Cameron Diaz’s nipple

February 12th, 2010 // 87 Comments

I was about to let the entire weekend ride on what may or may not be Snooki’s quasi-naked ass, when thankfully for you, Cameron Diaz’s nipple decided to pop out in Malibu today. Granted this requires everyone to look near her gaping mouth, scientists tell me it’s gravitational pull isn’t nearly as strong as previously predicted. You only need one ship’s anchor in your lap.

Pics link to NSFW versions.


  1. Anthony


  2. yah

    first beyotch!

  3. j.

    i saw no nipple

  4. ackypoo

    id pound it like free beer

  5. Seriously

    Seriously.. does anyone get off on a blur anymore?

  6. Ken

    Meh to the nipple, but YUM to the thighs (and of course, bag to the face).

  7. gen

    Hey, the old writer is back!!! You can totally tell!!!!!! I love you, man!!!!!

    ps- she’s pretty, anyone who says otherwise is an asshole

  8. reggie

    who photoshopped these into the ground? worst. nipple slip. ever.

  9. jt

    I think i see Waldo.

  10. vdls

    #7 How about anyone who says otherwise has a different opinion of beauty? I’ve always found her ugly. Nice cellulite on otherwise good thighs (pic 6). HAHA

  11. r k

    holy colored pixels batman!

    thank god you nsfw’d this, my kids could have been corrupted by looking.

  12. Ljute Fisk

    How in the hell do you expect me to fap to this???

  13. Hugh Jorgan

    NSFW? WTFever! Anyone that is sitting at their PC on a Friday night looking at 5 pixels of nipple would tag some Cameron Diaz without a second thought, myself included. Fap fap fap.

  14. lol cameron just wants to have fun

  15. lolocaust

    She had sex with Justin Timberlake. No dice.

  16. The Heckler

    Thats fucking great……if it were 16 years ago!!!

  17. Jeff

    what are we all 16 year olds who bust in our pants at the site of 1/4 aereola?

    god this site sucks now, as does this unfunny as fuck new writer

  18. Loo

    her mouth is big enough to host a wedding reception

  19. LOL – Looks like Cameron is having a great time

  20. See how nudity is becoming a norm.

  21. Rough: observe patterns & adapt

    She looks like shed be more willing to go the x-tra mile than Aniston…Hope its not the peek-a-boobie thats persuading me…

  22. Doc Schweinstrudel is a gay tool…keep that shyt in your country you neo-ass fiend you

  23. Fati87

    The only time I found her somewhat goodlooking was in The Mask. The rest of the time – plain, just plain.

  24. pimp

    i just realized sitting here looking at this blurry quasi nipple shot, that i am one pathetic son a bitch…

  25. Wacker

    See more nip on my cat and it’s a male! Looks like a m&m melted there. No wack, that sucks.

  26. Tosca


    I have seen a better one somewhere else…..

  27. meee

    i have to edit you again? come on…”its”, not “it’s”

  28. Ryan the Canadian

    From a photographer’s perspective, she is blurry but the Bokeh is pleasing to the eye.

  29. Truth

    Nipple? Try shadow.


  30. dreww

    first beyotch!

    oh, wait… i forgot that i am not a complete waste of space.


    thirty-first beyotch!

  31. Lemmy Caution

    Not to worry, got the anchor in the lap covered, if ya know what I mean.

  32. Southern Goodness

    A blurry nipple? Seriously. What ev. And Cameron Diaz is pretty and cool, still, even though she’s over 15 and has pubes. Crazy, right? We’re an America who loves minors. Let’s arrest us.

  33. N.

    Cameron is a beautiful woman. Those pics are perfect, that cellulite you’re talking about, (those 3 dimples on pic 6), are due to bad lighting. Note how there are no dimples on the rest of her pictures. I bet you were sitting at your computer, examining these photos to see a defect in Cameron, in order to bash her on the internet. Well, you’ve failed miserably…
    My best guess is that your boyfriend finds DIaz very attractive, and that pisses you off, so you make it your mission to try to convince others, and yourself, that there is something wrong with her physically.
    You are very insecure. Please seek professional help before your low self esteem develops into a serious illness.

  34. Jimmy

    I think she’s way hot. Was she hotter in The Mask? Yeah, that was 16 years ago. She’s 37 now and I don’t think she’s aged poorly. She has some cellulite on her thighs, so what? She is way hotter than most 37 year olds you come across. Unless you’re obsessed with “The Real Housewives…”, wait, she’s probably still more hot.

    As far as nip-slips, please distinguish the difference between a nipple and part of an areola.

  35. Arabella

    Looks like she’s put on a few pounds.

  36. Andrew

    She looks pretty amazing for 37, but Demi’s really got that age group on lock.

  37. Qw

    #34 you are an idiot. The dimples show up in the photo not because of ‘bad lighting’ (what do you think this is – a film set?) but because of irregularities in the surface of the thigh caused by cellulite. Who cares if she has cellulite – it is quite normal! It is only in ridiculous people places like Hollywood who perpetrate the myth that cellulite is not normal. And no-one is ever perfect – this is another stupid myth.

  38. Seriously, what has Cameron Diaz done to her face.

    Either Diaz has aged really bad or she has done something to the alter the shape of her face.

  39. Boogeyman King Dong

    Who dat girl!?

  40. Nero

    A nipple slip this time.But i’d expect a cervix slip next time! Aren’t we living in 2010!?

  41. Rhialto

    Is it too much asked to slip the duodenum!? I’d expect something better from her the next time.

  42. I must say that I like her beach outfit :)

  43. Really, no show, no go…

  44. WhatSBeauty

    Wide mouth, huge eyes, square jaws, flat, old face and old body, you call this beauty? According to old folks tales, only men with such features have good fortune, not women. For women, it’s oval face, sensual lips, dreamy, sparkling eyes and better with that “hot” body, round hips and big boobs, that’s beauty!

  45. gen

    I really hope the writer posts some sexy Olympic athletes tomorrow. Please, please, PLEASE post Apolo Anton Ohno’s bulge… The guys get naked women all the time (not counting this one of course) so throw the ladies a bone!

  46. She’s a great actor but she is getting old

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  47. ppl

    Skye Aligreti, please don’t ask for personal advice on this site. You’re only asking for trouble… trouble I tell you, trouble.

  48. Cameron Diaz’s nipple decided to pop out in Malibu today. So enjoy at partial nipple slip pics.

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