Carmen Electra can’t walk in heels

March 15th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Carmen Electra completely ate it while walking the catwalk at the Max Factor Salutes Hollywood Fashion Show. Although judging by this picture and this picture it doesn’t seem to be her fault since they apparently lined the floor with banana peels. It’s not very professional when nobody on the runway can manage to stand up. They might as well have hired a guy to stand off stage and throw pies at people’s faces.


  1. NotTheMomma

    that’s hilarious

  2. How utterly embarrassing

  3. There’s a subtle camel toe behind her in pic 5.

  4. She can fall on my cock at any time!

  5. HollyJ

    Who’s that big scary bitch holding her arm?! Look at her! She has arms like Ahnald. NASTY!

    Freak! Keep it in the circus!

  6. combustion8

    I could hear the thump all the way over here when that cow hit the stage.

  7. schack

    i’m the janitor who greased the runway in the wee hours of the night.

    for once, i see the fruit of my labor ripen and flourish.


  8. costamar

    Yeah, who’s the big, fat cow who also fell on her ass?

  9. pirhan

    I saw panty.

  10. wedgeone

    Wow – those are two sets of gigantic mammaries on that walkway. Nice double chin on that blond who fell after Carmen did.

    I saw the camel toe also, #3. That will make its way into history for certain!

    Perhaps Dennis Rodman was in the front row, and they both tripped over his schwang as he plopped it across the catwalk.

  11. whitegold

    Carmen Electra is hot!

  12. lambman

    Wow, is that the Day’s of Our Lives chick? I always thought she was fug, but she looks like a gorilla in that pic, heck Travolta makes a more convincing woman in Hairspray

  13. Binky

    It looks like Jessica Simpson has been spending a lot of time at Pizza Hut.

  14. BarbadoSlim

    Carmen Who? Nope, not ringing a bell. She done any porn? Any, inter-species erotica?

  15. BarbadoSlim

    That monster behind this “electra” person looks like a Hulkefied Tara Reid.

  16. kr8ie

    I think the chick behind her that also fell is Allison Sweeney from Days of Our Lives – she plays Sammie

  17. fergernauster

    The one where the blonde sasquattle looks like she’s peeing on a fire hydrant doggie-style will forever be burnt into my brain.


    (Isn’t that Kristy/Kirstie Swanson or whatever the hell her name is?)

  18. DrPhowstus

    She keeps falling because I fucked her too hard. I’m ashamed to say that happens too often. You should have seen her climbing out of my bed. What a fucking riot. Ok fine, I grabbed her foot, but it was still funny.

    What’s up with that ‘lady’ in the last pic? No chick with any real friends would let them go out like that. Friendless bitch.

  19. veggi

    sammy looks terrible.
    Carmen was awesome in “Dirty Love” with Jenny McCarthy…. gotta love her.

  20. It’s Anna Nicole Smiths daughter in 20 years.

  21. The only thing greasy Electra knows about “heels” is that they should be situated on her feet behind her ears as the next desperate, unbathed loser steps out of line to take his ride on the “Town Bike”…

  22. DrPhowstus

    Pic #4 proves that white people sure do dance funny.

  23. DrPhowstus


  24. schack

    but do you ride the BIKE or does the bike ride YOU?

  25. fergernauster

    Those gowns sure are ugly.

  26. imran karim

    good thing she was wearing underwear

  27. TashaVin`

    Atleast the pictures of her on her ass are artistic…

    Sami isn’t fat, but she does have huge gazongas.

    I think they’re both pretty.
    Ive been a Days fan for hmm, about 27 years…

  28. FRIST!!!
    I just think they overdid it on the waxing the floor thing. Look how shiny it is. I think the janitor was in the audience hoping for shiny floor crotch shot.

  29. Sammy is such a freaking cow. I can’t stand her. If I was Carmen I wouldn’t have let her help me up and then told her to go screw a Demera.

  30. td

    Who’s the lady with the enormous ta ta’s helping her up?

  31. Lowlands

    She must be a very unbalanced woman.

  32. So-now it’s against the law to be normal sized? The
    blonde in the back may not be petite but you people
    are making her sound like a freak! And we wonder
    why American girls are starving themselves? Shame
    on all you freaks sitting on your large and no doubt
    ugly fannies making fun of others-shame on you.

  33. DrPhowstus

    @32 — You have ankle tits, dontcha?

  34. Lowlands

    Anyways,has thesuperficial new colors or something?

  35. FRIST!!!

    yeah…shame on you!!!

  36. Nikk The Templar


  37. Donkey

    Do models normally hike their leg and pee on each other to mark their territory?

  38. Lowlands

    Something about thesuperficial girl on top of the page,we haven’t seen her eyes yet.Is there anybody who’s any idea who she is?

  39. brujeriadiosa

    Fucking Tonya Harding will do ANYTHING to get back in the spotlight…this time she’s going after Carmen Electra!


    (in the last few pictures you can see that Tonya really has been pumping iron! has she been clean & jerking transmissions in the front yard of her trailer park?) JFC!

  40. BarbadoSlim



  41. schack

    naughty trick.

  42. BarbadoSlim


    It’s a cry for help, all the whiners that come here are the same, they just need a little direction.

  43. whackjob

    Stupid kink in the neck from turning head 90 degrees to the left to check out the panty shot, which was completely for nothing when it was from the behemoth waiting in the last photo.

    “girls trying to be pretty falling down on stage”: 2 DVD set for just $9.99, order now!

  44. blue_star

    yeah, that is Alison Sweeney (Sami). I thought that she had already lost a lot of weight and I read in a soap mag that she used to get hate mail from people calling her a fat pig and stuff. It’s sad that she already lost so much weight and people are still talking about her like that.

  45. Shanipie

    Remember the days when Carmen Electra was hot?

    Yeah Me neither.

  46. veggi

    @30- Sammy from Days Of Our Lives. And she DOES look yucky…
    But Carmen is hot. And she’s great in Dirty Love.

  47. biatcho

    And THAT’S why you leave the catwalks to the professional models and you leave the whoring D List movie roles to people like Carmen Electra.

  48. schack

    hate mail is so weird. you hear about it, but you never meet the folks who send it.

  49. BarbadoSlim


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