Carmen Electra can’t walk in heels

March 15th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Carmen Electra completely ate it while walking the catwalk at the Max Factor Salutes Hollywood Fashion Show. Although judging by this picture and this picture it doesn’t seem to be her fault since they apparently lined the floor with banana peels. It’s not very professional when nobody on the runway can manage to stand up. They might as well have hired a guy to stand off stage and throw pies at people’s faces.


  1. schack

    didn’t two professional models like DIE on the catwalk last year? is that just the high fashion version of falling?

  2. MrSemprini

    oh #46 your standards for women are sooo particular…. That’s why you’re ALONE!

    Moron. I wish my wife had that good a body. Good thing for her that I love her. I’m pretty sure I do. Its that or the regular meals. meh

  3. FUQK! I knew taking the weight loss pills NV was pure cocain! I told that cop it was the pills fault that made me fall down that escalator killing that Tai baby!


  4. belle

    I thought models were supposed to wear cute panties and not be fat? (to pic #5)

  5. Pikachelsea

    Haha, what a couple of goons. All they have to do is walk around, smile and look pretty, and they can’t do it. I love that cow in the background taking a buttdive and flashing the world after Carmen had already gotten back up.

    btw, the cow may have big boobs but from where I’m sitting they look like a couple over-inflated saggy flapjacks, and I’d rather have small perky boobs than amorphous tits that hung down to my elbows. They just make her look fat.

  6. Shanipie


    Pull your head out of your ass please.

    Your wife has my deepest sympathys for being married to such a peice of garbage.

    Oh and btw I’m not a guy. And you wish you could talk in person to someone as cute as me.

  7. D'arcy

    Badly programmed brides of Frankenstein. Next.

  8. Fifth Stooge

    In 2002, Alison Sweeney appeared on a celebrity episode of the NBC reality game show Fear Factor. Her appearance was notable for her panic at being in a “coffin” with large flatworms, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and millipedes.

    It looks like she may have swallowed a large amount of Madagascar hissing cockroaches?

  9. AspartamePop

    I agree with 32. Just because the blonde woman isn’t a starving anorexic stereotype like 99.9% of Hollywood actresses doesn’t mean she’s the fattest uglies person to ever grace the planet. She’s a lot more normal sized than people here make her out to be.

  10. MrSemprini

    Oh my. I must run out and kill myself after Shanipie has skewered my psyche. Wait… nah.

    You’re still a moron, male or female.

    Remember the days when Shanipie was hot? Yeah, I know it never happened but let her dream. She’s dreaming but its nightmares for the rest of us.

  11. MC Fresh

    Damn..the blonde got sum big titties…time for some milk…know what I’m sayin’

  12. Azazel

    Maybe next time they shouldn’t shine the floor with Pam. You’d think the constant line of people falling on their asses would have help them see that.

  13. k naz

    take into consideration that carmen is like 5’3 or 5’4 tall, and regular models are around 5’9 thats why her curves show up that much more. also she works out therefore shes in shape -not starving herself.

  14. jrzmommy

    32–shhhh…’re annoying.

  15. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Ha ha! Bitchsplat! Muy Excellente!

  16. jrzmommy

    #43 is right, the video is much funnier. Carmen trips and falls right at the end of a long up & back where she clearly thinks she’s teh sexy. But that’s nothing compared to what happens to the wildebeest – she runs out to help Carmen (earthquake sensors go off all around the city) and completely wipes out. You can actually see the other people bounce on the stage.

  17. So I guess that none of you see the point I’m trying
    to make…when did stick thin become the norm in
    this country? Do you realize that Marilyn Monroe was
    most likely a size 14 in her later years-who is more
    sexy than Marilyn? Jane Russel lives in my town-she
    was considered to be one of the sexiest woman of
    her day in case none of you know who she is-she
    has to be about a size 14 also yet she’s still beautiful
    and still sexy.
    Why are women held to such unrealistic standards
    today-what’s wrong with being larger than a size 6?
    I guess this is the wrong conversation for The Superficial
    bunch-guess you guys would rather comment on
    the odors emanating from Britney’s crotch than have
    any real dialog about unrealistic standards that women
    -your wives and daughters-are being held to.
    Oh well, I tried.

  18. costamar

    I guess Allison Swiney is her real name.

  19. HollyJ

    Marilyn was NEVER a size 14. That’s a myth propogated by larger women wanting to equate their own size with Marilyn’s beauty. The net is FILLED with claims that she was this big, but there’s zero evidence.

    She wore her “Happy Birthday Mr President” dress May 1962. She was dead 3 months later (Aug 5). When that dress was auctioned off in October of 1999, it was sold as a “Jean-Louis custom dress size 8.” EIGHT.

    She had to be sewn into the dress it was so tight, so you could even stretch it (no pun intended) to say she was a size 10, but NOT 14.

    She was supposedly her largest during the filming of “Some Like It Hot” when she was trying to have a baby with Miller but supposedly lost that extra weight after the miscarriage..

    (BTW, that Happy Birthday dress sold for $1.26 million!) =0

  20. Pikachelsea


    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but you are on a site called THESUPERFICIAL. Laughing at others’ misfortune is par for the course. You expect “real dialog” on a site whose primary news articles are about Paris Hilton’s saggy arse? Give me a break. We’re here to have fun and the expense of retarded celebrities, not validate your insecurities.

    And we’re not holding women to “unrealistic standards”. We’re holding MODELS to the standards that have already been set. And that dopey woman in the background looks more like the average blob from the street than someone who should be gracing the catwalk.

  21. anotheruselesscomment

    damn…is that a mummified Anna Nicole holding her up in the last pic or….

  22. zzjunk

    Sweeney = Clenbuterol abuse. She has NEVER looked that big or gross, and her skin is terrible now too.

    Carmen Electra is FUG, her face is so beat-up looking. Plus she’s only like 5’3. To whoever said the butch blond shouldn’t be on the catwalk I agree, but neither should that backdoor Mexican skank Carmen.

  23. BarbadoSlim

    @67…we decide what’s normal around here. And we say she’s a porker.

    Live with it.

  24. chichilarue

    Who is that man in the brown dress helping Carmen up?

  25. Gerald Tarrant

    Didn’t Dave Navarro or Dennis Rodman teach her how to walk in heels? I know they had to give her make-up tips.

  26. NicotineEyePatch

    Unfortunately Rodman and Navarro neglected to tell her the cardinal rule of femininity: to be careful not to trip on her own pink sock.

  27. afterdarkdiva21

    seriously…who cares if she changes his name? She is saving this kid from probably a really shitty life…this kid is gonna be one of the luckiest kids in the world. Hell, if I was a little kid going to live w/ Angelina Jolie or any celeb for that matter, change my f’ing name to anything you want

  28. thatgirlheather

    oh my god she looks wasted!

  29. Gum Dumpster

    Carmen Electra falling is funny and all, but why is that other lady falling? Is this shit contagious?

  30. No video??? C

  31. The video is way more funny. Specially the fat man falling down when he runs to help Carmen!


    Check out the video:

  32. ch474

    Oh please. Like that’s the only time Carmen’s had to be on her ass then on her knees in front of a crowd.

  33. dumbphuck

    LMFAO that shit is just too hilarious

  34. MrSemprini

    I’m still imagining the motorboat noises that you could make with the second lady. People all around would be saying, “Where’s that boat? Must be a BIG one”

    I smile in satisfaction.

  35. Your video is funny ham, but I still like the Carmen one better.

  36. jpjrocks


  37. HollyJ-you’re welcome to your opinion on Marilyn-
    I merely stated what I read in an Allure magazine.
    If you look at pictures of Marilyn, it’s easy to see that
    she was really full figured-she was bigger than a size
    8 during points in her life.
    NO ONE ever said Marilyn was fat.
    Fat is never healthy but neither is hating on someone
    for falling down on the stage at an auction for charity.

  38. iamsosmrt

    I guess fake boobs are realy heavy. Or maybe when you’re dumb enough to let a butt pirate like Dave Navarro do you and be you’re husband(the mere thought sends shivers up the spine) you’re dumb enough to not know how to walk and smile at the same time. Carms as dumb as se is hot. The other chick looks just like the MILF from American pie, who was obviously not a real MILF she just played one in a movie.

  39. # 69 Holly J thank you its like people dont realize they stay the same weight and size yet 4 years later their size went down sizes change dipshits

  40. Zoey

    Why it is called a catwalk?

  41. chrissy

    60: why are you still talking? remember when anyone cared? Yeah, me niether.

    I’d check on where your wife is right now, considering she’s married to you.

    I feel so bad for these girlies slipping, good for them for standing up at the end tho LOL even tho it was hilarious. Sammy’s trying soo hard not to laugh

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