Cameron Diaz’s hotness is questionable

March 21st, 2008 // 34 Comments

Cameron Diaz did a little shoe shopping yesterday and, frankly, I forgot she was even alive. Her hotness is so questionable, I’m not even sure I can legally post these. I’m waiting for the guys upstairs to give me a confirmation. And here it is.. *reads* Okay, I think this means “yes”. I don’t speak legalese, so I’ll copy and paste it for you guys to transcribe:

Superficial Writer,
Even the blind janitor knows Cameron Diaz is a mutant giant with lips of the apocalypse. In the future, instead of abusing our time with asinine questions, we kindly request that you seek an alternative route. Namely getting AIDS in the face.
Anticlown Legal Dept.

Those guys are class acts. I should send them a fruit basket.

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  1. Joycelen

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “”
    last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  2. Erin

    She is cute and sexy – but unfortunately I don’t have a lame dating website to spam you with to really complete this comment.

  3. Ted from LA

    There’s nothing about Cameron.

  4. The Easter Bunny

    No eggs for her….she’s too ugly.

  5. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    You really shouldn’t be talking about Ashton Kutcher’s mom like that.

  6. erica lew.

    Boring. YAWN. Sick of reading articles about how hot a woman is. I’m going to stop reading them. They bore me.

  7. lalaland

    She’s very cute and sexy! Sure she might have a big mouth…but since when was that a BAD thing for guys? (unless YOU are really small)

  8. Veroonica

    Ugly bitch. Shitty attitude. No, I’m not talking about Ashton. However, there are a lot of similarities.

  9. zuzuspetals

    Cammie Diaz is incredibly hot and any one who doesn’t think so is clearly wrong.

    Today instead of going to work I’m going to invent a pesticide just for millionaire dating site spammers. We need to get them at the nest, people.

  10. caljenna66

    Why don’t these annoying spammers just go meet a ‘millionare celebrity’ on one of their stupid websites and leave us alone already?

  11. Not hot. Can’t get past that joker smile. Not to mention the sketchy skin.

  12. jrz

    Boring. YAWN. Sick of reading posts about how some douchebag is sick of reading about how hot a woman is. I’m going to stop reading them. They bore me…………….

  13. I'mgoingtokillJocelenuntilshediesfromit

    Ok ‘Jocelen’ and ‘nice’, if you are going to insist on advertising your lame ass dating sites, I would rather you just flat out said “go to this site” because your ‘subtle’ conversational comments make me want to find a list of inventive ways to kill, and then dedicate my life to finding a way to reverse death just so I can revive you in order to kill you again and again and again in as many of the ways listed as possible.
    It’s like when a kid says to it’s mom ‘I really like that chocolate bar mom. Mom you see that chocolate bar? That’s my favourite one. Mom you wanna hear something interesting about that chocolate bar? It tastes really good if you eat it’. It’s like JUST ASK FOR THE FUCKINGCHOCOLATE BAR KID!!!

  14. searchfolders

    I find her very attractive.

  15. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    meth face is not hot.

  16. ph7

    Aging woman who have fading hotness are great bangs. They try very hard to please. But at some point they turn the corner of no return, and they just look old and pathetic as they still strive for a hotness that will never return.

    She’s not yet, but that point is rapidly approaching.

  17. Kleinfeld

    She looked kind of hot in The Mask though…

  18. mom

    i would spew all over her vitals.

  19. titlesswonder

    I think shes pretty cute, nothing questionable about it at all, compare her to the Lohan/Spears freakshows and shes more doable than that.

  20. sympathetic

    jokes about AIDS arent funny. you shouldn’t post stuff like that. You dont need it to be funny. Comedy is about a lot more than shaming people that are in a terrible situation. That’s cheap. That being said: you’re ugly!

  21. Douche is Wine

    She got nice cunt. I see her on nice web site but forgot where. I go pull turd out of my ass and eat it now. Bye bye.

  22. Gerald_Tarrant

    I would put it to beaver.

  23. Missystar

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, slap on some sunscreen in the a.m. after your breakfast of vodka tonics or whatever. Otherwise you’ll end up looking like this leathery was-cute. Did I mention she can’t dress?

  24. what?

    #7… take your stupid yawns somewhere else. You might want to at least browse an article or the title of it before you try to throw in a clever stupid comment.

  25. neighbor of the beast

    I never knew what the big deal about Cameron Diaz was. You can find better looking women at any shopping mall in America. And possibly other countries. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

  26. fbn

    She is always so sexy!!! I like her. It is said she is dating friends on a millionairesite called meetingwealthy. Her sexy photos and profile are found there.

  27. bmose

    I saw a close up of her in HD on my big screen. I locked the dead bolts and started rocking in the fetal position.

  28. She was hot when she was younger.
    Now she’s starting to get ‘granny’ face.

  29. katgrrl71

    Why do people think she’s anything other then butt fuck ugly?!? I have never understood what about her people think is attractive. If she wasn’t famous no man would give her a second glance!!!

  30. nadia

    she is really pretty, but her skin is very bad for her age, im guessing she spends alot of time in tanning boths, or is a sun worshiper.. very sad, none in this age should do that, since it really puts you at risk for cancer, i should know my sister has skin cancer.

  31. Mark

    Large sexy.I saw her in millonaire dating site””.Is really has a new baby?Is she really single now?

  32. MH

    She is hot 24 hours a day, in any situation. Some chicks are like that. I would grow old with her.

  33. J

    she has a duck face !!!

  34. Chalupa Dogtown

    She was hot as hell in The Mask, SO hott and SO sweet. She’s older, but her body is still packin”’ Gorgeous calfs, and I’m sure her box is a nice sight. Her face may be going downhill, but who’s isnt at her age. If you’re 50 and you’re chasing 24 year olds all the time, you’re pretty much either dreaming or rich and famous.
    I dont have a problem with a mouth that big either. That chick can exfoliate your sausalito better than anyone.

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