Caprice Bourret still alive


Remember Caprice Bourret? I think she used to be a pretty famous model sometime or another. Although I’m not sure if that was for her modeling or because she had her boobs insured for $100,000. Anyways, here’s her at the Spider Man 3 UK Premiere After Party, for no reason other than the best way to start off a morning is with pictures of a woman you can’t tell is either really hot or a dude. Or both. I’m so confused. *curls up into a ball and cries*

Caprice-Bourret-spider-man-3-uk-01-thumb.jpg Caprice-Bourret-spider-man-3-uk-02-thumb.jpg Caprice-Bourret-spider-man-3-uk-03-thumb.jpg Caprice-Bourret-spider-man-3-uk-04-thumb.jpg Caprice-Bourret-spider-man-3-uk-05-thumb.jpg Caprice-Bourret-spider-man-3-uk-06-thumb.jpg