Bad day to be snow.

October 26th, 2009 // 46 Comments

Here’s Pamela Anderson at an event in Malibu yesterday to promote the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I’m not about to say she was dressed inappropriately, but before she got there the entire park was entirely covered with snow and birds weren’t falling out of trees with little X’s for eyes. I’m just stating the facts.

Thanks to Isabel who will not be betting on the US Snowboarding Team this year on account of the quarantine.

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  1. bogey


  2. sam


  3. wow

    The people above me should get medals for having such little substance in their lives to be the first to post on a blog page. Congratulations you two, well deserved.

    That said, Pamela Anderson hasn’t been relevant or even post worthy since 1996. Who cares?

  4. mr. T

    is that really snow or this that some kind of hepatitis spooge that shot out of her vag?

  5. dude_on

    I guess the AARP web site must not have their own section for celebrity skanks. Not that I’m complaining because who can really get their fill of an aged, disease riddled has-been flashing her panties?

  6. Hugh Jorgan

    @ #3 You’re just pissed because you got arrested for sucking dick for crack. Now you can’t have dick or crack. ; D

    @ #1 Frist? — funny

  7. Superevil

    Julia Roberts, Madonna, and Pam Anderson in the 3 most recent posts. 1998 called, it wants it’s celebrities back.

  8. See Alice

    Yuck Whats that smell ?

  9. Heywood U. Blowme

    I wish you would go easy on her, I personally love the fact that she’s always practically naked. She is a good role model, and should be encouraged to show more, not less.

  10. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    She is on life support to remain relevant.

  11. lola

    Some guys have to find an overly-confident and extremely experienced woman a turn on. Look at those legs! She may look like a skank from the trailer park, but I bet she is a great lay.

  12. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    #8 not me I have a nice zmell from my zweet puzzy!

  13. fearzarewizhez


    Az uzual…zame lame joke. Never funny, never waz, never will be. Boring and male.

    Where’z Randal when he’z needed?


  14. havoc

    Are you sure that’s snow and not some giant yeast infection?


  15. so this has nothing to do with the man who gave us Informer in the 90′s?

  16. Jim Lahey

    STOP IT!

    Put some clothes on!!!

    No one wants to see an elderly mother of 10 (8 of them abortions) wearing short skirts.

    Give it up already! Let it go! 1992 Baywatch days are over!

  17. me

    Pam looks good and all you assholes know it.

    And by the way, KrazyHotKelli…………..You are an idiot!!!!!! And not the slightest bit funny!!!!!!! Go Away NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. TekMoney

    Somebody is stuck living his early to mid 90′s fantasies. Get over it already. All the hags you keep posting can’t be good for web traffic.

  19. JPRichardson

    Gotta love her.

  20. Randal

    Heard she’s broken????

  21. Johnnie

    She’s old enough to be a part of AARP.

    Why oh why at this age does she still feel compelled to show her old, shriveled nether regions?

    Hot she’s not!

  22. kingofbeer

    Cougar-in it up!

    she actually looks pretty fucking hot in these pics for an old bag :p

  23. ferasarewishes

    I can see her panties.

  24. Jibbly Biggins

    Shriveled nether regions? Hardly.

    She looks gorgeous here!

    Man would I kill to have those legs – and I’m in my early 20s!

    She’s lovely – at least compared to most American women in her age range.

  25. Dave

    So that’s where snow comes from.
    Who knew?

  26. leg spread WHORE

    What’s the caption here? Snow Slut? Whore on ice?

  27. panda

    @21 You have to be 45 to join AARP, and she was born in 1967. Let me guess, math is not your thing, lol.

  28. Keith B.

    #27 AARP would take Pam Anderson anyday. She used to be a spokesperson for them.

  29. Michael Powers

    That old hag needs to calm down already and stop flashing her stuff. Triple ew to seeing an old lady’s underpants! She’s old enough to be a grandmother. She needs to start going to casinos and hang with all the other people her age.

  30. Clem

    Yea, but you still would.

  31. wanks

    i would so violently rape her here!

  32. Turd the third

    I am so glad she is wearing a virginal white panty……how fitting..NOT

  33. Turd the third

    Turd is suprised that David Hasselhoff isn’t lying drunk on the snow looking up her coochie like during the good old days…..I bet it smells like she hasn’t washed since then too! (he likes that, hides his booze breath)

  34. Wow what a hot pics.. Pamela is looking so sexy on snow..

  35. Turd the third

    In the first few picts it looks like she is gagging the kid with her crotch rot

  36. Sammie

    Super gross. Anything over your 20′s and your way over the hill to continue starring in the crotch shots!

  37. cherry

    I don’t think she looks too bad in these, actually.

    she could use a different look for her makeup though.

  38. Isabel

    Thanks for putting it up Fish. I just thought these were hilarious. What kind of decision making skills does one use before putting on a mini to go skiing? And look at the guy helping her. It’s as if he’s asking himself: “Why me?” And then: “Ok. I’m going in.” ( 7th pic.)

  39. Giovanne B.

    When she poses she always look like she is either constipated or having an orgasm. Thank god we were spared of seeing anything more out of that crotch shot!

  40. James

    In picture #15 I think she is laying a TURD.

  41. Rhialto

    What’s that white powder doing on that grass?!

  42. w germaniuk

    woman is an ebarassment up here………….she isn’t even American……if anything she should be promoting the Canadian snowboarding team…………whatever……… all can have her!

  43. I LOVE me some Pamela!

  44. jessica
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Kim I was just wondering what kind of face makeup do you use. I admire you and your sisters please Wright back bye.

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