Candice Swanepoel is Topless and Other News (Plus The Mel Gibson Audio!)

July 9th, 2010 // 147 Comments

- The Mel Gibson WTF Recordings Audio. [After the Jump]

- Michael Lohan wants Lindsay in rehab today. [Popeater]

- Tori Spelling’s chest sinkhole is getting worse. [Dlisted]

- Adrien Brody actually doesn’t suck in Predators. [Lainey Gossip]

- Blake Lively is somehow even hotter with a wedgie. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Mischa Barton continues to win at life. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Nicole Scherzinger is the right kind of curvy. [Popoholic]

- Bar Refaeli gets it. [IDLYITW]

- Katy Perry and Russell Brand started their own wedding rumors. [The Fab Life]

- Sophie Monk has nipples. That’s all that’s important here. [Egotastic]

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  1. taz

    Nice tits

    • mar

      uh …. omg hes a piece of shit rofl .. like omg wtf piece of shit. you can hear the nastiness, the hatred …. what fucking garbage.. and this is mr. passion of the christ.. who i am SURE, would be grabbing those big fake tits while he banged the shit out of her, missionary, in the near dark of his bedroom… with a psychotic, greedy look on his creepy sweaty face(dont forget those ugly forehead wrinkles),looking at the tits, looking at the face, looking at the tits, looking at the face.. you can hear the creepy secret wife-beater/rapist in his voice. delightful! …. you know hes banging it harder if she makes a sound like it hurts. chills of creepiness !!!!!!!

    • You ain't good enough to sit on ROUGH's boner, I mean banner.

      Boyyyy!That young poon will get you to the grave faster than a bullet. Once you start speaking to your bitch like that, there’s no salvaging the relationship.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I’d rather stay single with 50 smelly cats. It is traumatic just to listen to all that. HE MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL
        But I will overcome my fear. Mel, come to Moscow darling, I’ll show you Red Square, you will be a star at the Lobnoe Mesto. See you there!
        I bet I can kick your ass as you are an old alcoholic who is on pills. I’ll beat you like Wendy Testiburger VS Cartman! Mofo

  2. taz

    Perfect shape

  3.  Candice Swanepoel topless for Paul de Luna
    Crabby Old Guy
    Commented on this photo:

    I have absolutely no idea who this saucy minx is – but I enjoy her showing off her girl bumps.

  4.  Candice Swanepoel topless for Paul de Luna
    Commented on this photo:

    meh… too skinny

  5.  Candice Swanepoel topless for Paul de Luna
    Commented on this photo:

    too skinny

  6. jujee

    That audio sounds scripted as fuck with really bad acting.

    • m

      same here. sounds pretty much artificial…

    • T-Ray

      Agreed, sounds odd – fake or something. Weird clip.

    • alex

      It sounds awkward because she’s fucking recording the conversation and doesn’t want to sound bad. She’s putting on an act to try to trap him and he completely fell for it. They both deserve what they get…she looks like a piece of trash to the world and he looks like a bottom feeding scumbag. It sounds like he’s easy to set off…what a prick.

      “You can stay in the house but I’m not giving it to you.” What a major douchebag.

  7. Candice Swanepoel for Paul de Luna.
    Commented on this photo:

    I just went off soft…

    the new Megan Fox is HOT

  8. Watch Me bling

    Go Mel !!! He’s just pissed off, everybody says stuff they don’t mean when there heated. Give him a break!

    • yousuck

      Yeah, everyone says ‘pack of n*****’ when they’re heated. Oh wait no, that’s just racist retards like him. And you.

    • A

      people get mad, but this was abusive and demeaning! He is sick and so are you Watch me. She was very calm and he just got worse and worse. Sicko.

      • Jae

        She stayed calm because she knew she was recording him. I thought there was a law against recording people without their knowledge. If she used the recordings to try to get money out of him then she is an extortionist, and deserves to go to jail as well. I’d be pissed if there was a custody agreement that BOTH parties agreed to, then *she*reneged on it because she’s greedy.

        That being said, Mel Gibson has no merit in my eyes, but there are 2 sides to every story. Maybe he felt used. Hell I kinda think they deserve each other. He’s nasty – she’s a gold digger. Awwww love.

        Know who I feel sorry for? His ex-wife and his older kids. Shame really.

      • meff

        I agree with you, she responded as if she was recording it. She never got angry, never admitted anything, tried to play the bemused victim. She says she never wore tight clothing, and yet the photos attached right here on superficial show her in tight ass jeans, etc.

        Obviously Mr Gibson never got over his first family being killed in the wasteland by those nasty bikers, and he’s got a lot of anger problems, but his current girlfriend has a history of marrying rich older men, and she straight up refused to sign a prenup that would give her 5 million a year for 10 yrs. Is 5 mil a year not enough to live comfortably? She probably wants to be a Yulia Tymoshenko in LA, rule the state and all its natural resources while playing the cute victim to all opponents….

      • HLM

        Jae: I don’t know about California, but in Michigan it is 100% legal to record a conversation as long as you are a part of that conversation. I could record a conversation between my husband & myself, but I can’t record a conversation between him and someone else.

  9.  Candice Swanepoel topless for Paul de Luna
    Commented on this photo:

    Isn’t she the current banner girl?

  10.  Candice Swanepoel topless for Paul de Luna
    Commented on this photo:

    perfect nipples

  11. BigHead

    She deserved to get yelled at, she was breast feeding his kids with fake tits.

    • justifiable

      Mel, you idiot, implants don’t compromise breastfeeding. Stop getting your science from the Bible and the Flat Earth Society.

  12. Candice Swanepoel for Paul de Luna.
    Commented on this photo:

    I have no idea who this is….
    But DAMN she is pretty.
    Little boobs can be so very cute.
    Candice, come over & mow my lawn, and I’ll make us all root beer floats afterwards.

  13. Candice Swanepoel for Paul de Luna.
    Fat Chicks Suck
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus Christ she is hot. Perfection…

  14. Mr. Mackey

    Drugs are BAD !

    m’kay ?

    You’re a cheap lying Vegas Whore Bitch.
    I don’t want you. I don’t love you. I HATE YOU !
    …but you can stay in the house.

    m’kay ?

  15. Bilbo

    Silicone breastfeeding whore! Go Mel go. Let the bitch have it. When are all of you bitches going to learn to obey your man? No questions asked!

  16.  Candice Swanepoel topless for Paul de Luna
    Commented on this photo:

    Mel needs no excuses- he is a king and he will do what he wants… thank GOD! Because he is a great actor/director and is quite creative, and because he is worth in the neighborhood of a BILLION dollars, he will continue to make movies. Actors and actresses will continue to clamor to work with him and on his movies because they make money- all will be well in the world of Mel.

    PC bullshit is just that, bullshit … Oh don’t speak the truth about Hollywood Jews, that’s antisemitic – Oh don’t speak the truth about beaners, that’s bigoted – Oh don’t speak the truth about butt-pirates that’s homophobic – Oh don’t speak the truth about nigglers, that’s racist… Booo-Hooo-Hooo.

    Wake up people the world is a ruff fucking place, the words Mel blurts out in anger don’t mean a whole lot in the scheme of things. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that because you live in your insular little world in the USA that’s the way it is supposed to be.

    If you think what Mel does or says is so terrible and ugly, take a look at the constant stonings & “honor” killings of women in the mid-east. Or the barbarism in Africa where slavery is condoned and conducted on a daily basis, China, South America … it just goes on and on.

    Mel is just being REAL and telling it like he sees it, like it IS, that’s all. People/the media, should stop being such faint pussies and deal with it! Now go out and rent a good Mel Gibson movie and watch it tonight – You’ll love the entertainment!

    Peace Out My Nigglers!

  17.  Candice Swanepoel topless for Paul de Luna
    Commented on this photo:

    That is powerful GOOD!

  18. Mike Iksard

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  19. Mr. Mackey


    Drugs are BAD. Don’t do drugs.

    m’kay ?

    You’re a lying, cheating, Cheap Vegas Whore !
    I don’t love you. I don’t want you. I fucking HATE YOU !
    ..but you can still stay in the house.

    m’kay ?

  20. Cuckoo Cuckoo Cachoo!

  21. Jacob

    People should let go of the cocaine is a hell of a drug bit already. It was only funny the first few times, on the show only.

  22. waka

    Like I said before. Him saying shitty shit does not bother me. I am more interested in seeing the proof that he hit her. I have heard far worse things from heated couples. It sucks ass but people show their worse sides to the people they have relations with.

    Sure it was a dick move but yeah, it happens. Now the hitting, that could be a different story if the evidence surfaces for that as well.

    It is a shame because as I said before, everyone wants to like Mel. Someone like Charlie Sheen does this and everyone could care less. Mel though, people want to like the guy.

    • BuckyD

      Gee, waka, I don’t want to “like Mel”. Why would I want to like him? Because he’s a mediocre actor who happens to be good at displaying angst on film? He’s a very immature grown man who has obviously been pampered all his adult life by worshippers like you. He’s extremely mean-spirited and intolerant, and indulges in fits of anger when things don’t go his way. I don’t like him, and I don’t want to like him– I pity him, though.

    • Jae

      I’d like to know if she was really shaking the baby. Wasn’t that his claim? I’s also like to see the proof of her face and teeth. Geezus, abuse is NEVER okay. So she allegedly shakes the baby and he hits her. If this is true, she’d better tread carefully.

      You’re right about people saying shit in a heated battle. I’ve heard worse from people having very public fights.

      I also want to know why she reneged on the original custody agreement. That pissed the judge off. So she records Mel (but it still sounded odd like it was scripted) with the plan of using it to extort money from him. Isn’t that illegal?

      God what a train wreck.

      • Cock Dr

        RE: Reneging on the original custody agreement.
        If you were a woman with a little daughter, & the father demonstrated repeatedly that he was batshit crazy, & then he knocked your teeth out in a fight, would you want him to have access to the child?
        If you were a woman with a little daughter, & the father demonstrated repeatedly that he was batshit crazy, & on the advice of your lawyers you started recording every single interaction you had with him, would you prefer to try to resolve things privately (AKA extortion), or would you prefer to have these recordings of him yelling this most humiliating hateful stuff released to the general public?
        Well, I know what MY answers would be.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I would PREFER to not take money and make shit public. Because a. I wouldn’t want ANYTHING from him and with it leaked to public I would make a buck for that exclusive interview anyways. b. If you leak it in public there is less chance your body would be found in the gutter after missing. You know? Cause it would sota expose him and protect her. Got me, sweetheart?

  23. Marcella

    So whats the big deal. Straight from the heart big Fishey. you lil bitch.

  24. Candice Swanepoel for Paul de Luna.
    Commented on this photo:

    much hotness.

  25. Lisa Beth

    “They look sssstupid.” LOL

    gawwwwd I wish he’d yell at me like that…. ohhh, yeahhhh.

    • Mel

      They look sssstupid! YOU look sssstupid! You’re only purpose on earth is to please me, so you better give me what I want! Yeah, ya like that? Huh? You like that, you little slut? Give daddy what he wants…

      There ya go:)
      Watch my movies!

  26. Badger Bob

    I couldn’t say if that is Mel or not; it sure sounds like him. It sounds like a typical ‘my girlfriend is hot and i am insecure about it’ argument one would have in the 10th grade. One thing that seems obvious is that he is either under the influence of something (drugs, alcohol) or NOT under the influence of something that he should be (zoloft, lexapro, etc). This is usually pattern behavior, so part of the reason i am unlikely to believe it is actually Mel, is that no one else has come forward to say this is typical of a relationship with Mel. She is so calm on the phone that it is obvious she is trying to set him up; it is a tirade, not an argument. Smart woman.

  27. Candice Swanepoel for Paul de Luna.
    Commented on this photo:

    how the hell can i view the uncensored

  28. Deanna

    I’m on Mel’s side to be honest. This is coming from a woman too. Yes, he’s using extremely harsh language and the way he’s constructing his sentences could be found hurtful or offensive to some people. If he had worded this differently it would have been more-so acceptable, but obviously he was in a state of rage and frustration and at times like that we all say some pretty outlandish shit. This woman is obviously trying to set him up.

    • missywissy

      Deanna, you should shut up. I know it’s a free country, but the last thing a bunch of men need to hear is “women deserve this kind of shit if it’s truthful”. You are wrong, and the way Mel presented it was wrong. His concern is for himself, not for Octomom. Please, don’t encourage. I don’t even believe you are a woman, and if you are, I don’t think you’ve ever had a boyfriend.

      • Jae

        Missy, the fact that you told Deanna to “shut up” puts you right up there with the assholes. First Amendment. Look it up.

        What IF Oksana did shake their baby? Will you be eating your self-righteous words then? No, abuse is NEVER okay, but it goes for BOTH of them. And extortion is just as illegal as abuse. Ask David Letterman.

        Deanna didn’t “encourage” abuse. Not once in her paragraph did she say “It’s okay to hit a woman.” Geezus, use some common sense and critical thinking instead of logical fallacies.

    • Yes, she’s trying to set him up. No question. But at the same time it’s not that hard to do because he’s a violent, abusive racist with no qualms about punching a woman’s teeth out. The only thing surprising about these recordings is everyone’s finally getting to hear Mel Gibson act just like they always suspected. It’s like finally seeing Tom Cruise bong a dick.

      So to recap: It’s both at the same time. Set-up, and he’s an asshole. Set-up, A-hole.

      • Cock Dr

        “Shortly after the posting (of the audio tapes), entertainment news outlets reported that Gibson had been dropped by talent agency William Morris Endeavor, although that decision appeared to have been made days ago. ”

        Not much of an audience for Mel in a light romantic comedy or a feel good buddy/road trip flick these days. Hollywood dumps you fast when you’re no longer young, pretty and sane.

      • Well if I’ve learned anything from some of these Gibson comments it’s that some people have a damned hard time letting go of their cherished celebrity idols.
        They could find excuses for their cannibalizing a class of 5th graders.
        I guess it’s very painful to accept that the idol you’ve been masturbating to for years is a freaking asshole piece of shit. Change is hard.

        “Fish”, this IS great, but it’s not like finally getting a shot of Tom Cruise on his knees getting to business.
        That would be EPIC. Keep working on that one please. Remember, the women are always complaining about the lack of beefcake on the site. That would shut them up for at least a week.

      • cc

        In short, I agree. Two people who don’t have much to recommend them.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        You know if it’s the shit that escapes your mouth and you think it’s normal = maybe it’s time for you to go see the doctor???

        Yes she knew she was recording it of course she could monitor her own language.
        But the fact is HE DIDN’T KNOW he was recorded. So for him, the scenario even when woman stays calm – he goes on and on. What would be if she too screamed and insulted him? Like if she said he was OLD and UGLY???
        Yeah you know what would be – violence. He would hit her. Naturally she wouldn’t be able to hit him back same way. What a loser Mel Gibson is and men like him and jealous women who would defend dipshits like himself.

    • LJ

      Just the way Nicole Simpson set up OJ with that Ron Perelman thing.

    • Well, if it were acceptable to punch someone’s teeth out every time someone baited you into anger then my uncle would still be punching the shit out of people rather than sitting in prison.

      • KTC

        Well and this is exactly the point – to suggest as some people have that extremely violent language like that doesn’t lead to violent behavior is ludicrious. Love, sex, relationships definitely make even good people nuts but good people do not tell their girlfriends they’re going to get raped by a pack of n-words for dressing in tight clothing. Let’s also review that in the few pictures of Oksana with him, she’s really not wearing anything scandulous. A tad tight sure, but stuff that’s downright buttoned-up by Hollywood standards. Clearly, Mel Gibson is a racist, mysoginistic ahole with a dangerous temper.

      • Jae

        No, but IF she was shaking the baby, I would have punched her face too.

        It was reported that in another part of the recordings the baby could be heard screaming in the background. What if she cut out part of the recordings where he tells her to stop shaking the baby?

        Now IF she didn’t do a thing and he hit her then throw him in the slammer and bury the key. That being said, extortion is also illegal. She’s no better.

        Grief, I hope this ends both of their careers. Sick.

    • anonymous

      the way he is speaking to her is deplorable. regardless of the source-male or female-that type of verbal abuse is intolerable. she may have “set him up” but if someone were speaking to me with such hate and in such a threatening manner, i would do the same thing to protect myself and my children.

      • mar

        hes just a creepy fuck man. his tone of voice goes beyond a misogynist. (excuse the gayness of using that word, but it really does apply here!!: ) his tone of voice is that of a sociopath .. i looked up the def (fuck you) and i’m telling you its him !! :

        Glibness and Superficial Charm

        Manipulative and Cunning
        They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

        Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
        A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities.

        Callousness/Lack of Empathy
        Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

        Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
        Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

        its good it came out, , for reg. people. fuck him , and fuck her too, shes divorcing him and getting a shitload of money from it.. its good for the normal people who are this and know this in their lives, if theres enough of an uproar, maybe victims will leave their own personal “mels” …. and if not, at least there might be more chances to hear of his affinity for jews ! thumbs up mel!

    • Ariane

      Women like you are worse than male woman-haters like Gibson. Go get a sex change and you can be just like your hero here.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Yes Ariane she is worst of the scum of earth. She encourages sociapath against her sisters. What goes around comes around. zzzz Love ya too.

    • justifiable

      Deanna: “The way he’s constructing his sentences could be hurtful to some people? What the righteous FUCK sort of doublespeak apologist spin is THAT? What you mean is “people might really think he’s a bigot and a racist because he’s pretty comfortable using bigoted and racist words and we can’t have that ohnonononono!”

      Listen, you can’t “set someone up” for something like this, much as you’d dearly like to make him the poor harassed victim here. (Sorry, Fish, I think you’re mistaken here – a tit job doesn’t automatically result in a bigoted rant from your ex in the Big Book of Custodial Wrangling .) She also didn’t prompt him to come up with the “raped by a pack of n****rs” remark by asking what would happen to her if she went outside while “dressing provocatively”. (Oh, the horror!) And the only people who use “pretty outlandish shit” (aka “n*****rs”) when they’re “in a state of rage and frustration” are bigots and racists. The rest of us who don’t happen to think that way don’t go there when “rage and frustration” lowers our inhibitions. Your hero has feet of clay – along with a low flash point, an abusive nature, and a driving need to be obeyed by everyone in his unfortunate orbit.

      Stop making ridiculous and lame excuses for him. I don’t know which is the more pathetic: his abusive load of shit, or your attempt to sweep it under the carpet.

  29. Colin

    He’s like a child throwing a tantrum and she’s obviously just provoking him for the tape. They’re both pretty fucked and this is what’s probably going to happen: The men who have some sort of deep-seated resentment towards women will be all “YAY GO MEL!” and on the flipside the women who have that same resentment towards men will be outraged and furious over this. It’s the bottom line in my opinion.

    Not to mention the substances that might be involved in this but that just speculation at this point. Just get a divorce you two dingleberries and give up that child to someone non-psychotic…. shit, give it to a pack of wild dogs and it would be an upgrade from this awful environment.


    • ewww

      Theyr’e not married, they just have a child together. Typical bible thumper behavior.

      • KTC

        You probably won’t believe this, but I have absolutely no deep-seated resentment towards men and I’m pretty damn horrified. I’m the type of girl who’s always had more guy friends than girl friends, I have a great relationship with my great Dad, I’ve (thank heaven) never been the victim of any kind of sexual assault, harrasement, or relationship violence, and I’m in a fantastic four-year long relationship with a great guy. I will defend men to my last breath because I’m forunate to know so many great guys, but I think it can be awfully hard for men to understand how just…terrifying threats of sexual violence are to a woman. As much as I don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes and am decidely pro-gender equality, a man screaming at his girlfriend in such a violent way with threats of extremely violent, demeaning crimes (I’m NOT referring the his pack of n-word threats as the demeaning part, because it’s horrifically racist and of course I don’t think a group of black men are more likely to gang-rape because of the color of their skin; I’m referring to the gang-rape part of that threat) is just not the same as a woman making the same threats back to a man. Maybe there are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, no matter how much we tried, we could never be quite as horrifically terrifying while being violent as a man. Sorry to go on, but I really I don’t think it takes deep-seated resentment for men to be seriously disturbed and angered by Mel-Ahole-Gibson’s rant here.

  30. marvin

    i think it’s important to remember the words of William Makepeace Thackeray, novelist (1811-1863), who wrote: People hate as they love, unreasonably.

    also, and equally important, if you rearrange the letters of candice swanepoel you get Accolades Ween Nip, so please let’s keep this to ourselves, gentlemen.

  31. Brooke

    Wait, where’s the audio? Did you take it down or does the audio player not like Firefox?

  32. danny

    Man, he’s a piece of work, eh?

  33. Darth

    I guess she does need mouth to mouth or otherwise CPR?

  34. g_girl

    he is so disgusting.
    has mental problems, too. sick man.

  35. captain america

    pfffffffff, WE WERE ALL BORN NAKED…………….


    Oh come on, The woman deserved it.

  37. Wowsers

    Two words, stop drinking.

  38. Rhialto

    That conversation sounds kinda private!


    This Candice chick is so not attractive. I am surprised she hasn’t been shot to death yet.

  40. Nero

    Honestly,i don’t hear really,really bad things on the tape!

  41. Galtacticus

    Her being dressed like a ‘Vegas whore’ that’s the typical Russian nouvea riche fashion.Ever been on vacation in Egypt,Red Sea area? There’re thousands of them.

    • Gando

      He’s angry because he doesn’t understand her cultural background?! Damn!

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      You know what? Nobody asks you to look at Russian women when you are on vacation in Egypt. Okay? If you turn your tiny head the opposite direction there will be old German women sunbathing topless with their sausaged packed bodies. SO look the other way next time, jealous fattie.
      Another thought: HE KNEW she was dressing like she was and guess what – that was the very thing that attracted him to her you betcha.
      She dresses OK to me. But of course I am Russian and biased. If you dress provocative in Russia nobody is going to rape you. But then again, Russian men are not fucking cavemen. They are best in the world. Sad you know nothing about this. Sure it sounds to you normal such treatment. FOR US NOT

  42. Sean

    …that does not sound like Mel Gibson.

  43. starmaker

    Till now the most disturbing thing is that he knocked out her front teeth.

  44. Nahtalka

    That doesn’t sound like Gibson…And I don’t know, something is funny about the way the words are being said. I might be wrong, but it doesn’t sound very authentic to me

  45. Vincenzo

    Something is screwy here. Before I heard these tapes I was condemning Mel saying, “here he goes again”. But after hearing this recording, I am convinced otherwise. That doesn’t sound like Mel, it sounds like a hired voice actor and like one of the posters said above, this feels scripted like a hills episode. I’ve got a feeling that Mel’s lawyers within the week are going to come out all guns blazing and prove the tape to be a fraud.

  46. Candice Swanepoel for Paul de Luna.
    Lisa Beth
    Commented on this photo:

    awww… she’s dreaming she’s a real person with things to say. *tear*

  47. wowzer

    Candice and Nicole Scherzinger …… can’t decide which one is hotter. Both have a stunning bod and a beautiful face.
    Models like Miranda Kerr with a huge cabbage-head and shapeless, scrawny body shouldn’t be showed to the public but kept well hidden…. Repulsive.

  48. Ariane

    Everyone is going on about Mel Gibson’s racism – but he’s a real woman hater too. Accusing a woman of asking for rape and deserving it because of the way she dresses is disgusting and typically misogynistic.

  49. dontlooknow

    Re Mischa Barton: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the girl. When a has-been get singled out by the crap the bottom feeders feed on, and then photographed, she/he cannot deny being a has been. What a way to find out…

  50. dontlooknow

    Re Nicole Scherzinger: and yeah, unlike Kim Lardassian, Nic actually is famous for being able to do something other than pose in tight clothing…

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