Camille Cosby Just Went Full Dottie Sandusky

When it became clear that Rolling Stone catastrophically fucked up its reporting of a UVA fraternity gang rape, the immediate concern was that this would make it even harder for rape survivors to come forward especially those on college campuses where accusations are being horribly mismanaged if not covered up altogether. But thanks to Rolling Stone, now rape apologists have a quick and easy bat to pick up and go, “Oh, what, just like that UVA rape story? A HURR HURR HURR sluts are lying sluts!” Except what nobody could’ve ever predicted is that this bullshit excuse would go all the way to the top of the most prominent alleged serial rape accusations of our generation because here’s Camille Cosby going full Dottie Sandusky and basically calling Bill Cosby the real victim while using the UVA rape story to defend his innocence. And as a petty jab to NBC for cancelling her husband’s show, she gave the statement to CBS News just so you realize the type of people you’re dealing with here:

Legally, Bill Cosby can’t deny at least one of the allegations thanks to a court settlement, but that still doesn’t make it less shitty for him to shove his wife into the media to call 20+ women liars while waving the Rolling Stone UVA article at them. In related news, Camille Cosby has issued a new statement and would like everyone to know this is about ethics in video game journalism because her PR team is literally just using Internet comments now. “My husband used to be a man not accused of rape, but then he took an arrow to the knee. Now here’s a GIF of Bugs Bunny sawing off Florida.”

A New Accuser

While Camille Cosby became a case study in denial, a new accuser has come forward and claimed that Bill Cosby drugged her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 when she was only 18, and she awoke to him licking her toes while masturbating. Via The Daily Mail:

She claims she woke up completely naked on a bed and alleges Cosby was hunched over her licking her toes. She knew she was still in the Playboy mansion because she could hear music playing. Disturbingly, Goins said the then 70-year-old had his trousers around his ankles and was pleasuring himself.
‘I was butt naked lying on my back on a bed and didn’t have any idea where I was. ‘I was in a bedroom and presumed it was in the mansion because I could hear music, I don’t think it was Hef’s room, it was just a nice room. I came to and remember seeing this big man crouched over me. It was Bill Cosby and he was at my feet, kind of licking and kissing them and I think he bit my toe as that’s what woke me up. I kind of thank God for that because that’s what woke me up and I came to.
‘I was shocked, I said, ‘hey, what’s going on’, he didn’t really say anything, didn’t explain anything or give a reason. He jumped up, pulled his pants back up quickly and left. He had seen that I was alert and bolted out of there, I was left in the room by myself.’
Goins said she is sure Cosby had been licking her breasts and groping her body as well.
She said: ‘I remember waking up and feeling moist all over, like he had been licking all over me. He wasn’t on my breasts when I woke, but I could feel, you know, the saliva on them and that he’d been licking on me.

If true, this would be the most recent allegation and possibly within California’s statute of limitations for sexual assault. That being said, she did wake up before Bill Cosby could finish, so once again, he’s clearly the victim here, racists. Except just kidding, even the “black media” is pissed at him for his bullshit comments:

The Black Media

In a brief interview with the New York Post, Bill Cosby said he only expects the “black media” to remain neutral insinuating that the mainstream media is targeting him because he’s black. To which the president of the National Association of Black Journalists basically responded, “Dude, shut the fuck up.” TMZ reports:

Bob Butler, President of the National Association of Black Journalists … tells TMZ almost all reports on the sexual assault allegations against Cosby have been unbiased — despite Cosby alleging white media (whatever that means) have it out for him.
In fact, Butler says black reporters should actually be pissed at Cosby’s claim because … “You don’t go easier on a person with color. Its wrong for journalism period.”
He adds, “This not a color issue, this is a journalism issue … black people happen to be reporters.”

Camille Cosby has since issued a response: “That man is a thug, and did you know that 89% of crimes committed against blacks are done by other blacks? Let’s see the libtard media report that.”

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