Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro separate

July 17th, 2006 // 75 Comments

A rep for Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro says the couple are “amicably separating” after almost three years of marriage. This will be Carmen’s second separation, the first to Dennis Rodman back in 1998 after only being married to him for five months.

I’m not saying your marriage is over if your husband spends more time picking out an outfit and putting on makeup than you do but it’s not a good sign. It’s like competing in a 100-meter dash with bowling balls strapped to your legs and an angry tiger in your lane. It’s possible you won’t get last place, but my money’s on the seven other guys who don’t have bowling balls on their legs and who aren’t peeing their pants in fear.


  1. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Whadya expect when you marry a nasty slut that wears too much makeup?
    The joke is that they’re both nasty sluts that wear too much makeup.
    I just broke it down for you. You can thank me later.

  2. IFuckingHateYou

    The picture describes everything that went wrong with their relationship.
    Carmen enjoys 4 fingers shoved up her cunt, while Dave NEEDS a fist shoved up his ass to achieve orgasm. Without orgasm, there really is no love and without love, it’s tough to keep a marriage together.

  3. is not one else concerned that he hair makes her look like jacquelyn smith in this picture??? i wonder if he is the one who left.

  4. I see in Carmen’s future, better makeout sessions with Victoria Silvstedt…

    Oh yeah, that’s the stuff…

  5. superficialreader#879002

    I LOVE Carmen Electra. Could care less about Dave Navarro – narcissistic bastard.
    Anyhoo, she’s gorgeous, he’s not. Bound to happen to someone so sweet and sexy.

  6. Didn’t they send out pictures of themselves on morgue tables as wedding invites? Foreshadowing is a bitch.

  7. Danklin

    When did Carmen Electra start looking like Courtney Cox in 1995? That hair is repulsive. All the while she’s thinking “this guy packs other men’s fudge”

  8. jane's eyre

    Has anybody seen the Tenacious D video for Tribute, with Dave Grohl playing Satan?

    Dave Navarro would’ve been a way better choice, and he wouldn’t even have to put makeup on.

  9. hopeless_screenwriter

    @ 36 Rich… He does look a bit like Richard Chamberlain and he also looks like the Mother fucking Son of Svengali!!! and he has a mad scientist lab in his basement where he invents aphrodisiacs that work really well on incredibly stupid ass chicks who love to gobble 12 inch Alabama Black Snake. How else would you explain it?

    What’s fast about a burger and blowjob?


    With Love,

  10. 4th Horseman

    @#35…she did marry the guy who licks toilets on a dare…reference the picture of Dave and Tommy lee kissing…

  11. Corporate Slave

    Prince and Dave Navarro need to duke it out in Celebrity Death Match.

    The scenario is Carmen can act as that fake cheesey slut who is basically naked and hold the signs up for each new round – that won’t be TOO hard for her.

    And the other two flamers can slap at eachother and poke out eachother’s eyes with mascarra brushes.

    Are stilletto heals a form of Chinese foot binding torture? That might be a good way to kill the opponent.

    That or steal his Clinique Bonus Bag right out from under his rhino-plastied nose.

  12. The way Dave Appears reminds me of Donald Trumps Hair or Jared Leto’s Eye Liner…i.e. none of their managers or Yes-men around them have the balls to say “You look fucking ridiculous, knock it off”

    I mean look at the guy, he looks like Satans Gay Younger Brother.

  13. kickservebt

    C’mon…everyone knows that after you hit it for a year it gets old. Look at all the gorgeous women in Hollywood who have husbands who cheated. It’s because these celebrity marriages are based on sex…and when the sex is new…the lust factor is so high they mistake it for love. When the lust wears off, and it always does, then there is no other basis for the relationship.

    Rule: Whenever you see a HOT piece of ass walking down the street…odds are there is a guy tired of banging her.

  14. jane's eyre

    @62 Satan’s Gay Younger Brother, ha ha!


  15. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    #63 “Rule: Whenever you see a HOT piece of ass walking down the street…odds are there is a guy tired of banging her.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  16. RichPort

    She’s the kind of chick you purposely cheat on, degrade, and get into fights with… just for the make-up sex.

  17. Ez-EEEE

    uh, am i wrong or is dave navarro just hot as fuck?

    i mean im all for making fun of any dude that wears make up, but thats one fuckable fag.

    (btw before you call me gay, im a chick)

  18. they really loved each other deeply though. it’s true. they had a reality show about it.

  19. 61 – I am cracking up at the clinique bag thing

  20. Aristotrash


    I’m being totally serious. No, I am. I am that lame. I’m sorry.

  21. ffordegroupie

    62, that is the best description of Navarro’s looks I’ve ever heard. Kudos.

    He really does try to look demonic in a gay sort of way.

  22. NO WAY!!! Im Gonna Kill Myself

  23. CircusOfDeadSquirrels

    Well thats a bit upsetting…but its ok…now is my chance to move in on her :o)

  24. krmnsita

    ummmmmm NO wonder!!!!!!!

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