Carla Gugino’s Breasts are an Overlooked Treasure. That Ends TODAY.

August 19th, 2010 // 66 Comments

Carla Gugino brought her criminally underrated cleavage (This is only her first time on The Superficial. I suck.) to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, so first off, kudos to his producers for recognizing a proud American institution. On that note, allow me to illustrate how deeply I’ve appreciated Carla’s breasts ever since I saw them talking to Mickey Rourke in Sin City: If someone told me they watched Entourage solely to see if she shows up as Amanda Daniels for a scant matter of seconds, it’d be impossible for me to argue with that logic. Even after the episodes where Vince went skydiving because he’s an adrenaline junkie now and Turtle started a tequila company. That’s how much I appreciate them.

You may sit there in awe and reverence now. Of me.

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  1. jay

    who is this woman?

  2. jay

    Ah, I see, she plays milfy type roles. pretty nice for an old bag

  3. Nunya

    She played Michael J. Fox’s gf on that mayor show and she was in the short-lived alien show with brent spiner and the midget on friday nights. She’s done a couple of other things.

    Always very underrated and hot.

  4. the old guy

    Yes. Highly under rated. I’ve been tracking their career for almost 20 years now.
    Aged nicely.

    • Vito

      Yeah, bud, me too. I first saw her in “Snake Eyes” with Nick Cage. Been totally enamoured with her ever since. To her great embarrasment she was also in “The Son-in-Law” with Pauley Shore, although she was very cute and cuddley in the role. Previously she bared it all in “Jaded.”

      But her “bust-out” (hardy-har-har) role was in “Sin City.” For reasons I can’t fathom she is not included in the cast of the sequel. Dumb fucks apparently didn’t recognize what a treasure she is. Ummm…treasure chest. Get it? Yeah, I know. Pretty fucking lame.

  5. Froghammer

    She is precisely why I watch Entourage lately. Well, her, but also to see if anyone finds E’s pot o’ gold.

  6. Froghammer

    Anyway Fish- talk to me when you’ve watched Spy Kids. THAT is dedication. ;)

  7. SideBoob

    Don’t forget the Sloan side-boob on Sunday! That was worth watching this season just for that! They will barely even show the porn star naked, and she’s well…..a PORN STAR!

  8. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    First, to pop a bone for those magnificent mams

  9. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    I have to admit the only reason why I watched Spy Kid over and over again was not to spend time with my kid, but to fantasize about Carla.

  10. Carla Gugino
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    her tits are fucking perfect in Sin City

  11. Taz

    She was also a model. Super sexy.

  12. She is indeed a rare and beautiful talent…. I also thought Sin City was AWESOME because she’s so nice and naked in it!

  13. WTF? That is the end for today? It is not even noon yet. No F-ing way fish dude. Get us some more boobs!!

    • MoozBoy

      Don’t be stupid, he didn’t say “THAT IS IT FOR TODAY”… he means Carla’s tits are not going to be overlooked anymore.

  14. Kris Angel Douche Bag

    Eh, she is old.

      • Vito

        Hey fuck you two morons. She’s not old. —I’M FUCKING OLD!— Carla Gugino is well-developed and mature, like plump grapes that make a fine wine. And if you saw “Sin City” you’d have to admit that beautiful naked body was not that of someone who is old. Great tits and a lovely ass. Dynamite legs, too.

  15. RK

    She was in Son-in-Law with Pauly Shore!

  16. dude

    Pic 1: Intoxicating
    Pic 6: Sobering.

  17. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    Jesus what cave have you been living in? I have been fully aware and in awe of Ms Gugino’s beautiful, bountiful rack for years. That natural set of awesomeness has always been on my rack radar.

    good grief Fish – say hello to bin Laden when you see him. Do you guys take turns jostlng the rabbit ears on the antenna to get better reception for “All My Children”?

  18. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    So hot, so very hot. God bless you sir.

  19. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    I would watch a Spy Kids movie just to see her. But with Entourage, you now get Sasha Grey too.

  20. supashan

    She pretty HOT! Always thought so…..

  21. Carla Gugino
    Terd Furguson
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a non-pornofied Lisa Ann

  22. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    Smokin hot. Been a fan for years.

  23. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    This is what real breasts look like. Not globes that peer out of necklines in perfect half moon shapes.

  24. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    Carla has always been a hottie. In every movie she appears she always looks good (sin city, Watchmen, the one, spy kids, etc, etc). Beautiful face and body.

  25. eatme

    Anyone who’s seen mid 90′s bon jovi music videos knows that this chick is hot. Good in entourage too. Entourage gets hated on, but dl it and watch it from season 1 on and you really might change your mind. One of the best shows on tv, easy.

  26. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    If you’re going to keep posting pics of here here, have the decency to put a bag over her head.

    • Hey Obvious, would you mind posting a pic of your celestial visage so we can all gawk upon it in awe? You must be the epitome of physical perfection.

    • Schnib

      Obvious is obviously interested in men. They’re real, and they’re fantastic, and I would also like to pick apart a picture of you Obvious, I’m sure it would be great.

  27. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    Over looked??!?!?!? you must be crazy or blind to have over looked her whole body…its great….start watching entourage.

  28. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s damn fine, gotta love an Italian woman (that shaves her arms)

  29. anonymous

    i trump all the above and can say i remembered her from the movie Camp Beverly Hills. LOL

  30. LuvdaBoobies

    Only wet behind the ears kids could possibly not know who the incredibly lucsious and sexy Carla Gugino is, who I have also been a big fan of since she showed off her KILLER wit, sass, and personality…and even more killer perfect tits…back on Spin City 14 years ago. And of course, I sat drooling watching her flash and tease with them gorgeous tits in Sin City (they were arguably the “Star” of that movie since Jessica Alba didn’t show her tits in it). Yeah she’s a few years older – but she’d be more than any of you “she’s too old” douchebags could ever handle or dream of having.

    • LuvdaBoobies

      …and for you fans of the fake Heidi Montag, Kim Kardashian like tits which you only admire in your masturbatory fantasies…these are what you call REAL tits. When you actually have the chance to touch a woman you’ll notice that there is nothing like having a set of soft natural bountiful titties in your hands, face, or wrapped around you slapping your thighs – to make you swear of the giant plastic fake ones (which are not that much fun in reality) forever.

  31. salsa

    Screw you guys. She’s HOT!

  32. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    when robert deniro was nailing her from behind in Righteous Kill, that’s when i fell in love with her tits.

  33. Mandi

    So THAT’S this chicks name! She is in, like, every movie known to man but I only knew her face, and tits, not her name. She does have a nice body, lots better than half of younger Holywood.

  34. Foaming Solvent

    AND she was valedictorian of her high school class.

  35. anonym

    carla looks better than Heidi Montag.

    she’s 100% real. and she’s all woman

  36. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    Talent and beauty. I love Carla Gugino.

  37. downunda

    She’s the reason I can sit through the Spy Kids movies…

  38. Damn, she’s hot. I’d go down on her. Hell, I’d probably even lick her butthole.

  39. OnTheRealThough

    I’ve loved this woman since Son-In-Law with Pauly Shore. She gets better with age. DAMN, she looks good here. No kids yet either.

  40. James

    They’re beautiful. A pair of breasts is a pretty thing.

  41. captain america

    General Motors told us already a long LONG time ago:
    ……………….BIGGER is BETTER, folks!!

  42. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s far far more attractive then 90% of the younger ladies we see here on a regular basis……who are supposedly “hot”

  43. cc

    Those are magnificent!

  44. Bored with life

    I’d give her some respect….all over her face!

  45. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    She had to leave “Spin City” because Michael J. Fox’s wife felt threatened by her. At least that was the gossip going around in that day.

  46. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    very nice figure!

  47. Carla Gugino
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s a very beautiful woman, kind of a stealth beauty. She’s aging quite nicely, when she was younger she was soo freaking hot!
    Dont know if she has a good personality and thats what matter most lol

  48. Scott P.

    I’d love to see some of you retards saying Carla’s old and ugly.Tired little pillow-biters who are probably so sexually dysfunctional they’d make Wade Boggs and Marv Albert blush.

  49. chad

    i want to kiss them and rub them and lick them and funtime them with my meatstick and burst my love on them. is that wrong?

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