From The Desk Of Photo Boy (Yes, it’s Fisher-Price)

Over the past six years, I’ve somehow made a living being Photo Boy on The Superficial. That meant being Fish’s boob photo gopher, occasional substitute, and curator of The Crap We Missed. Sometimes he even let me write posts, because he is a benevolent master despite the story told by the lash marks crisscrossing my back.

But my days of scouring paparazzi photos for butts in yoga pants, and my beloved Prince pointing his sausage fingers at things have come to an end. I’m moving on to greener pastures — which, yes, obviously means I accepted a position in the Trump administration — but I want you all to know I’ve had a hell of a time trying to entertain you each day. Even if I acted like a whiny bitch about it. Which I admit was a lot. *rereads every post I ever wrote* Wow, yeah it was a lot. So, thanks for putting up with that, and thanks for supporting me for all these years, which allowed me to work alongside my best friend. I hope you’ll all be that lucky in some aspect of your life.

I’m leaving you with my last and most treasured find of all time. May this video of our favorite goofy bastard dancing his ass off bring you joy in your dark times.

It’s been real, fuckers. (I used profanity here to mask a series of human emotions I’m too immature to deal with.)

By the way, if you’d still like to know what’s annoying me from time to time, I’m @photochrist on Twitter. And if you’ve been dying to see what I look like, my photo has been on my LinkedIn for years. I really expected one of you to have stabbed found me by now.

Photo: AKM-GSI

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