So, Here’s Captain America in ‘The Avengers.’ He Likes Old Navy Tees.

April 25th, 2011 // 68 Comments

Here’s Chris Evans on Saturday shooting scenes in modern-day Times Square for apparently both the ending of Captain America and the beginning of The Avengers. Although, considering Marvel was still cramming cameos into Thor with barely a month to go before its release, these could just as easily wind up in there. Or Iron Man 2 to finally give Jon Favreau that aneurysm.

MARVEL: *sips coffee* Hey, Jon, what’s happening? Ummm, we’re gonna need you to come in this weekend and shove some extra scenes in Iron Man 2, m’kay? We ahhhh lost some people and sorta need to play catch-up.
JON: But the movie came out over a year ago and I quit, remember?
MARVEL: Yeahhhh, try and be here by nine. *walks away*

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News, WENN


  1. silken_floss

    I’d ride him till my kidneys hurt . Damn he’s fine as hell

  2. Mandy

    I have to give him credit for bulking up. I remember when Fantastic Four first came out, there was news that he was told to gain a bunch of muscle. He did, but he was much smaller than he is now. It must have been a lot of work to get this big. I didn’t have high hopes for this movie when I heard he was cast, but the trailers and posters are looking pretty good!

    • dpbefun

      Roids does a body good.

    • Savage Boner

      This is big? lulz


      Savage Boner: We all know you’re either a scrawny little pus with the body of a prepubescent boy or a fat azz harp whale. We also know your penis is the size of a baby carrot and that you couldn’t satisfy a woman even if she was a virgin. So don’t be trying to fool anyone, you retard.

  3. Chris Evans Avengers Captain America
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  4. Chris Evans Avengers Captain America
    Commented on this photo:

    “Then I went to TheSuperficial, and I was like ‘I’d pee in her butt’…like this, see?”

  5. Captain America can handle anything but the smell of his own farts.

  6. Dan


    I got the Office Space reference – one of the best movies of all time…

    • suave n' subtle

      Hey me too!!! I didn’t think *anyone* knows about that movie. How cool are we???

    • somethingoriginal

      Did you get the memo about the TPS reports? Yeah we’re putting cover sheets on all TPS reports now, I’ll get you another memo

  7. Gay Slut 4 Chris Evans

    Love his body, his aesthetics, as always, but that hair….is just not good.

  8. I like to wear my old t-shirts from the 6th grade sometimes. They make me feel buff.

    • alisa

      the difference is he actually IS buff

    • Jamal S.

      Eric, you sound like a little pu55y. Even when Chris Evans wears baggier loose-fitting clothes, you can still tell that he’s ripped. This niqqa practically lives at the gym. Don’t be hatin’. If you feel like a lesser man then take it upon yourself to start working out and getting fit. You sound like a catty lil beyotch! LMFAO

  9. Chris Evans Avengers Captain America
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    What happened to him – he used to be hot.

  10. slappy magoo

    He went from cocky guy in one franchise to Who Farted guy in another. That’s talent.

  11. Jessics

    Normally I wouldn’t look twice at a pasty white guy, but he is one yummy piece of meat!

    • Boston Girl

      So what if he’s pasty? I love men in all colors of the rainbow. ;)

      Chris is one of the FINEST MEN in the U.S.A. He’s so tall and so fcuking muscular! I’m so happy they chose him for Captain America. He makes me proud to be from Boston!!

      And I agree that he’s one yummy piece of meat.

    • Ana Banana

      I’d love to have a taste of that piece of meat if you know what I mean. And maybe even a gentle little nibble. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm AY PAPI

  12. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    This dude’s as funny as a three-and-a-half dollar bill. As queer as a goose. As gay as a.. a.. a football bat, I guess

  13. Chuck Bass

    Why does he look like Matthew Modine in Birdy?

  14. Has Hollywood just totally run out of name brand actors?

    • Angela

      Hollywood has lots of fine men and they are using them in full force:
      Henry Caville is Superman
      Chris Evans is Captain America
      Chris Hemsworth is Thor

      These 3 dudes are some of the hottest most attractive guys in H-town. And producers and directors and movie studios know this. Which is why they are being given huge leading roles.

  15. LEB

    This man should never wear clothes. Ever.

    • UCLA Chick


    • Kimberly K.

      i heard that chris takes the garbage out nekkid!!! he actually admitted to doing that in an interview b/c he said he doesn’t like to bother with getting dressed just to take the trash out.

      can you image being his neighbor?!?!

      omg. i’d give anything to see that delicious sausage of his. i bet that thing is big and i bet it’s pink!!! yummmmmmmmmers

  16. James

    Yeah why is Captain America suddenly some gay Abercrombie model look-alike?

    • Amiee

      You just admitted he looks like an Abercrombie model which means he’s hot. This is why he was chosen to be Capatin America. Because he has an all American look and because he’s hotttt as fcuk! It’s pretty obvious and I’m happy with the results.

      As Charlie Sheen would say: DUUUUUUUUURRRHHH!!!

    • College Girl

      Obviously James they’re not gonna get some dried up old man like George Clooney. Everything’s in Hi-Def now which means the audience will be able to see up close and personal. And no one wants to see a face full of wrinkles and gray nosehairs sticking out.

      • Matt1992

        Plus women today are more superficial than ever. Even older women would much rather see young hot men on the big screen. Just look at all the mothers of teen girls salivating at Rob Pattinson in Twilight. So it only makes sense that they’re going to cast a model-like dude who’s still somewhat youngish for such a major role.

    • Rebecca


  17. Alice

    Office Space … & Captain America… soo randomly fashionable and sort of artsy. Kind of reminds me of those TPS reports :)))))

  18. Linsday

    Lots of catty jealous men up in this thread.


  19. Chris Evans Avengers Captain America
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    Cap’ why you look so gay?

  20. TheMunger

    First of all, that’s what the residual effect is from when he transferred powers with the thing in silver surfer. baldness.

    as for cap america. VERY outdated super hero concept. If we were battling nazis in the 40s, no problem.

    How about a movie about seal team 6. Seems that would be more manly (read protective hero type) than captain celebacy.

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