Candice Swanepoel is Topless and Other News (Plus The Mel Gibson Audio!)

July 9th, 2010 // 147 Comments

- The Mel Gibson WTF Recordings Audio. [After the Jump]

- Michael Lohan wants Lindsay in rehab today. [Popeater]

- Tori Spelling’s chest sinkhole is getting worse. [Dlisted]

- Adrien Brody actually doesn’t suck in Predators. [Lainey Gossip]

- Blake Lively is somehow even hotter with a wedgie. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Mischa Barton continues to win at life. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Nicole Scherzinger is the right kind of curvy. [Popoholic]

- Bar Refaeli gets it. [IDLYITW]

- Katy Perry and Russell Brand started their own wedding rumors. [The Fab Life]

- Sophie Monk has nipples. That’s all that’s important here. [Egotastic]

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Photos: Paul de Luna


  1. RyanFromBucks

    At least he didn’t cut her head off, put it in a shitty box, and send it all the way to the King of England as a message of what’s to come. Wallace! Wallace! Wallace!

  2. Lee

    First off Mel Gibson is awesome. He says the truth everyone else won’t.
    I am going to buy 10 copies of each of his movies to support his church in California!

  3. Kaz

    Awwwww this kinda sexy

  4. Carpet

    Who cares, everyone says angry and hurtful things when they really get mad. Most everyone feels regretful about what they said after they calm down. Its a part of human behavior.

  5. ted

    keep your pimp hand strong

  6. Vannah

    You know, aside from the pack of niggers bit, I found his rant to be acceptable (since he was clearly pissed and said it’s over). He doesn’t love her anymore and he hates her fake boobs. He also probably knows her tits are a sensitive subject, thus insulting them would hurt her the most, so he went below the belt to make his point, it’s something everyone does at one point or another…..except for the pack of niggers thing. Though, if I were to get raped, the last race I would want raping me would be black, you know, penis length, first would be asian. So, if you think of it in that context, it could almost not be that racist, if he were to mean it in a penis way, it could be a compliment, to black men, sort of, but he probably didn’t, so I’m sure it is the more racist context.

  7. Insatiable Peter

    So Mel isn’t a great human being. Try to think back on all the shit that’s escaped from your mouth while you were pissed off. If you were to secretly mic half of the big stars of Hollywood in their personal lives, you’d probably never go to the movies again and this site would have to talk about Bingo Night at the VFW.

    I still respect him as an artist and the only reason the lib media is ragging on him is b/c he made a movie about Christ. Meanwhile, Al Gore’s hypocritical ass buys a home on the beach when the water is supposed to rise, begs a massage therapist to rub one out then assaults her and you don’t hear a damn thing.

    • justifiable

      Oh, balls. I can guarantee you that a great many people in America have never ordered a woman they’ve broken up with how to dress, and then ranted that said woman deserved to be gang-raped by sa pack of n****rs if she didn’t obey them. A great many people have never used a racist epithet towards anyone, even when they were absolutely out-of-their-minds furious.

      Crazy, huh?

      You respect him because he made a movie about Christ, and for you that give him a pass when he displays some pretty abusive, hateful and most un-Christlike behavior – but it’s the media who’s to blame for ragging on him, not Mel’s fault for saying that shit? Nice spin, there. I guess if you make a movie about Jesus that absolves you from any sort of personal responsibility for the rest of your life. No one’s talking about movies – this is about Gibson as a person. It’s all you apologists who keep dragging in his movies, like they’re some sort of permission slip to act like an asshole for the coming decade.
      If there’s more to come on Al Gore, I’m sure we’ll hear of it – just as we did on John Edwards. The media loves to out a hypocrite – which is why they didn’t like Mel so much for making a self-righteous film about Christ but then saying his wife would never get to heaven because she wasn’t a part of the narrow Catholic sect he belongs to, and then for leaving her, committing adultery and having a child with another woman.

      Crazy, huh?

      • Insatiable Peter

        No, no. You were remiss to include Gallipoli, Braveheart, Apocalypto, We Were Soldiers, and the first Lethal Weapon.

        I’m not excusing his behavior. My point is that the lib media are very selective about who they exploit. Waiting for more to come out for Gore? Well there’s the audio of the therapist explaining what happened. But I’m sure she’s an opportunistic extortionist …How about Richard Holder failing to try the Black Panther members who were trying to intimidate voters in Philadelphia when they were clearly committing a felony? The same Black Panther members who talk about killing “Cracka babies.” Isn’t that racist? Outside of some conservatives bringing it up here and there, you won’t hear shit about it on msbs or in the nyt.

        Ultimately, I try to separate the art from the person. Not always easy, but I don’t think I’d like, say, Miles Davis or Morrissey if I considered how they conducted themselves in their personal lives.

      • Insatiable Peter

        My bad. Eric Holder – though Dick Holder would sound better.

      • Insatiable Peter

        Oh, the media also doesn’t seem to care about the hate speech coming out of the Wright church Obama attended for two decades.
        Louis Farrakhan racism also gets a pass.

        Man, I’m tired of being right.

        p.s. I also forgot Mad Max:0

      • justifiable

        Why included those? Not me – so I’m not “remiss” about any of his films. Nor am I calling for a boycott, or for you to trash your DVD collection by weeding out Mel or Alec Baldwin or anyone else who’s a prick in their private lives. What I do object to is the people who cannot distinguish between what Mel puts up on screen and what he does off it – and therefore, since he’s a bona fide original hero and Friend To Jesus in the movies, he could never be a not-so-closeted bigot and less-than-admirable man and father.

        And yeah, you most certainly did excuse his behavior when you said if you miked half of H’wood we’d all never go to the movies again – in other words, everybody does it. Well, everybody DOESN’T. There are a lot of racist pricks and enablers found in every color – and? Just because they’re also out there promoting their own particular brand of hate we should give Mel a pass because we really love Marty Riggs? Fuck that. You’re trying to smokescreen this with a rant on what the “lib media” picks and chooses, WHICH IS NOT THE POINT HERE. This is a celebrity gossip site – go post about the new Panthers deplorable hate redux or Al Gore’s massage peccadillos on a site that’s got a thread running – there are plenty if you actually want to look instead of whining here – and stop pouting because The Fish isn’t bashing the “lib media” for you. You can also stop praising yourself for being right while you’re at it.

  8. Candice Swanepoel for Paul de Luna.
    brian c.
    Commented on this photo:

    Ans Mel ( that goon!0 Gibson hit this woman?

  9. Heather

    I like Mel Gibson even more now.

  10. Mel Gibson


  11. ym

    Love all the posturing on this site board. Guaranteed have said worse. Plus I hear she has an enormous meatball.

  12. jimbeam

    I was expecting a whole lot worse… she is a gold digger after all, but he picked her. But the N word is inexcusable.

  13. gigi

    heehee! I wanna see ‘the green thing’ lol

  14. jo jo

    absolutely insane people can make great actors. people used to wonder how mel could get so worked up for his roles; uh, he ain’t acting. he’s just f’ing crazy.

  15. mel gibson


  16. The Bare Naked Truth

    And that ladies & gentlemen is your typical white male…what a fuckin pussy!!

  17. Mr. Well

    Sounds to me like she’s a bitch, did wrong, and recorded conversations to set Mel up. She knew she pushed him over the edge, so in hoping for a bigger settlement, set his ass up. Ya f’d up mel, stay away from bitches with too many syllables in their name like Oksana Grigorieva.

  18. Bobby


    The photo you used for the story is not actually Candice Swanepoel. According to the photographer Paul De Luna, that’s some random surfer chick from Ventura.

    “Paul De Luna July 12 at 8:08am
    Hey Bobby,

    How are things?
    Thanks for sharing the link – the funny thing is that the girl in the B&W photo isn’t Candice at all! That girl is some local LA surfer chick from Ventura. Candice is the girl in the other pics, though.

    - PDL”

    Just thought I’d let you guys know!

  19. The dude sounds drunk. Passion of The Christ is still the best movie though, no matter who made it and what racist remarks he makes. Never judge a man by those who represent him or attempt to.

  20. HLM

    So, Mel didn’t know his girlfriend had fake boobs when he first started banging her? Not the brightest crayon in the box, is he?

  21. shankyouverymuch

    It think mel is a cool n*ggler

  22. shankyouverymuch

    It think mel is a cool n*gger

  23. Stina

    i know im a little late but that’s not Candice Swanepoel

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