Candice Swanepoel is Too Skinny For Victoria’s Secret

April 1st, 2011 // 360 Comments

If you’re wondering that sound you’re hearing is, it’s thousands of “real women” clapping their bacon cheeseburgers together after hearing Candice Swanepoel might be fired from Victoria’s Secret for looking too skinny at its 2011 Swimwear launch this week. E! News reports:

Like all Angels, Swanepoel, 22, is expected to be “healthy and muscular,” according to her Victoria’s Secret contract, says our source.
“There is a really clear criteria for both Angels and the catalogue. Their career path is Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue then to Angel, it’s the highest paying contract there is, period. The image is about being voluptuous, it’s not fat, but it’s curvy,” says the insider.
“But if you start to look skinny and ‘editorial print-like’ like fashion mag models, like undernourished, it gives the image the company does not want. Their shopper is older, their target is the Macy’s shopper. These are young women who feel pressure these models, she [Swanepoel] could lose her contract if she gets too thin.

Candice, who last fall blamed her figure on “traveling,” has responded to the concern over her weights in predictable fashion:

“I am healthy and happy,” Swanepoel tells PEOPLE. “I’m heartened to know how much everyone cares about me, but in this case, everything is normal and good.”

While everyone’s getting all up in arms about this, I think we’re losing sight of an important fact here: Anorexic chicks don’t get their periods. Which is nothing. I had absolutely nothing to add to that. *walks away whistling*

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Splash News, WENN


  1. Seems skinny chicks are like a rorschach test. if you see sexy, it means you like em thin. if you think 12 year old boy, then it’s boys you have on the brain.

    • Cock Dr

      The blogger may like the fact that many anorexic women stop having periods.
      I wonder how he feels about some of the other fun side effects; like growing profuse long fine body hair, and chronic bad breath.
      Mom, meet the new skinny Chia pet girlfriend. Don’t get too close; she smells, she’s cold & she’s fragile.

      • Denise

        Skinny people exist without being anorexic. Just like fat people exist without eating 20 cheeseburgers a day. Just because most people can’t be that thin if they eat normally, doesn’t mean these chicks are anorexic. Not to say anorexia doesn’t happen in the modeling world, but people need to stop making that conclusion. Fatties need to stop throwing around that term so casually to make them feel better.

      • Deb

        I happen to think Candice is probably the prettiest Victoria’s Secret model, currently. Not alien-faced or severely botoxed. I shop at VS sometimes and so browse catalogs.

        It’s a shame that she’s lost so much weight. I’m not saying that out of jealousy. It’s just she wasn’t this skinny before. She was curvier! Now she looks a little… emaciated. Hope she’s not taking anything.

        Still, it’s kinda hypocritical to want to fire her and not some of the other models, for chrissake.

      • Sugaa

        I don’t care what you say…that girl is anorexic…

    • anonymous

      yeah this chick is way too skinny to be natural. that’s a water, sugar-free gum and cigarettes only diet. funny thing is unlike the other chicks with absolutely no form to their bodies, you can tell candice is naturally curvy.

      • FOOTDOWN

        The usually sign of being anorexic is being able to see bones. Rib cage stands out the most in anorexic chicks. She doesn’t look boney at all. She looks to be just very petite body, no hips, with long legs, wide shoulders and a huge head.

      • keira

        Ahhhhh Denise, c’mon. Sure they exists but they don’t change they’re body type within a few months…she was a monster of curves before. (In a good way…) and now she’s looking like an ebola-child…..but for sure i’m just a fatty who wants to feel better since I do not look like her. *Damn* – guys: where do you grab this girl from behind If you f***d her doggy-style…? at the spinal column that’s poppin’ out!!!

      • J

        You cant be a physical person and not have form. if you mean curvy, yes, Miranda, Marisa, and plenty of others are. but curvy isnt a synonym for healthy.

    • barbara

      Amen Denise! I am a tall skinny chick (5 ft 9, size 0, 32B) and I’m sure I have some angles that make me look anorexic too. But guess what? I’m NOT anorexic or bulemic. You know what I had for lunch today? A cheeseburger and fries and it was delicious. Then I had some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Hell, maybe I’ll eat the same thing everyday for the next week. You know why? Because I can eat that shit and it doesn’t matter. Maaaybe I’ll hit the gym twice this month. Everyone in my family is the same way. In high school I would get made fun of all of the time for being anorexic. But now that I’m older and have a skinny figure without trying very hard, those bitches that made fun of me are now fatties. Life is grand. HATERS GONNA HATE.

      • Freddie

        @Denise has a point. The tern “anorexia” is very much over used. Skinny chicks get called anorexic. Skinny dudes get called what? A nerd? Or I know.. a basketball player! Do all of you people think they’re anorexic too? Granted they are a bit more bulky than they were in the 70s. But look at some of those lanky dudes! No one even thinks twice about it. They’re for sure not starving themselves and it’s an obvious natural body type for plenty of people. People love to hate on beautiful women who make millions of dollars. This angle of her isn’t the best and I wouldn’t mind a few pounds on her, but look at the other shots from the same shoot. That is a NICE ass.

      • Burt

        “Fatties need to stop throwing around that term so casually to make them feel better.”

        Exactly. Every fatty who says, “Real women have curves” should have a piano fall on her.

      • Alexandra

        Cheeseburger and fries isn’t healthy, even if you are not fat. Most people die of either heart disease or cancer. The fat ones get the heart problems and skinny ones get the cancer. Food for thought.

      • J

        well I am the same way but eating like a pig isn’t smart at all. just because you dont look fat now doesn’t mean you won’t later. if you rarely or never exercise AND eat that badly, you WILL bloat up later on and probably have cholesterol problems to boot. enjoy it whikle you can but don’t overdo it.

    • Mark

      What most ppl don’t know is that if a really skinny chick doesn’t get her period for a longer time they also often ended up unfertile, and that won’t go away or change at that point. Well for some men that might be a plus but it’s really ironic for chicks who starve and get laid all the time only to later find out they really screwed themselves,… life is awesome.

      • Burt

        Mark, that’s ridiculous. Most people who are thin are so because they eat the right amount of food. People aren’t supposed to be overweight for an extended period of time and we certainly aren’t supposed to be obese.

      • Shannon

        Burt, Mark was talking about anorexic people, not skinny people. And it’s true that anorexic women are every likely to become infertile.

      • Shannon


      • blue

        @Mark is a dumbass. Remember health class? You need to bleed to breed. And 2 of the 3 skinny chicks in this photo just spit out kids. They are not anorexic. Most girls wish they could have a baby and still look like that.

      • Burt


        Learn to read between the lines. Of course I know he was talking about anorexics, which is why I said his comment is ridiculous.

    • reformed_druid

      Fashion designers started using the really skinny chicks because there was nothing there for real women to be jealous of, that was the only way to sell them clothes. Then the porn industry started using a lot of gay guys and had to start using women that looked like guys from behind and convinced all you guys that was normal. It’s really funny when you think about it.

      • James


        And how old are you again? Unless you’re past 30, shut up. Just keep on living that unhealthy lifestyle and that “diet” of yours, that metabolism of your 20-something years (or earlier) won’t last forever… And THEN the saying “once on the lips, forever on the hips” becomes true.

      • Barbara

        @James – I’m 34. Suck it.

      • Barbara

        @James & @Alexandra – I really don’t eat that shit everyday (but I could without gaining weight). I’m trying to make a point that us skinny chicks are people too and not all anorexics. Enough with the personal attacks, hu? Skinny does not mean celery for dinner.

    • Reading is Sexy

      Hands up all the people in this thread who are hired to write supportive things on gossip-sites about the models!

      Yeah, thought so.

  2. Drundel


    • Ron Mexico

      “Real women clapping their bacon cheeseburgers together” …..

      this is an awesome line. hahahahahahha.

  3. Candice Swanepoel Bikini Too Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    Love this woman and that’s one ass i’d probably eat. I’ve fucked skinnier and fatter, this is just right. Lief vir jou~

  4. If you’re going to fire one of them for being too thin…where do you stop? How do you pick which one gets the axe?

    Hell, why not just start with the dead-eyed one on the left…she’s too fucking creepy to be a model anyway.

  5. argleblargle

    I think they should let her stay, that way scrawny men can get an idea of how the lingerie would look on them. VS needs to broaden some horizons and embrace different walks of life.

  6. Victoria’s Secret clearly doesn’t recognize their target audience is men looking to rub one out in the bathroom.

  7. Candice Swanepoel Bikini Too Skinny
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone tell Candice it’s ok to put salad dressing on the salad.

  8. LIberal

    When are people going to realize that skinny girls are real women too!

  9. I stink

    I think she looks good. More women should care about their weight and wish they looked as good as her. I’d love to wear that ass as a hat.

    • Sam

      This woman clearly isn’t eating as much as she should. I’m 5’5 and 115, and I eat 1000 calories a day. She has to be eating less than 500. I don’t wish to look like that.

      Her elbows look SHARP

      • Alexandra

        1000 calories a day…hi, you actually are anorexic. I did a project for a nutrition class where I was trying to lose weight so I calculated how many calories I ate and at about 1600, I was STARVING. But I work out a lot, so I have a lot of muscle.

      • Jo

        Yeah, because you can “clearly” see what how eats daily, how much she exercises, what her natural metabolism is, etc. Her shape, build, and measurements are almost EXACTLY the same as mine (but she is taller and a cup size bigger), and let me tell you I’m probably healthier than 95% of people here- I avoid processed foods when I can (ice cream being my main exception), lean towards a Mediterranean diet, walk and lift stuff a lot at my job (though I do need to work out more at home), get calcium almost every day, eat fish and nuts a lot, etc. For all you know she’s the same way.

        And sure you don’t. Right over your tray of burgers, fries, pizza, brownies, Twinkies, cake, chips, and a Diet Coke you don’t.

    • Holly

      Yeah and I wish more men took care of their weight and looked like Channing Tatum!

      Fat slobs get off the computer and stop wanking to chicks on the internet, maybe we will start wanting to have sex with you in real life!

      • Same for you fat chicks. Don’t be such hating cunts and maybe you’d have one redeeming quality right there

      • Sara

        LOL any guy would fuck us… even if we were fat and ugly. I’d be 250 pounds and any guy would fuck me.

        Don’t be so bitter, dude :)

      • anon

        I agree with Holly. Anyways what is wrong with American guys? I think the problem is too much Internet porn.

      • Zee

        I know as if any of the women would even give them a second look. It’s so pathetic.

      • I stink

        I think she looks healthy. she’s a model so it her job to be thin. especially for VS you need to be in good shape because you arent wearing much clothes. I’m not fat and look better then channing tatum. I would never have sex with a 250 lbs woman. I actually have a real life girlfriend so I dont need fat chicks. I just dont think shes anorexic or looks too thin. I think she looks damn good.

      • Drew

        @Sara, the only guys that would be fucking your 250 pound self would be desperate slobs that know they can only fuck 250 pound girls. If that’s something you want to be proud of, well to each their own “LOL”.

      • Blech

        Agreed, man! Stop wanting perfect asses on women when you guys have fucking CONCAVE areas where your asses should be!

    • Mandi

      @ I stink

      You’re not fat, but you look better than Channing Tatum?? Hahaha… hahahahaaaaa. If a chick on here said, “I’m not fat, but I look better than Candice Swanepoel,” you’d be allllllll over her calling her a fat pig. You guys are hilarious. HI.LARIOUS.

  10. Deacon Jones

    She looks slimmer than in the past. I think only certain chicks can pull off her level of “skinniness”, but man, is she one of them…

    That Ambrosio chick, she can’t. She looks like shit.

    I can only imagine the level of hate mail they’ve received over the past 24 hours to even consider dropping her. Face it ladies, if you’re a fat shit, you shouldnt be wearing these outfits anyways. You’re not doing anyone a favor.

    • Charlie Sheen


      • Jessesgirl

        ia. Candice has a very tiny yet curvy bone structure so she can pull off the super skinny quite well. If you look at the other two they are actually bonier than her and more underweight for their body type than Candice.

  11. “There is a really clear criteria for both Angels and the catalogue”

    ….yeah… vapid and vacant women (even though they are all hot as hell).

    I also found it ironic while reading the article that there is a McDonalds Big Mac ad right next to it. Makes me hungry.

    • Mila Kunis

      Agreed monkey dude or dudette. Modelling is a fucking pathetic career. How stupid could you possibly be to be fulfilled by posing around in fucking swim wear making sexy faces all day. Fine if you want to do it on the side to make fast cash as a student, but to actually be a model as a career or for like 30+ years like Crawford and the like it really makes me question their life’s purpose. For every model I’ve seen I’ve seen an equally beautiful if not more so woman with a real job that actually accomplishes something. I mean don’t these bitches ever feel dirrty thinking about all the men that whack off to them? Oh wait I forgot thinking would burn too many calories it all makes sense now.

      • Well if you’re going to talk about 15 mins in modeling, then include all of entertainment, esp “reality” stars. We need a strict enforcement of the 15 min rule so the wealth of the world is spread around a little, not all going to shits like the Whoretrashians, or well-past-prime hags like that German model who just retired, Kate bitch on wheels Gosselin, etc etc etc ad nauseum

        A strict 15 min rule would save a lot of people from losing their homes in this economy.

      • Mila Kunis

        Couldn’t agree more. I’m always saying that every one of these celebrity morons is over paid, actors , athletes, models, reality stars, musicians. It’s ridiculous how much money they make versus their actual contribution to society. A life saving firefighter makes on average $40,000 a year and then Adam fuckin Sandler plays a firefighter in a movie and makes$ 20 million for it. How are people not outraged by this shit? No not one bit in fact they buy into and they love their naked emperor celebrities. I am sick of seeing the same overpaid faces day in and day out and then people wonder how Charlie Sheen and Lindsay ended up so fucked up. Well shit that’s what happens when you treat mere small brained below average humans like gods, it all goes to their heads and they go fuckin’ looney toones from it.

      • Blech

        I agree! FUCKING turn off your televisions. That will leave these assholes out of a job real quick.

      • eatme

        celebrities are paid relative to the income they generate (or are anticipated to generate). People go to an adam sandler movie to see adam sandler, no other reason. Certainly people who dislike adam sandler do not go to his movies. should he not share in the profits? if not, where should the money go? all to the studio execs? that scenario is clearly worse.
        There can be no denying that Victoria’s Secret is a fucking joke: slutty, cheap catalogue order clothes that clings to a reputation only garnered through plastering these particular girls in their ads. Should they not share in the profits?
        Reality stars too. Simple case: if they replaced the entire cast of Jersey Shore would anyone watch? The answer is: It’s not worth the risk. So like it or not, should they not share in the profits?
        And to anyone that says modeling is a joke, equating a 9-5 job with “actually accomplish(ing) something”, i have to wonder…wtf is wrong with you?

      • thisissabatoge

        @ eat me, i couldn’t agree more these stars generate huge amounts of $$ & that’s why they get paid the big bucks, & while mila kunis is bitching about how she cant believe these morons are famous she’s here on these websites paying attention which makes these people famous in the first place.

        and who’s to say being able to travel around the world & make $$ for being beautiful isn’t as satisfying as pushing paper around in a soul sucking office job for 50K?

      • Jo

        You mean Heidi Klum? what exactly is wrong with her? she’s gorgeous.

  12. Snooki's Taint

    Of course it was travelling. Travelling to Columbia, Peru, Bolivia … takes a lot out of a girl.

  13. I love reading the comments of big, fat, ugly people under cover of the internet.

    Hmm…I want a cheeseburger with single serving sausage pizzas as buns, but man, I’d have to roll all the way to the kitchen. Guess I’ll just eat my remote control.

  14. LIberal

    I’ll hit Candace while Christina Hendricks hits The Sizzler. DEAL?

  15. Maria

    Can the men here really talk? We all know you are chubby and ugly… if you weren’t you wouldn’t have to be here to get a boner, you’d be banging your hott girlfriend

    Aww but guess what? The hott guys are banging girls like the one in the pic, while you wish you were attractive enough to get a girl that hott

    Keep being pathetic in your little computer chair

    • Deacon Jones

      Hey fatty,

      Speak for your own boyfriend. Asides from Fish’s witty commentary, this is the closest I can get to looking at porn without my corporate filter going apeshit at work.

      • Maria

        Yeah.. your right my boyfriend is one of the hott sexy ones that’s banging his hott girlfriend (me) he doesn’t need to do desperate shit like this

        Fat computer nerd loser, has look at porn at work LOL sad

      • Deacon Jones

        wait, wait. You’re right. If you have to call yourself “hot”, you must really be hot.

        I’ve been called a lot of things, but a “computer nerd”, really? Because I can surf the internet? Maybe with my infinite wisdom of computers, I can figure out how to stop that annoying fucking box that pops up when I can an email

      • Dan

        And odds are her boyfriend is looking at Internet porn anyway…

      • Mandi

        Here’s the problem. Maria didn’t even slam Candice… in fact she called her “hott.” But because she said something negative about SOMETHING, she’s a fatty right? Wtf Deacon? The double standard here is disgusting. Gross, fat men think they should get a girl like Candice, but it doesn’t work the other way around. I’m not saying it should. If you’re a lazy, fat person who doesn’t take care of themselves, you shouldn’t expect perfection from anyone else. Male or female. If you’re a chick eating too much McDonalds, don’t hate on Candice because she’s smoking. And if you’re some dude putting away too many pizza’s in your mom’s basement, then don’t hate on chicks who look LIKE YOU. Everyone just shut the fuck up.

        Also, why do you need to look at porn at work? You can’t go 8 hours? Good grief.

      • Deacon Jones

        Actually, she called herself “hott”, and called all the guys on here “chubby and ugly” for being on here “to get a boner”.

        Go reread it, tutz.

      • EmmyJane

        Damn u just got owned by mandi

      • Drew

        Safe guess that the only cock Maria’s even seen came from her uncle. Who says “hott”? 13 year olds.

        Though I have to chuckle at the hypocrisy of an anonymous “girl” posting on gossip blogs claiming that the guys posting on the same gossip blogs are fat and ugly where she’s “hott”. Mhmm. Got us fooled.

    • Dan

      You actually make more money in computer chairs than jobs where you don’t sit in one… think about it ;)

      • Maria

        HAHAHA no. My boyfriend is a district manager. Probably makes more than you ever will.

        he does not look at porn, i love when fat ugly men say “Every guy does!” oh please, you’re alone in the desperation there honey.

        How do I know? When he’s not at work he’s hanging out with me, we only have one computer and it’s mine and it’s password protected. Nice try though sweetheart!

      • Mandi

        “The hott guys are banging girls like the one in the pic, while you wish you were attractive enough to get a girl that hott.”

        Now YOU can reread it. I copied and pasted here so it’d be a little easier for you to handle… tutz.

      • Deacon Jones

        Well that just means he’s banging that hot intern at work.

        Why do you think he comes home so late sometimes, chewing gum?

      • Dan

        “When he’s not at work he’s hanging out with me,”

        wow… you sound pretty clingy.

      • Deacon Jones

        You’re missing my point, you dumb cunt.

      • Dan

        And you actually sound slightly crazy. Believe me I don’t want a crazy clingy woman around, even if she is hot.

        Internet porn is better. It really is.

      • @ Maria

        Your boyfriend sounds like a bitch. Tell him to grow a pair and man up.

      • Dan

        Actually the *real* reason to visit this site is that there are people on it who don’t know what trolling is. You can basically write messages that infuriate internet noobs. It doesn’t have much to do with the half naked celebrities.


    • Myclamisaninnie

      Maria, sweetie:

      I am sure you’re cute and sexy, but I can promise you this, your man is definitely getting pussy off you and others, no doubt. Dont be ignorant, arrogant and naive. Coming from another women, wise up Hon! Nerds are hot, your man wears butt load of gel, has trashy tats, and tans like Jersey Shore, right? He wears jewelry too huh?

    • baxter

      wait…are people actually arguing with deacon jones? isn’t it kind of a known fact that he’s a bitter joke with way too much time on his hands?

      seriously, just shut up people.

      • Dan


        *sits back and watches*

      • Deacon Jones

        Baxter doesnt have time to deal with this shit while he looks at VS pics.

      • testington

        Maria you are truly dumb if you think your man never looks at porn.

        Also, all of your comments about people here being ugly, aside from being based on logical fallacy, equally apply to you who is also visiting and commenting on the site.

        Personally, like a good portion of the people on here, work for a living and come to the site during down time at work.

      • Maria

        Are you being serious? Are you saying men are so simple minded and they are all wired the same? Nah I’d like to think that each man is more complex that than you guys are all unique. Give yourself more credit buddy

        Enlightened me, when is he look at porn? We wake at the same time, he gets ready for work and goes off to work, he gets out at 5 pm, gets home around 5:30 pm, I have dinner made and ready and he eats, we then spend the rest of the evening together till we both go to bed at the same time.

        You’re really dumb to be honest. There’s no possible way he could be looking at porn. FACT. Wow a man who actually wants to spend time with his woman rather sit in a dark room looking at virtual women? IMPOSSIBLE. Stfu loser

      • Deacon Jones

        I’m beginning to think we were duped by a troll, folks.

        There’s no way this chick is this dense.

      • Chicklette

        Deacon, I think I speak for all of us when I say: Shut The Fuck Up. Everyone knows that everyone looks or has looked at porn at some point. Hell, I do every now and again. But seriously? All men get up, look at porn, get home, look at porn, and go to bed and look at porn? No dude, that’s just you. The rest of us are fucking for real. You= :-(

    • eatme

      in summary:
      “My boyfriend is a hot district manager who doesn’t own his own computer (has to use my password protected one), who never looks at porn, who gets off work every day at 5pm, home at 5:30, to spend the evening with me and who goes to bed at the same time I do, only to get up the next day and do it all again”.

      uh huh

      • minx

        hahahaa I’m a girl too, and I think Maria is fucking clueless or is dating a gay guy who has yet to come out of the closet, making her clueless once again.
        what’s so bad about looking at porn anyway?

    • A Girl

      Maria thinks a good man is one who will mooch off of her by moving into her apartment, using her computer & getting dinner made for himself. What a great catch… sitting on a couch with her while she watches American Idol & helping pay his half of the rent. LADY GET A CLUE. If your district manager boyfriend can’t even afford his own computer, then who cares if he doesn’t watch porn?? He sounds like a big giant baby man.

      a Girl who doesn’t base her relationship security on the amount of porn her boyfriend watches (because porn rules & only insecure bitches dilute themselves to believe their boyfriends don’t watch it)

      • Marisa

        What on earth is so wrong with your boyfriend looking at internet porn? Hell, I don’t care if mine does. It’s kinda funny to me. Let the man and his willy have some alone time…sweet Lord.

      • Maria

        For one I never said there was something wrong with looking at porn. I simply said mine doesn’t. Stop the jealous hate on that ladies.

        He doesn’t have a computer because it’s not “his thing” he states. SO WHAT?

      • Chicklette

        Awww, all of you girls pretending that it doesn’t bother you that your boyfriend look at porn all day so that you can impress anonymous men on the internet. So cute.

    • eatme

      Simple argument:
      I personally am interested in music, so I play intruments, read about music, study music, listen to music by others, watch music videos, etc, etc.
      I do the same for ALL my interests.
      I also really like sex/naked girls, so I have sex, read about sex, learn about it, read magazines, look at pictures and watch porn. I love it. I have a girlfriend that I am monogamous with (who i love having sex with), but suppose if I was a “rock star” and had countless girls who had sex with me…
      Would I still look at porn? ummmm, yes.
      So I can only imagine that a guy that doesn’t have an interest in porn is seriously repressed or is just genuinely not interested in sex period.
      how is it that girls generally are not interested in porn? They must not like sex, according my argument anyway. They loooove watching their soaps, or reading their yoga magazines, or reading recipes, or whatever else, but are generally disgusted by porn? Messed up.

      • anon

        Porn itself is messed up. Okay, do you enjoy seeing someone of your own gender being bukkaked in the face by three dudes. Put it this way. Would you enjoy seeing a man getting peed on, getting a dildo shoved up his ass, being demeaned, being forced to gurgle on cock in order to “please teacher”?

        Maybe you WOULD enjoy that, but that would be…well, messed up.

      • Girl who Loves Bukkake


      • sarah

        Lmao!! ‘Reading their yoga magazines’ fucking priceless. I will admit the picture you paint of women is boring but you forgot other simple pass times that women might enjoy, such as:
        Constantly asking ‘does this make me look fat?’, glaring at women with better bodies who are prettier than they are, asking if said woman is prettier than them with the anticipated answer of ”course not babe’, staring in the mirror grabbing at their flabby bits, researching diet tips, and trying to hack into their boyfriends’ email/facebook/computer in general.
        Oh, caricatures are fun :D

    • eatme

      you think that all porn is, like, some giant bukkake fest?

      No doubt there is tons of porn that is outright “disrespectful” to women in general, but there there is tons that isn’t.

      Due to the alarming disinterest in porn, porn is naturally created for men, in general. Two very obvious points to bring up here:

      1) As a member of the target market, me being male, I can tell you that I do not, generally, enjoy watching the particularly disrespectful material. I do not enjoy bukkake (again, generally). I do not keyword search “anal” (not really my thing). Simulated rape? pass. Bestiality? Fucking gross. I just enjoy watching beautiful women. And, because I don’t simply watch softcore or “girl on girl”, I clearly enjoy watching attractive PEOPLE (women/men) get naked and have sex. My life is not consumed by this, but I do enjoy it. My point is, if every was as nasty as you suggest, which I too do not enjoy, then what is it that I watch? I’m telling you there is plenty of “good-natured” material.

      2) If women enjoyed porn, they would naturally cater the content appropriately. That they don’t, clearly supports the argument that women simply do not like it, in general, period. If they did, more attractive men would be happy to do the work if they were paid better and not open to outright ridicule from women. Female performers, too, wouldn’t feel so shitty about themselves (many of them enjoy what they do, it’s the disrespect that brings them down). There would be a shift from a male dominated industry (albeit one where the female performers are paid way more) to one more open, free-spirited and equal. I’m not suggesting that I think this will happen, or even should: I’m just reflecting I guess.

  16. Mila Kunis

    I find it kinda entertaining that she probably makes the other models feel fat, they pretty look pissed while she looks happy as a clam, a very skinny soon to be fired by angry whales clam. Look at her all prancing around all giddy and hot, ya its true being the skinniest girl in the room is fun as fuck and It takes a pretty skinny woman to make already skinny models feel fat and I gotta say I kinda love Candice for that.

    As has been said, very few women can pull off this kind of skinny without looking gross and bony, heck Ambrosio or whatever the weirds ones name is is less skinny, but she always looks sa damn bony, like a shriveled dried up meatless over cooked turkey. I think Sweepherhole could put on a few pounds, but I can’t says I’ve seen a better looking malnourished woman in my life.

    • Ashley

      Adrianna Lima has a way gorgeous face though… I highly doubt she’s jealous.. candice looks like a tranny in the face

      • Mila Kunis

        True Lima is way prettier, but most women get upset when someone is skinnier then them even if the girl is ugly as hell. It’s something that’s been bred into us by this creepy gay Anna Wintour magazine culture, it’s sad too cause as long as you’re hot and fit straight men could care less if you are the skinniest girl, but it’s the competition between women themselves.

        I knew a girl who was not very pretty facially, but she could eat anything and just didn’t have an ounce of fat on her, she had as much fat on her stomach as a normal person has on their inner wrist. Now guys didn’t look at her that much because apparently they found her childish also she had no boobs, but man every girl I talked to was envious of her it was kind of sad.

        I think it’s because most girls wish they could loose a few pounds here or there, but the few women who could stand to gain weight piss other women of, because most women are always watching what they eat and when a girl sees someone this skinny they think of everything this girl could eat without one ounce of guilt and it makes them hungry and angry.

      • Dan

        This is true… I never understood why women do this.

        You see a fashion model and then you see say a playboy bunny – two completely different body types, and the men prefer the heavier one.

    • Blech

      Mila Kunis, you deserve a round of applause.

      I wear a size six, but women have told me I look like a four. Obviously I’m not really skinny, but fuck if I know the difference– I’ve tolerated SO MUCH BULLSHIT from women who are larger than me, no matter how nice I’ve been to them.

      You know what, I walk miles upon miles per day. It’s how I stay in shape. I work outdoors so…

      But I’ve been overweight before, we’ll say ten years ago, by something like twenty pounds. Know how I’ve kept it off? EXERCISE and only occasionally indulging in fast foods.

      The excess weight ain’t gonna go away while y’all munch on french fries and talk nastily about other girls. Sorry!

    • Jo

      Adriana is ugly as fracking SIN

      Even with makeup, is she always TRYING to make such an ugly, emotionless facial expression or is that how hers normally looks?

      I agree Candice looks too much like Megan Fox to be REALLY attractive but next to Lima, she looks perfect (although that’s not saying much, obviously, Lima looking like a dead poodle some cosmetic company experimented on)

  17. jonny5

    she looks kinda chunky to me, PUT DOWN THE SPOON!

  18. Go rough young man

    Why do they have to fire her? Why don’t they place Candice on the Biggest Loser where people who happen to live in a gym are actually gaining weight.

  19. Candice Swanepoel Bikini Too Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    they need to lose that whale on the right

    • Drew

      While I wouldn’t go so far to call her a whale… Adriana certainly doesn’t have much shape to her. She needs to lose the bitchy facial expressions as well, they’re boring.

  20. yespedo

    Skinny chicks have attitude. I want to be able to degrade my sexual partner. I want to call her a cow while fucking her fat ass. I want her to do shit even people under severe torture won’t do just because she’s happy to be fucked by me. You guys can have your skinny, stuck up bitches, gimme a no-self-esteem fatty.

    • Princess

      In my experience, wait until a really hot freshman in college puts on 15 pounds, and then hit on her in the fall of her sophmore year.

      Those girls are fucking trainwrecks, but in a good way.

    • A Girl

      please. as if shinny women can’t take that sort of abuse. broaden your palate, noob.

  21. Kayla

    I’m more jealous of Adriana Lima, GORGEOUS

  22. Princess

    yaHH yall’,


    • Any Guy

      have another crispy creme and keep thinking that you’re sexy all you want girlfriend. stand in a room next to this girl and we’ll see who wants to fuck who. now back to your vat of chitlins.

    • hey baby ; – )

      What you look like? Do you have big tits and a fat ass? Are you single by the way?

      • Princess



      • @ princess

        I like a girl with a little sass and mouth on her. What you like to do for fun. Since you like to eat, can you cook. What would you make for me. I would like to eat you, I’m sorry, I mean i would like to eat some of your food.

      • Deacon Jones


      • Deacon Jones

        lol, fuck, I did it again….

        Im going to happy hour

      • @ Deacon Jones

        Hey buddy, I don’t swing that way. You must have the wrong idea or something. I’m a ladies man. One suggestion for you though. If your into men and have homesexual fantasies, just be up front about it. You don’t have to troll and hide it. Just like the R. Kelly song, trapped in the closet. Come on out its 2011. Peace I’m headed over to E harmony

      • Jovy

        @ Deacon


  23. Any Guy

    here’s who’s hating on this beautiful girl = fat bitches and gays. and apparently there are WAY too many of both in this thread.

    talk all the shit you want girls, this chick walks in a bar and NO ONE ELSE is paying attention to any of you – its all about her. as it should be.

    haters HATE – I’ll take that fine ass any day of the week. belie-dat!

  24. anonym

    def too skinny.

    i liked her when she had meat on her bones.

    hurry up and eat some burgers.

    • J

      she has more “meat”- you know, MUSCLE- than your jiggly thighed self every will.

      hurry up and eat a salad. or nothing, whatever will make you shed pounds faster/

  25. Any girl

    here’s who’s hating on hott male actors = fat assholes and lesbians.

    talk all the shit you want boys, Chris Evans walks in a bar and NO ONE ELSE is paying attention to any of you – its all about him. as it should be.

    haters HATE – I’ll take his fine ass any day of the week. belie-dat!

  26. Nala

    lol AGREED

  27. BlueFalcon

    They should fire her for having tranny-face.

  28. Ron Mexico

    Broads need to realize. You need to be skinny to be hot. Recognize.

    115 Lbs is too heavy if you are 5’5″. loose some weight fat girls.

  29. My Name Peggy

    Hook in mouth! Look at you all go.

  30. T1

    The lot of them are skinny. I agree with the writers of the contract …muscle tone is the best proof of a healthy self.

  31. Zoe

    Wow, why so bitter? there is alot more to modeling then just “posing in outfits makeing sexy faces” for some people its actually an art form, they love fashion and love meeting other artists in the industry. yeah there is a certain look you NEED to obtain to be in the industry, but thats what makes them models, not average people, thats “life style” modeling, but even then shit they have to be in shape. alot of models go on to have careers in other things too, I think that was a very dull and ignorant not to mention cliche thing you just said right there. damn I think anyone would rather want to be thin than a heifer.

    • Mila Kunis

      Well I happen to know what I am talking about as I was a model and it bored me to tears. It was an easy way to make money, but so empty I couldn’t bear it and since I weight the same now that I did then, I don’t have any issues there. Plus I did feel a little sick to my stomach being part of an industry that is openly and proudly discriminatory. What other industry can get away with saying you aren’t tall enough or you weigh too much? A real artist could work with women of different heights and sizes, if you can’t you are a one note talent. For such a supposedly artsy and open minded industry they are pretty prejudice and proud of it.

      Sure it’s nice to travel, I’ve lived all over Europe, Africa and North America, but if modelling is the only way you can meet artists and travel then that’s pretty sad. there are other careers in the arts that require real creativity. I have still yet to hear any truly valid reason to be a model long term. It’s a fun experience to have for a few years, but if that’s all a person accomplishes career wise that’s pretty sad.

      • Blech

        It’s kind of a lazy career. You’re not really doing much more than putting up with other people’s shit probably… I’ve done some modeling myself. Hated it, and someone I worked with developed feelings for me– the feeling wasn’t mutual. It was a fucking mess, and I dropped it all. Not for me.

      • Alexandra

        i have to chime in. I’ve modeled and it was disturbing. I was 14 years old, and I obviously had an eating disorder. I only weighed 95 lbs and I was a size 0. I’m size 7 or 5 now and people think I’m skinny, so I can’t even believe I was that small. They would tell me “you have beautiful bone structure.” This is a business where you are completely replaceable and they let you know that as much as possible. There is always a younger, skinnier, prettier girl ready to do what you don’t want to do. Granted these women have pretty much made it to the top (Alessandra must have some great connections)…so it’s not so bad for them. But that’s like winning the lottery.

  32. Amanda

    I’m surprised at all the men on a gossip site. Are you guys sure you’re not gay??

    You probably are secrelty drag queens who wish to look like this chick lol… all the straight men go to hardcore porn to look at hott chicks…

    Think about it!

    • Dan

      ehmmmm there really isn’t anyone as beautiful as them in hardcore porn – otherwise they would be modeling for VS.

    • eatme

      …well amanda, i can get away reading thesuperficial while at work but me thinks that i would get into a bit of trouble if i logged into my cumguzzlinganalhookers . com account.

    • I’ve thought about it and I still think you’re an idiot

      • minx

        hahaha why do all the girls commenting on here sound like idiots. do i sound like an idiot? i probably do.

  33. Everybody calm down. I haven’t seen this much argueing and dissention on this site since when everybody starts talking politics. Lets take a deep breath everybody and have a constructive discussion about this. We are all apart of the superficial family here.

  34. Sugar

    I think Candace looks amazing but I do have to give VS props for this statement. 99% of women (even if they starve themselves for months) could never look like this girl. And teenagers could die trying.

  35. Candice Swanepoel Bikini Too Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    maybe too hot!

  36. Heaven forbid one of their ‘talented’ photo editors has to do less ‘shooping.

  37. Myclamisaninnie

    This chick is sick skinny and needs hospitalization, or home treatment. Kinda obvious…duh

  38. Candice Swanepoel Bikini Too Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    I think…that this might be one of those rare asses that look better without heels.

  39. Ron Mexico

    All you broads out there – you’re all too fat. You need to lose 15~25 lbs before you are even semi actractive. Dont hate the hotties.

  40. Emshaw

    I just love everyone’s reactions to this story. I don’t think to have a negative reaction about a woman’s weight you need to be a fat chick. I am a chick, not in any way fat but I guess compared to this broad, I am.

    I honestly think she looks pretty amazing in the bikini. She definitely is tiny but in my opinion, she can pull it off. I think she looks a little sickly with her hair slicked back in that white dress.

    As long as she is healthy and happy, that’s all that really matters.

  41. The Ugly Truth

    That girl makes me feel really bad about my body… :(

    • My Name Peggy

      That girl makes me feel really happy in my pants, but so does every other girl, so lighten up.

    • SoYeah

      Me too… :-(

      • Mila Kunis


        Fucking caps lock well fuck that I’m not fixing it. Seriously though do not ever let anyone or anything make you feel bad about yourself, If you take care of yourself and eat well that is ALL that matters and if you slip up one day and eat badly there’s always tomorrow to eat well. Health is beauty.

  42. Alex

    She probably doesnt eat but shes so hot she even looks good as an anorexic – while most of us wouldn’t. Some people have such good genes they can live on Coke and still look good (ie Kate Moss).

  43. Emmalina

    She’s too skinny, not feminine enough. This the perfect female form

    • Mila Kunis

      Is that you?

      • let me guess. butterface?

      • Mila Kunis

        LOL my thoughts exactly. Yes that’s one hot midsection, legs can’t see how long or nice they are, we also can’t see if the rear is of any quality. Not to objectify a fellow gal, but I think if you put up your own bikini pic online you’ve just objectified yourself so I’ll tell you what you what any guy would say to an attention hungry girl: Turn around or shut up.

      • June

        Mila you must be one fat bitch

      • Mila Kunis

        I’m a former model. I weight 100 pounds. You are FAT compare to me June. Pretty much everyone is in todays insane society that cares way too fuckin’ much what they look like. It just makes me laugh that people are so shallow. That’s why I left the industry it’s full of the most vapid cunts on the planet. It was a good way to make money, but it’s the vilest industry on earth next to Hollywood.

        Look Iv’e always been this size so go ahead and cry anorexic all you want, it’s how I’m built, but most women can’t accept themselves the way they are and be happy about it so they have to fault any woman who is different. They have to be competitive every second of the day. Personally I think every woman on earth has beauty. When I come here I let out my satirical comments because it’s a great way to vent about how fucked up the world is. If you can’t grasp the satire don’t shit on me with your hate.

    • Emmalina

      lol if that was me I’d be one happy girl… :)

      • Mila Kunis

        I’m sure you are beautiful Emmalina. Don’t ever compare yourself. There’s only one you in the world and that makes you special. Every woman on earth has beauty to offer and don’t let anyone ever make you feel any differently.

      • June

        Calm down Mila. I’m just saying what all the guys here says anytime you have an opinion about a woman.

    • k

      the person is that picture needs to do some crunches.

    • Jo

      and you’re a tubby butterface too scared to show her mug but too insecure and needy for attention not to show a slutty pic off in desperation to make guys stop thinking Candice looks great (which she does and they won’t). I agree with the other person, stop Photoshopping your torso and do somr crunces, jealous twinkie.

  44. Maria

    Clingly? Right, hes the one that nags me all the time saying “i’m ignoring him” when I’m playing the computer, men and their double standards. It’s always the WOMAN who is clingy right?

    • Dan

      Well I wouldn’t call that manly behavior.

      What are you playing on the computer anyway… you sound like a nerd yourself!

    • Maria

      I’d rather have a “non manly guy” than one of you idiots… that’s for sure.

      • Dan

        I honestly think that if you weren’t so insecure about your relationship with him, you wouldn’t be posting all this to “us idiots.”

        If you think he is cheating on you, he probably is. And if you really didn’t think he was or could cheat on you, you wouldn’t feel the need to defend this to the internet.

        Really, with my ex wife, I would talk all the time to my friends about all the nice things she would do for me. And really, I was just trying to convince myself she was nice because I wanted the relationship to work.

        Anyway, it was fun trolling you…

        Have a nice weekend.

      • Deacon Jones


      • Maria

        That’s so laughable. Right honey. I just think it’s funny you guys come here and bitch that all the girls on this site are fat. Look down at yourself, see that gut? Can you really talk? that’s all

        Your the ones that got your panties in a huge twist. See you babe

      • Deacon Jones

        Tuttles, Maria! Have a good weekend

        I just hope for your sake he’s not gay!

  45. That's Retarded

    That’s Retarded

  46. Where the hell all these chicks come from. Are there usually this many chicks on the superficial. Where the hell have they been hiding at?

    • Mila Kunis

      They only come out when they smell a skinny bitch. It’s like an international girl signal, then they unite to tear her down. Well to be fair if fish puts up pictures of fried food or a fat girl being called what she is they’ll come running too. Jordin Sparks was called fat by the meida and superfish put up the story and there were like 500 posts no joke within 2 hours and fuck she was fat, but women who are as fat or fatter don’t take kindly to the truth.
      So ladies man if you want more action, not saying you need it, but just a tip from a woman if you want even more women to notice you hang around skinny bitches it will drive women crazy with jealousy and they will wonder what is so great about you to have all these skinny bitches around you and they’ll want to get them some of you asap.
      if you don’t know any skinny bitches put your mother and sister on a diet. Or just go and sell some splenda and calorie free stuff on a street corner and the skinny bitches will come running, they love coke zero, cigarettes, and other things that supplement real food.

      • minx

        true, a lot of my hot friends fall for that trick. once in a while i will see one of my girls making out with a creepy looking ugly dude in a bar. the explanation is always the same: her judgement was blurred by alcohol, but she saw a lot of pretty skinny chicks hanging around him and decided that he must be a catch.

      • Mila Kunis

        Exactly minx. It’s sad and ridiculously true how insanely competitive women are with each other and also how much they care about and follow what the mainly gay/women run fashion industry tells them to think.

      • Blech

        MY God, but I love your posts. So real, so true.

      • Sue

        Mila, you are great. Women will never be equal to men as long as they spend so much of their energy tearing each other down. If we all fucking stopped, we could probably take over the world!

      • are you all joking? women are not nearly as competitive as men. not a FRACTION. This is a biological fact, because men are hardwired to compete with each other for the best mate, and as they prove time and time again throughout history, they are insanely jealous of each other AND women. what a bunch of misogynist pigs you are, what do gay people or the fashion industry have to do with jack?

  47. bozo

    This woman doesn’t look healthy, and is not hot. I don’t get why so many guys profess to be turned on by women who clearly have eating disorders/body image issues. Obviously this isn’t the place for such a discussion on the subject but I can’t help but comment. This is a twisted, pathetic world where women who look normal get called ‘pig’.

    • Not really. Women who are getting called pigs usually ARE pigs. There are plenty of guys who like a girl of average weight, but the fact remains that men like their women to be in shape. It says a lot about a woman’s personality if she keeps herself looking good. And yes, lots of men like the “anorexic” look too, but that’s because they can’t contemplate anything except for their own needs and wants.

      • bozo

        ‘In shape’ does not equate with a bag of bones. I think what men really like about these skinny women is that their eating/dieting/workout habits belie major insecurities and vulnerability. A woman like this to me looks not confident and sexy, but desperate and willing to do anything for validation.

      • Mila Kunis

        I do agree with that, however there are tons of overweight girls who will also do anything for validation, you can’t tell how confident or happy a person is by looking at them.

      • Alexandra

        Best discussion ever.

        You are so wrong. Skinny women know they are hot and desirable. Honestly, so many times I’ve thought to myself, I can’t get with you…look at me, I’m not even fat, lol.

        Fat girls are notoriously the most desperate and insecure people ever. They are usually outspoken, outgoing, witty, funny, whatever… it may actually be an impressive trait. But it’s obvious that they are like that because they feel they have to make up for their fat body. The majority of them will get with ANY guy who gives them attention. This is fact.

    • wendy

      @bozo. Women who look normal get called pigs. And naturally skinny girls get called anorexic. Nothing is fair. Move on.

    • Because pigs like you prefer women who eat like pigs to healthy women like her.

  48. Arzach

    I remember she had a fuller figure when she started with VS, she can get back to that and fill those curves and boobs for our delight

    • Jo

      You mean fatter? than say so.

      you can’t “fill” curves; its your shape, and all mammals have them. Her boobs look great nice, small and perky, big would look strange yet boring on her.

  49. Candice Swanepoel Bikini Too Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    MY GODDESS!!! We need to hookup before you like get all fat and stuff

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