Carmen Electra and Victoria Silvstedt love each other

February 20th, 2006 // 40 Comments

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why Carmen Electra and Victoria Silvstedt would be kissing each other like this, but when a bag of money falls in your lap you don’t ask why, you just take off your pants and start fondling yourself. Or, uh, some other analogy that sort of makes sense and doesn’t end up with me looking like a pervert.



  1. Don’t care HOW straight I am… those two women kissing = hot.

    • Celeb les is good.

      Yes, they got me hot, but until I realized that it could just be a small kiss, no tongues had me skeptical.

  2. No tongue. Bah. Not worth it.

  3. gogoboots

    Looks like two drag queens kissing each other actually. How do you know they’re really women?
    Skankalicious! Mmmmm!

  4. gogoboots

    Dude there’s another MUCH better one of Victoria almost licking Carmen’s boobs! Sizzle!

  5. Binky

    Oh it’s Vicky – GOOD !! For a sec there – I thought she was back with Rodman

  6. Aimtrue

    Anyone have agood keyboard cleaner?

  7. Average

    I bet they cant even feel it with all that butt fat injected in their lips.

  8. tis GLAM

    LMAO #7

    i love it. its hot. woooh!

  9. hafaball

    Oh come on people…I admit Victoria Silvstedt is looking kind of disgusting, but Carmen Electra is looking hotness! Two women kissing should not be made fun of, but embraced.

  10. frenchielola

    Lol, I saw this on tv the other night (I live in Paris, it’s a French show called la methode cauet). The girls were both guests and only did a pathetic lil peck of a kiss. They promised to kiss if the male host french kissed a male guest, which of course they did (eventually), and the girls completely disappointed everyone there…such teases…

  11. #7 is correct. I guess Carmen will kiss anyone’s butt to get on TV

  12. not the most passionate kiss I ever ever seen but…still kinda hot

  13. Just think: all that make-up and silicone mashed up against each other, under tremendous heat and pressure… ladies and gentlemen, we have an explosive situation here…

  14. Kaniele

    Now that I’ve used a whole box of kleenex looking at these pictures here are a few more of our Carmen making out with Kylie Bax, Paris Hilton and Amy Smart. Hmmm…seems our Carmen sure likes to kiss girls.

    Kylie Bax

    Amy Smart

    Paris Hilton

  15. HughJorganthethird

    Great photos. They are even making straight chicks hot. Now you know how we feel girls.

  16. funkygoldmedallions

    “I admit Victoria Silvstedt is looking kind of disgusting”? “Looks like two drag queens kissing”? So what is it: myopic or gay?

  17. So if they were really into it, how much would you pay to watch?

  18. ESQ

    Can’t type too well only using one hand….

  19. Tania

    This is what women do when they start getting to be old news. (Anyone remember Britney and Madonna’s kiss? Oh yeah, Slutina Aguilera was there too. I forget about her. No tongue, no glory).

    Also: Carmen’s lips aren’t even on Victoria’s. She’s closer to frenching her nostril. My mother in law’s toy poodle likes to french peoples’s nostrils.

  20. MystressJade

    I am so turned on… really I am…

  21. LoneWolf

    Pfffft. Stern got VS topless and frenching another chick on his E! show.

  22. billabong021

    15 years ago, it woulda been the hottest thing, now a picture like that’s bog standard.

  23. ProtonMan

    Forget the kiss…what about the lovely tits and arse shots!!!

  24. Courtney

    Oh please. Weakest girl-on-girl action EVER.

  25. I can feel the IQ being sucked out of that room.

  26. Kg

    somehow I thought this would be hotter, maybe if I turn my monitor up-side down…

  27. ProbablyTooOld

    This verifies what I have always thought about Dave Navarro–he probably can’t get it up and if he can, he probably isn’t very good at using it. Poor Carmen–she needs every lame kiss she can get, even those from women more siliconed than she.

  28. brittany1202

    Anyone notice how their lips aren’t even really touching?? Victoria is pretty much kissing Carmen’s CHIN.

  29. CheekyChops


  30. hafaball

    Gah, all I get is abuse from you psychos! What ever happened to, “My hafaball, your penis looks big today,” or, “Wow hafaball, nice penis.” If I get made fun of 19 or 20 more times, well, I don’t don’t know what’ll happen. :o

  31. HerroHansBricks

    *pops lube*

  32. After what Madonna and britney spears did, all that appears very insipid, they have large tits and are the stereotype of the bimbo for macho. but it is nevertheless very Hot… :o))

  33. LaydeeBug

    I’ve kissed my puppy that way.

    C’mon girls, SUCK FACE you pussies. I hate when chicks fake a kiss.

  34. LaydeeBug

    Oh yeah, oh baby (looks at watch and yawns) Oh, Oh yeah….I’m done.

  35. Bad_kitty_cat

    I saw that show. It was on TF1′s (french tv) “La methode Cauet”… which is a late night.

    In fact it was a bet Carmen Electra did with Cauet, the show host. She said that Victoria Silvstedt and her would kiss if he snogged another guy on the show. Anyway the two dudes french-kissed and the two girs didn

  36. It was actually more exciting to see Cauet tonguing his guest then watching those two kiss.

    Especially after watching how dumb Victoria Silvstedt is, she could seriously rival Paris Hilton. The only difference is Silvstedt is too dumb to figure out how to turn the video camera on and Hilton can’t figure out how to turn it off.

  37. LaydeeBug

    Daniel Day Lewis kissing the guy in “My Beautiful Laundrette” was 1000 time hotter than this fucking waste of e-space.

  38. i would like to get in between! PLEASE!

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