Carla Gugino’s Breasts are an Overlooked Treasure. That Ends TODAY.

Carla Gugino brought her criminally underrated cleavage (This is only her first time on The Superficial. I suck.) to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, so first off, kudos to his producers for recognizing a proud American institution. On that note, allow me to illustrate how deeply I’ve appreciated Carla’s breasts ever since I saw them talking to Mickey Rourke in Sin City: If someone told me they watched Entourage solely to see if she shows up as Amanda Daniels for a scant matter of seconds, it’d be impossible for me to argue with that logic. Even after the episodes where Vince went skydiving because he’s an adrenaline junkie now and Turtle started a tequila company. That’s how much I appreciate them.

You may sit there in awe and reverence now. Of me.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN

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