Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro separate

July 17th, 2006 // 75 Comments

A rep for Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro says the couple are “amicably separating” after almost three years of marriage. This will be Carmen’s second separation, the first to Dennis Rodman back in 1998 after only being married to him for five months.

I’m not saying your marriage is over if your husband spends more time picking out an outfit and putting on makeup than you do but it’s not a good sign. It’s like competing in a 100-meter dash with bowling balls strapped to your legs and an angry tiger in your lane. It’s possible you won’t get last place, but my money’s on the seven other guys who don’t have bowling balls on their legs and who aren’t peeing their pants in fear.


  1. BoredStiff

    Care Not!

  2. Is nothing sacred?

    I’m actually kinda bummed.

  3. jimmythefish


  4. jFp

    she found out he was gay and he found out it was Dennis Rodman that blew out her vag.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Huh, so these two gals decided to separate. They made such a nice lesbian couple. They looked, real, you know what I mean?

    what a pity.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Huh, so these two gals decided to separate. They made such a nice lesbian couple. They looked, real, you know what I mean?

    what a pity.

  7. Stephanie12

    He is more groomed than Carmen. Says a lot.

  8. Fiona


  9. Fuckyou11

    Is it just me or does Dave Navarro look like a homosexual genie? I think I’d run if he started talking about rubbing his magic lamp in my presence.

  10. Spacedog

    It all started to unravel when Carmen saw Dave dancing with Gay Vito in the leather bar in that Sopranos episode.
    That, and he constantly stole all her cosmetics.

  11. hisforalways

    Uggh his goutee is so fucking ugly.

    Why is Carmen so attracted to men who are sexuality questionable?

  12. cate

    Surprise, surprise.

    Next thing you know, we’ll find out that Suri Cruise doesn’t exist.

    WHAT??? SHE DOESN’T?!?!?!

    ::slits wrists::

  13. endometriorama

    carmen can do better anyway.

  14. Showgrrrl

    NOOOOO! Not another Hollywood couple hitting the rocks! I thought they were ‘soul mates’ according to the biography channel. Er. I mean. YESSSSSSS! Boo yah. For all of you ladies out there that can’t stand it when their man looks better in eyeliner than they do, then please step aside. There is nothing wrong with a guy who can work the stage makeup.
    I do, however, draw the line at the men that paint their toenails. That’s going a tad too ghey for me.
    Seriously kids, did we ever expect this to work?

  15. trophywife

    I don’t know what is wrong with you people… Dave is a hot piece of ass. But then Carmen is too… I have the same taste in AND women? Is that wrong?? Aw fuck it, I’ll let them make a sammich with some extra spicy Trophy Wife filling… even if I’m filling both Dave and Carmen with my mongo-vibrator… mmmmmm, good times…

  16. chupaflor25

    Is it just me or does he look like the evil emperor- Ming, the Merciless- from “Flash Gordon”?

  17. garbagepailkid

    Not that i think carmen is a prize, but can anyone really be shocked by this?

    Navarro prances around in low rise jeans presenting a overgrown forest of pubes for the world to see..

  18. krisdylee

    Aww, he’s much prettier than her…

    that must be the reason.

  19. BarbadoSlim

    Hehehehe, Ming the Emperor indeed, good call chupa.

  20. “I can’t believe it’s over!

    Mommy, you said the man with the eyeliner would love us forever!”

  21. ValeWolf

    I knew it. That guy has a weird gay vibe. He really need to tell the world he’s a big homosexual.

    What I love is how this bitch has worn white in all her weddings. Is gonna be such a joke when she does it again next year.

  22. henrysgirl

    It just goes to show, no matter how hot a woman is, she can still have man problems. In fact Inside Edition did a story on that fact tonight. Carmen now joins Halle, Christie Brinkley, Uma, etc. on the “10 Most Unlucky in Love” list. Kind of gives the mortal plain-Jane women of the world hope. As for Dave, does anyone remember when Jane’s Addiction first came out and he used to dress like Raggedy Ann? He was no hunk then.

  23. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    The dude’s a faggot (no offense) and last I heard faggots don’t like eating pussy and we all know how long a relationship will last if you don’t lick the cooch. Let’s just say you need a sprinter’s stopwatch to time it. Carmen I love you even though you’ve had that ugly monkey Dennis Rodman up in you.

  24. blueballs

    Carmen is a skank. She can now hang out with Paris the Herpes Whore and Tara “no class and no ass” Reid.

  25. Sir Psycho Sexy

    8., 21., 23. Yes indeed, DNLTC.

    Interestingly, if you add the linear inches of all the schlong Navarro has swallowed, Manson, Kiedis, Farrell, … the total is exactly twice the IQ of Bill Frist, three times the IQ of George Bush, and one fourth the cost in pennies of a libturd salad with extra dressing.

  26. Um, duh. Wives usually leave their husbands when they figure out they’ve married gay men. Plus, she’s relatively yucky.

  27. envi-us

    LAST!…….YEAH !

  28. So, like, letting TV cameras film every moment of your married life is a bad idea?

  29. Sir Psycho Sexy

    Carmen Electra has unfortunate taste in men, TAFKAP, Dennis Rodman, Dave Navarro, … but she has a nearly perfect ass, and isn’t that really all that matters?

  30. funkygoldmedallions

    I am so shocked by this development. Just shocked.

  31. YoMamma

    So sad. So fucking dirty “unfortunate” taste in my mouth SAD.

  32. damon2020

    OMG NOOOOOOOOOO How could this happen? I mean it’s sucj a shock! I am soooooooo speechless.

    Next thing you’ll tell me is that Britnet is preggers again!

  33. francesfarmer

    It’s the marriage-gone-reality-TV-series curse: Nick & Jessica, Carmen & Electra. Who’s next Whitney & Bobby?

  34. PaisleyMoon

    She’s an old skank with no bladder control and he likes tounging with Tommy Lee. Big surprise. Who gets custody of the crotch crickets?

  35. ProbablyTooOld

    Ever since I read Navarro’s book wherein he trashed the memory of the sad, dead Jennifer Syme, I have hated him. I want him to die unsung from a heroin overdose and I hope several people who were hurt by his self-aggrandizing allegations piss on his grave. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he edited it out of the book when ARC (advance reader copies) showed some incredibly negative feedback for all the sh*t he wrote about Syme, but that he decided to slag the memory of someone he professed to have loved like a sister so he could get some mileage out if it makes me ill.

    I should scan the damn thing so people can see what a nasty little bitch Navarro is but he’d probably sue me.

    Too bad he kicked the habit. He should be dead. It’s not too late. And when he dies maybe someone will write a book trashing his memory except in his case he will have deserved it.

    Carmen Electra is not my idea of a good time but she could troll a bowery at closing time and find a better mate. The guy who licks toilets for a dare would be a better choice.

  36. RichPort

    This guy looks like a cross between Richard Chamberlain (get it? cross? Richard Chamberlain? c’mon people!) in ‘Shogun’ and every idiot teen/ twenty something goth kid who cuts themselves when they’re unhappy. Except he’s older and gayer. This is about as surprising as TC loving TC or Dennis Rodman going down on himself. She’s the kind of chick that when she says she wants to take it slow, she means you’ll be getting head in the restaurant parking lot right after the meal. I guess he couldn’t handle a classy broad…

  37. Looks like Carmen may be needing the Sybian Sex Machine like the one she rode on the Howard Stern Show. Pics at the following link bottom of page-

  38. Treehousesd

    These two were never meant to last.

    He’ll end up with someone like Lucy Lu and She’ll end up with one of those thugs from
    Ultimate Fighting like Tito. So predictable!

  39. mrs.t

    @ 35

    Dave Navarro wrote a book? Excellent. I hope he includes his brow-grooming techniques.

  40. mrs.t

    My husband grew a little goatee-thing in 1990. I distinctly remember my very proper southern mother-in-law telling him that it needed to go, because “Franky, sweetie, it looks like a pussy.”

    He shaved it off that night, never to be seen again.

    The End.

  41. mrs.t

    He still cries at night due to PTSD from hearing his mom utter the word ‘pussy’.

  42. They’re getting joint custody of the venereal warts.

  43. daveeech

    I just don’t care.

  44. I’d like to know how this can be an amicable split. Wouldn’t they fight over who get what make-up?

  45. jrzmommy

    These two…split? I’ve lost faith in true love. THERE IS NO GOD!!

  46. Kitty

    I heard on the radio this morning that he already has another girlfriend. The radio commentator said the new girl is fug.

  47. Italian Stallion

    I like Janes Addiction but I have a feeling Dave’s Addiction is penis. Not to mention he looks like a wax figure all the time but I would have to say I’d fuck his ex-wife………………..

  48. how sad. though i think us weekly was predicting it a few months ago. will there ever be one hollywood couple who will survive? just ONE?! though if i had to put my money on anyone, it would not have been on this couple anyway…

  49. pop


    nice – i tend to question my faith when bad things happen to good people like these…i also believe tom cruise is straight

  50. DancingQueen

    Tara Patrick is a dried up old fag hag. I knew that chick was a crazy skank publicity whore when Prince first paraded her around in the 80s. Dave Navarro is homosexual midget who sleeps in a coffin. I bet their whole marriage was a publicity stunt.

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