Carey Hart is probably going to die

February 18th, 2008 // 38 Comments

Motocross star and Pink’s husband Carey Hart partied with friends at the Tabu Ultra Lounge in Vegas over the weekend. Judging by this widely circulated photo of him with a flirty hostess, Carey will undoubtedly lose a testicle or three when he gets home. Although to be honest, I’m surprised he’s still alive. I always assumed that after the honeymoon, the female devours the male then moves on to her next prey. That’s why I’ve stayed a dedicated bachelor for so long and slather myself in Tabasco sauce whenever I spend the night with a chick. That’s right, ladies, smart and sexy.

Photo: Splash News

  1. oo

    ooh baby

  2. thia

    carey hart knows that pink will kill him if he strays, he wouldn’t just give his life up for an ugly waitress.

  3. But I thought they had that whole “open” marriage thing…..

  4. LL?

    where the fuck did the ugly LL post go??

  5. mamadough

    he’s about 3 degrees of doucheness from criss angel

  6. LL?

    it’s back. but it disappeared for a min

  7. meh

    I would KILL my husband if I saw a picture of him with another girl like that. Ugly or not. That could just be the pregnancy hormones talking though…speaking of which…i’m hungry. Where’s my pizza?

  8. hand puppet

    no harm. she castrated him years ago

  9. jokes on you


    usually when i have heard of hetero couples having an “open ” what it means is the man can fuck around as long as the wife doesn’t find out. in this case, he’s fucked up cause a photo has been leaked and now she’s “found out” about itreally it doesn’t sound very open. sounds more “hidden” than anything with the don’t ask, don’t tell policy involved.

    however, when i’ve heard gay males refer to open relationships, they happily bring people home to share with their mate. clearly gay people are happier with the “open” title than straight couples.

  10. jokes on you


    that post was meant for you.

  11. The Office Whore

    at least she doesn’t look whore-ish….

    not in the slightest..

    Pink Hart blackend..

  12. Caligula

    Carey Hart will want to kill himself after seeing this pic of his wife posing with a model in a black dress.

  13. tommy salami

    i hate this asswipe.ever watch ink.he was an asshole to thomas his assisant manager i hope he breaks his fucking neck next time on his bike as for pink i would not fuck her for the fear she has a a cock 3” bigger than mine and thicker too


    maybe he’s picking up a “gift” to share with pink. she’s all about the vag. i swear their marriage is a shame. they’re just “best buds” cause her penis is clearly bigger than his.

  15. Jim

    Silly story. It’s well known they have an open marriage. At any time he’s free to wriggle his ripped and bleeding asshole off of Pink’s giant cock, and attempt – whimperingly – to hook up with an actual anatomical female. Naturally she’s free as well, but so far she has restricted her extramarital urges to a series of extremely traumatized dogs (who somehow manage to drag themselves off to the local Human Society to self-inject the sleeper drugs).

  16. deaconjones

    god, I hope for his sake he has an open marriage, I couldnt get hard with Pink if my life depended on it.

    Who gives a shit about this, she lifted her leg and someone snapped a pic, its not its a sextape or something…..WEAK

  17. Jennifer

    Oh, can’t believe it. I saw his profile with some photos on BillionaireCupid dot com, where celebrities, pro athletes, beauty queens and wealthy singles mingle. The profile looks sincere and attractive. Maybe sometimes they really need a soul mate rather than a rich buddy. It’s said some celebs have found their perfect match there.

  18. i had heard a looong time ago rumors about their open marriage too, but i also heard that SHE wasnt happy about and was really torn up. kinda goes along with that comment someone made about the guy tearing it up and the woman being unhappy.
    but i also have to say that he’s a celeb, hot women are going to want to get a pic with him. its not like he’s even being inappropiate. his one hand is on her waist and the other is behind his back and it looks like he is making an effort NOT to touch her. dunno.. i am not sure to make of it.

  19. Auntie Kryst

    @5 Good observation, I completely agree. I like the little hostess skank though. Vegas baby, Vegas.

  20. Childs of America,

    Protect thyself with rubber

    Dr. Van DerWahl

  21. 10pound

    Wait, wha? I thought Hart was gay? I thought he was all about Pink’s penis. This chick is probably just a phag-hag fruit fly.

  22. Thomas

    Pink is bi. He was shopping for their anniversary.

  23. Tapeworm

    What the fuck? So he’s got his arm around her – big deal. It’s not a photo with her on her knees sucking his cock.

    If it was a photo of her bent over a table and him fucking her from behind while high-fiving his friends, I could see that being a problem…..

  24. brian

    pink is an ugly skank i would be looking for other women too.

  25. I’m waiting for her to write a song about this one…

  26. kirsten dunst

    everyone just assumes because shes pink and her face and body look the way they do that she can kick anyones ass i guess. shes probably the most annoying ugliest girl ive ever seen, honestly. you know how when you look at some people and they make you crry inside a little? yea, thats what she does to me. and honestl ythis jackass deserves anything thats coming to him if it actually is …for being such a fucking idiot. good job, photo op. idiot.

  27. Lindsay

    why is she so damn ugly. her calf looks hideous. Nasty… i’m sure pink won’t mind since this girls body looks like a troll’s.

  28. Mr. Vegas

    My best girl friend is part of the top club scene in Vegas. Carey Hart is infamous for cheating on Pink with hot, young club chicks. I know of several accounts where he got hot chicks drunk and slept with them.

    No hearsay just fact. I don’t know if he has an arrangement with Pink, but if not he is a cheating dog and has been that way for a while.

  29. this is how the idols act, the gal is just crazy, she didnt realize that the guy is going to die .haha

    see the gal ‘s hot dancing video at , u wont miss it !!

  30. Binky

    Probably just a pink misidentification.
    After all – this guy wears sunglasses at night

  31. George Q

    I would hit that hard. She is hot and if they do in fact have an open relationship then WTF? Why not? Nail as many as you can get your hands on! That will show just how open it is…

  32. Everyone is going to be dead someday and that looks like a great way to go out. Fucking hot.

  33. Mal Gusto

    One problem with “the female devours the male”….Pink is a dude. She may make this guy spend a few extra minutes sucking on her semi-erect penis, but she can’t be too mad at him for wanting a girl with a vagina.

  34. Blondamnation

    GOD I LIVE FOR THE ASSHOLE PROPAGANDA POSTING FOREIGNER’S POSTS that sound like they’re using a keyboard that shows different words than the rest of us read. that’s fucking funny..

    When Heather Ledger died, this is what you blessed us with: “he is my favorite. I am his big fan. Is he single now? .”
    Do you have to have an IQ to own a computer? How do you even know how to type if you’re that stupid? They must have keyboards you can talk to in your country.

  35. Fernando

    Who the hell is Heather Ledger?

  36. Blondamnation

    fucking a right, #35!. I can’t believe I put Heather”, especially when I was ripping on someone for their posts.
    I blame it on my spellchecker for not recognizing the word ‘Heath” as a name.
    But sorry, my foreign friends. I meant Heath and I’m sure they didn’t mean to ask if he was single.

  37. lexi

    oh, honey, you’lll probably stay single cuz you’re a dumbass, you’re neither smart nor sexy.

  38. People still dont want to share. Why not having more then 1 wife? :)

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