Captain America Loves His Old Navy Capris!

September 24th, 2010 // 76 Comments

Because the last set went over so well (Nerds.), here are actual shots of Chris Evans as Captain America, or more precisely, Steve Rogers, (Okay, I’m the nerd.) while filming in Manchester this morning. Turns out this interpretation of Cap will be light on the shield and tights, but heavy on the Capri pants and hobbit feet which is how I’ve always envisioned him in my head despite the fact he’s a character from an entirely visual medium. “Hey, Hitler, there’s a sale on chinos – but you’re not invited. *BOFF*

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  1. Tony Y

    What’s wrong with his feet? He has weird cankle skin folds going on there. Are those prosthetics?

  2. Cardinal Fang

    More tits! Less gits!

  3. jkhjkh

    damn, human torch got buff.

  4. The Real TAB

    He looks like a deformed Ken doll with the cankles..and missing a boot..DAMN IT! That always happens when I play with my dolls!

    • hamsterrific

      yeah, when you’re done playing with your dolls, they are always missing two things: a boot and their virginity.

  5. Chris Evans as Captain America
    Commented on this photo:

    They look to be boots that are made to look like bare feet.

  6. Is he British? Are his teeth as nasty as his ankles and feet?

    He also looks gay. Slightly gay-ish. Not flaming gay like Adam Lambert, but gayesque.

  7. Those BETTER be part of a costume otherwise he has the most deformed legs and feet I have ever seen!!!

    He also look a bit … i dunno … gay … Not Adam Lambert flaming gay, but gayish … gayesque …

  8. Deacon Jones

    What’s with the flesh boots? Are his little tootsies to tender to walk on asphalt?

    I can’t wait to see what the evil Nazi chicks look like in this movie. Something tells me kinky German accents and lots and lots of black leather.

  9. If they could bring this captain america back from the dead (albeit in a very bobby ewing way) how come the one in easy rider never rode again. Hey while ur in manchester give rooney a kick in the bollocks for me lol go leeds

  10. zilly

    Yeah, he looks faggy. I’m disturbed by his capris and nasty boot feet.

  11. Master Spook

    Psssssst! Wtf is up with his feet? Part of a costume?!

  12. The Real TAB

    How many men wear capris? EVER?

    Hitler’s pants were shoved in his boots.

  13. Chris Evans as Captain America
    Your Mother's Wet Fart Last Night
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    Why on Earth does he need those…?

  14. Rough, assessing assessments, since now

    Is Simon Cowell getting a consulting fee on wardrobe?. Who cares, the dude doesn’t have any type of powers…Funny thing is, Usain Bolt can take em in a 200m…Just gimme Hulk # 3 or 4 what ever…

    • z0nbie

      Are you saying C.A. doesn’t have any powers ? Why would you comment on things you obviously know nothing about

  15. Chris Evans as Captain America
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  16. Chris Evans as Captain America
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  17. Bucky Barnes

    Chris Evans can sugar my churro ANY day!

    • hamsterrific

      And I’m pretty sure that by “sugar my churro” you mean slowly lick the sugar off of your churro using plenty of tongue.

  18. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    What the hell is wrong with his feet? And this movie looks kind of lame.

  19. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    what the hell is wrong with his right foot!?

  20. Deacon Jones

    Who’s playing “Red Skull”??

    That dude from A Christmas Story?

  21. Ok, clearly those are not really his feet, but I’ll tell you something. Even if they were, I don’t give a shit! He can do like Elliot Spitzer and keep his socks on with me any time!!! lmao

  22. B

    Wow he is sooo buff now and yea obviously those are not his bare feet. Don’t get me wrong but some extreme nerdiness going on here in the comments LOL!!!! I am going to post this site I frequent for my collection.

  23. anon

    This from Cap’s transformation from a 90 pound weakling to a buff super soilder. Which explains his tight shirt and pants and why is feet would be sticking out the bottom.

    • hamsterrific

      oh yeah, that explains it!! But unfortunately it doesn’t explain why you like dry-humping your mom so much.

  24. He’s still wearing Capris. Captain America shouldn’t be GAY … How many straight men wear Capri pants? Yep, thought so …

    • hamsterrific

      umm…like 95% of Japanese guys under age 30 wear capris. Skinny capris too, which means awesome x100. Just because they look gay and act gay doesn’t mean they are. It just means they’re Asian.

  25. Anon

    He’s wearing the prosthetic feet because in the scene he’s running over broken glass and rocks chasing after a car.

  26. Anon

    That’s like calling Hulk gay because he’s wearing short-shorts after transforming.

    • hamsterrific

      umm…no. Hulk is gay because he loves the taste of dick. He just wears the short-shorts because he wants to show off his luscious, meaty thighs with a barely-there garnish of ballsack.

  27. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    fake feet :))

  28. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    what’s with the foot boots? so weird looking.

  29. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    What the hell is up with the ankels and feet?? Ugh!

  30. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    Probably for having him do a scene where he’s running barefoot on a surface that’d lead to him bleeding all over the place after multiple takes. Still pretty god-damned horrendous looking though, unless they’re *supposed* to look like the Hulk got his feet bleached.

  31. anonymous

    From all I’ve seen so far this movie is going to suck hard. The only saving grace is Hayley Atwell.

  32. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    WTF is wrong with his feet? Are those prosthetics? God, I hope so…

  33. Compound9

    This damn asshole and all the movie special effects. no self respecting man would wear capri’s, Wheres the flood?
    And its obvious this mofo former flamer doesn’t have the leg girth to be craptain America. his boot/feet prosthesis are disgusting.

    • hamsterrific

      yeah, well, their first choice was to use your girlfriend since she DID have the leg girth, but since the Craptain isn’t supposed to be a dead ringer for a hippo in capris, they decided it wouldn’t work out after all. Too bad.

    • anonymous

      yeah my dad says that all the time. he says your dad sucks a good cock too but your mom like to bite. fucking bitch. tell her to stop biting.

      • I'mAnonymous2

        Haha, FAIL, you replied to the wrong comment, moron. Apparently clicking the mouse is too much of a challenge for you. Maybe because your age is so much higher than your IQ???

  34. Chris Evans as Captain America
    Art Vandelay
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    the feet are for stunt work ?

  35. Chris Evans as Captain America
    Judas Iscariot
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  36. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    that’s about the gayest thing I’ve ever seen… WTF

  37. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    What the HELL is going on with his FEET?!
    Can someone explain this please?!

  38. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    does anyone else see his feet! it looks like its wrapped in a leather shoes with toes! bad special fx?

  39. Chris Evans as Captain America
    small boobs mcgee
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    Ummm… what is going on with those feet? Prosthetic slip ons?

  40. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    He’s feet are better looking than Paris Hilton’s feet!

  41. Fuggermutter

    What a flaming queer. If you look closely you can see the cock planted into his backside.

  42. Chris Evans as Captain America
    Vince Lombardi
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    So Capt. America is such a fucking pussy he has to wear fake feet on his naked feet to walk around? Get me a real man. Get Rosie O’Donnell.

  43. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    Wait, but isn’t Captain America supposed to be the all-American, Calvin Kline model kind of good ol’ boy? These pics just make me look forward to the movie. Chris Evans can act, if you don’t believe it watch Sunshine.

  44. Chris Evans as Captain America
    Katie G
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    Whoa, fake feet. Never seen those before and they look awful!

  45. Anon

    What’s a matter nobody’s feeding the trolls? It’s okay you can always eat sh*t.

  46. captain america


  47. Wolfie

    Bruce Willis wore the same things in “Die Hard”.

  48. Danomite

    My guess is this is supposed to be right after Steve gets the super soldier serum. Thats why his clothes are too small and his feet look weird.

  49. Chris Evans as Captain America
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    Ewh, what the fuck is wrong with his feetttttt?!

  50. Chris Evans as Captain America
    ms. v
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    wtf is up w his feet?

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