Cameron Diaz dating Jude Law AND Leonardo DiCaprio?

Cameron Diaz is apparently seeing both Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio, according to The Sun:

On Sunday night Cam and Jude were out until the wee small hours at posh club Boujis in South Kensington, west London. Cameron left the club by the front door, looking a bit worse for wear, while Jude piled out the back in a bid to avoid snappers.
Last week Leo took his old Gangs Of New York co-star on a series of secret dates around London.
A source said: “Leo is back on the pull after he split from his long term girlfriend BAR RAFAELI. Cameron has been showing a lot of interest while he is in London filming. She was back at his rented apartment in Knightsbridge, west London, a couple of times last week after a series of secret dates. They were joking with friends that they played chess together.
“Jude and Cameron have been good friends since they filmed The Holiday together a few years ago. Now they are both single, things are a bit different between them. Jude has been flirting with her and she has been playing along.”

Okay, Jude Law I can see, but Leonardo DiCaprio? I mean, Christ, the guy was dating Bar Refaeli. How do you go from that to Cameron Diaz? Did his penis sleep with his sister and not call her the next day? I don’t get it.

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