Carmen Electra and Paris Hilton looking for work

October 24th, 2006 // 148 Comments

  1. shmoody

    If they are looking for work I believe that Anna Nicole Smith is looking for a baby sitter on New Years Eve so she can bang Doppler Donger Fumaunderfungus, III.

  2. ScottInFlorida

    “Helpdesk, this Paris. How can I infect you?”

  3. BigJim

    I’ve got a job for her hunting stingrays.

  4. shmoody

    Oh and is it just me or does Paris von Herpe look a little to happy to have the rabbit in red rubbing her ass into Paris’s Firecrotch in the second photo?

  5. Parasite looks like she is getting a little more plump. Not that I care, but all that beer she gulps, I mean sperm she swallows, is showing. Maybe Nicole Richie can take a few lessons and put some weight back on.

    The Hiltons must be paying dead beat celebs to slum with their daughter.

    “thats all the comments I have at this time”


  6. frenchtoaststix

    I heard cocksuckers are in tremendous demand in that there “porn” industry. Perhaps all three would be good at this.


    …that’s hot.

  8. Maybe I am just being a bit picky, but what is the deal with their armpits in Pic #1?

    (Ha – made you scroll up!)

    Seriously though. I have never even heard of Armpit Herpes. That is some concentrated shit!!!

  9. PrettyBaby

    It looks like Paris found a new oily/grungy/scummy/greasy bastard in pics
    7 & 8. And she is STONED.

    But that dark haired chic is hot, so is Carmen Electra- I’d party with them ho’s.

  10. hingsten

    this is clearly a case a bad spelling. They want to pay 100 000 dollars to host an event. not get paid.

  11. LilRach

    Shit that Kim chicky has quite an ass on her. Almost J-Lo like.

    And what is with Paris in the first pic – she looks like a crossdressing impersonator. Her face and thighs just don’t look right.

  12. shmoody

    @7 that is funny. Could also be Will Work with Cock, Will Work on Cock, Will Work Cock, Will’s Cock Works, or my favorite Cock Will Work

  13. Kimberly

    Paris Hilton looks my uncle when he gets all sweaty at Fouth of July picnics.

    I wish I were joking.

  14. laikiska

    only 100 000? my, she is becoming modest… ol’ Paris must be losing faith in her abilities to entertain the crowds!

  15. A

    look at that ass

  16. wedgeone

    Did anyone check out the pic of Paris doing the shot? What is that hanging off of the drunk dude’s mouth? Slobber or sperm? And if it’s sperm, did Paris transfer it from her mouth to his, or was he stashing it in is mouth the whole time.
    Excuse me . . . I have to go & vomit now.

  17. BigJim is the Tom Cruise of websites.

    Because it is really, really gay.


    TCLTC, and so does Shaun.

  18. Kimberly

    @3: Funny shit.

  19. ponk

    i’m definitely hitting Paris’ party,… soon as i stock up on Reynold’s Wrap.

  20. Funny that they aren’t fighting with each other…most whores don’t like other women standing on their same corner.

  21. BigJim

    This was almost the greatest day in the history of history:

    Basically, the story says that the “Damsel in distress” in the movie House of Wax kicked the bucket.

    Unfortunately, they were talking about the 1950s version, not the one that Paris played a “damsel” in last year.

    Fuck! So fucking close, yet so far.

  22. I’ll give them a job, planting tulips…

    …two-lips on my cock!!!

  23. Look at Pic #4! Paris is about to be attacked by a vampire with Beige eyes!!! That will totally clash with her outfit and NOT be hot. Repeat – it will NOT be hot!

  24. Electra I like, Hilton can host in a trash can for all I care.

  25. @26 – That’s pretty good McDirt but you forgot to add your mother, who I’m ass raping as we speak, to your list of bullshit.

    This isn’t all

  26. shmoody

    Geez as a 38 year old Eurotrash jew from Britain who is married to a Black Morman with a “B” cup I guess I gotta leave

  27. Why does Paris ALWAYS look like she is working hard at trying to look cool, so much so that she looks ridiculous?

    @8 The armpit thing is the reflection of the sequins. It caught my eye too, but then I realized that it was her dress and not an STD of the pit.

  28. @26–So, according to your list, you have to leave then right, since #8 says no morons allowed??? Ohhhh, morMons…sorry. Carry on.

    Dirty Mincer!

  29. Italian Stallion

    Nice cry for attention McDirt.

  30. Dory


    That is all

  31. ElatedPornStar

    Oh, how I dream to spooge on Dirt McGirt’s face!

  32. UglyPornStar

    #26 >> I agree %100 with Point#7, he’s suck a knob, and nothing he says is funny AT ALL. Anybody who laughs at Dane Cook is either
    c)Sheltered from Society
    d)Extremely Dull
    e)exposed to nitrous oxide
    f)any combination of the above

    Moving on….paris is pregnant!

  33. Dory

    Dirt honey your not funny… just kinda boring actually

  34. LilRach

    #32 – Exactly what i was thinking.

    McDirt you are fucking idiot!

    Go on try to kick me off – just try!


  35. Hey Stallion, #26 is probably that waste of sperm, lamebananas.
    If we don’t feed it, it will go away.

  36. shmoody

    @40 You prefer the spooge in your mouth then?

  37. ElatedPornStar

    At least I have a cock.

  38. ElatedPornStar

    That’s why I’m a porn star.

  39. knowhere

    paris’ arm is jutting off from her elbow at an odd angle. i’m not sure how to tie that in with her being a megaslut, but i’m sure it works on some level.

  40. shmoody

    @54 You apparently watch a lot of gay porn then to know that.

  41. ElatedPornStar

    I love gay porn. Your father was in it.

  42. Dory

    Hey McDirt Honey… I’, Still here!

  43. Dory

    I’m still here I’m still here La La LA LAAA I’m still here!

  44. Dory

    I thought guys liked lesbians… they all seem to fantasise about watching girl on girl

    And hey dirt guess what…

    I’m still here!

  45. ElatedPornStar

    Your father gave out pearl necklaces in San Fransisco

  46. shmoody

    Things we know about Dirt:

    1. Loves spooge in mouth
    2. Watch’s gay porn
    3. Know alot about Aids and other STD, therefore I believe he has one.
    4. Lacks the ability to be funny
    5. Is in need of attention, because his momma didn’t love him enough (or maybe she loved him too much if you know what I mean).
    6. Has only one type of comeback i.e. the gay/std retort

    That is a beginning anyone else wanna join in?

  47. ElatedPornStar

    So, at least I’m open about it. You should come out too, but it’s probably hard, what with all the delicious sperm for you to munch on in the closet.

  48. Dirt McGirt


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