired of this shit does she?

  27. Victor

    Sad pervert? I think not. I am a very happy PERVERT. I don’t mind being a pervert, at least I fuckin admit, and am not afraid to show it. Unlike some of you sad fucks that hide it.

  28. Texas Tranny

    Wow!!!!! I have the exact same outfit. I wore it last night when I went down to the gloryholes at the adult bookstore.

  29. NicotineEyePatch

    Finally, someone who knows their talents and utilizes them. Video, please.

  30. She’s hot! Don’t hate cause you’re ugly and flabby! HAHA

  31. Victor

    Yeah video would be fuckin great. How the fuck can people say she is “fat” and “let herself go” she is fuckin hot. Women with a little meat are the best. Fuckin skinny women, are disgusting. Have to meat, and fuckin delicate as fuck. WOMEN WITH SOME MEAT RULE!!!!!!!

  32. Dear God (hehe):

    Thank you again for Carmen Electra. She is a tasty little piece of meat. I enjoy her fake boobies, and her empty head. Thanks also for her ability to be on my computer screen without me having to actually listen to her voice, or engage her in conversation.

    Tell me how those lips and boobs aren’t the prime example of evolution. I think she is an amazingly evolved woman. And by that, I mean whore. Can I say whore? I guess I just did.

    PS – If you could please destroy the NY Yankees (or at least Jeter) it might make me believe in you. Well, it actually wouldn’t, but it would still be fun.

    Anwho, thanks again for the titties. Oh, and for Tequilla too.

  33. How can Dave Navarro wake up one morning and say to himself “You know, I am tired of having sex with Carmen Electra.” ?

    Just say no to drugs.

  34. Texas Tranny

    @19… I did jackoff here at work. Filled my pretty pink panties with sissy-juice, yummy. I wish I could catch one of my co-workers jacking off in his office, I really help him with that.

  35. Jimbo

    @31 & 32 I think we can stop right there. It could not have been said better. Fuck all of those ugly skinny bitches that are jealous. She looks hot and there is not a guy in here (except for Texas Tranny, if you want to consider him one of us)that would bang the shit out of her

  36. wisp

    She isn’t fat.. but that scrap cloth she’s wearing is certainly not doing her any favors.

  37. Texas Tranny

    @35, I would fuck her until the cows come home, but then again I’d fuck just about anybody.

  38. Butters

    An inspiration to 40 year old women everywhere..

  39. Corned-holer

    @5 Bern those boobs are fucking ridiculous on your site today. Jesus.

  40. havoc

    I would bang her like a Salvation Army drum…

  41. I’d pound her like a rusty nail.

  42. Wanky

    getting kind of chubby in the midsection but damn she is aging well! i like pic 4 the best…mostly because i masturbate to pictures like that :)

  43. HoboChic

    She’s got some chub, but she looks good. That’s good fat. Too bad about the ridiculous fake boobs, though. And the pre-mature aging. Oh, and the embarrassing “it’s not really being a sex worker if it’s also mainstream pop culture” dancing.

  44. Pic #4 makes me think of Paris Hilton’s first day in jail.

  45. I thought I didn’t like Carmen cause shes fat & bangs blacks and fags (Navaro)or Lohan cause she’s a lot like Paris, or ashley or Jessica or whoever, but compared to Paris, I love all the above. Paris is just a worthless dumb cunt! HEAR THAT WONKEY EYED, PANCAKE ASS, BIG FOOT, HERP INFESTED, PINOCHIO NOSED, WHORE, BOYFRIEND STEALER, DORK! YOUR NEW PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO BE OUR, THE PUBLICS NEW WHIPPING POST. NOW YOU SERVE US! Skanky poser, dork. She’ll go right back to her old skanky, dorky self once free again.

  46. oh…my….god.

  47. LL

    Well, her waxer is working overtime, for sure.

    I’ve always thought she looked kinda slatternly rather than pretty, but whatever. As for Navarro getting tired of banging her, how do you know she didn’t get tired of banging him? Or maybe she wanted a dude who didn’t wear more eyeliner than she does. I kid, Navarro’s an awesome guitarist, but still a weirdo. Not that she’s much better. Her track record is not enviable, though you could say that about almost anyone in showbiz. We need these freakshows to make us feel normal.

    And she’s not fat. She just doesn’t have the body of a 12-year-old boy.

  48. Gene

    She’s getting older… Now she’s got a little belly and some thighs…

  49. Lowlands

    Why’s she always dancing in stockings and putting her ass up?Is she doing a mate-dance for Neanderthals?Or does she just trying to be sexy in the eyes of Neanderthals?

  50. RAMistheMAN

    She’s looking kind of fat in the 6th picture.

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