Cameron Diaz’s father dies of pneumonia

April 16th, 2008 // 79 Comments

Cameron Diaz’s father Emilio Diaz passed away this morning after a bout with pneumonia, according to TMZ:

We’re told the 58-year-old Emilio Diaz, a popular resident of Seal Beach, Calif., recently developed the flu which then turned into pneumonia. We hear his death was “shocking” as Emilio was in “terrific health.” Diaz is currently filming her upcoming flick “My Sister’s Keeper.” A source on the set tells us production on the film was shut down today.

My sincere condolences to Cameron Diaz and her family. R.I.P., Emilio, and many thanks for raising a super-fine daughter, who despite my cracks, is one of the few non-A-hole celebs out there. You done good, sir. You done good.


  1. mellie

    @52 good lord….what the hell….?? its funny but highly uncalled for…oh my god…

  2. Spazz

    #51 you NAILED it. Well said.

  3. luna

    yeah my condolences or what ever

    nar i dont really give a shit

    and fish guts if you think her dad had done so good at raising her why is still single and she is not aging well
    she has the body shape of a 10 year old boy with huge man feet and ugly hands
    dont get me started about her crows feet
    she is old she is ugly and she is way past her prime
    no one will want her now

  4. ellybell

    ok #56 is a perfect example of what we were talking about the other day – EVERYTHING results in picking apart the appearance of whoever the female celeb is. what the fuck has your opinion on her looks got to do with her dad dying? it’s sad that’s it. rest in peace to the man. he died too young – why can’t you just leave it at that?

    anyway, i’m sick of that debate – this is sad news. i’m not a fan of cameron but as someone else said, it is sad to hear of anyone’s dad dying, especially so young, and as superfish said, she’s not the douchiest celeb around. and her laugh is funny.

    Superfish – you are sweet in the most bizarre way i’ve ever come across. but i’m scared of your penis. not cos i’m a lesbian, it’s just that the whole teflon, laser shooting aspect intimidates me somewhat.

  5. Sara

    Luna – I bet you look like a cat’s asshole on a good day.

  6. shanipie

    knock knock, cameron.

    who’s there?

    not your dad anymore.

  7. Arguman

    as evidenced by idiots like #59 and others, TheSuperficial is where people with a complete lack of social skills or empathy come to act like assholes.

  8. Liz

    So sorry.I know what you are going thru.I lost my father last year .He was 59.
    I will have you in my prayers.

  9. neptune

    That is so sad. :(

  10. Arguman

    PS I eat my own feces

  11. poonmoon

    You know I always kinda liked Cameron Diaz like fish said she seems like one of the non-bitchy ones. Plus she had the heinous experience of dating Chris Angel which means she’s a very, very charitable person and I have so much compassion for the fact that she had to breath the same air as that bejewled magical littel douchebag.

    If that’s her dad he’s fucking supercool looking like a more fit Jack Nicholson. Anyway I feel really bad for her, 58 is way too young, she’s famous and I rag on the famous, but that’s a really, really hard thing to loose a parent.

    R.I.P Emilio Diaz

  12. shanipie

    i am a cunt licing piece of shit moron with no time on my hands and no sympathy for fellow humans. oh wait….i guess i’m not a human. i’m a pig. OINK OINK.

  13. Lexoka

    Well, that really sucks…

  14. Jules

    Fish, my husband doesn’t know this, but i’m in love with another man …… YOU

    you make me laugh out loud, and then you go and show a sensitive side… you’re total hotness

  15. Jules

    Fish, my husband doesn’t know this, but i’m in love with another man …… YOU

    you make me laugh out loud, and then you go and show a sensitive side… you’re total hotness

  16. Joey

    Don’t care about Cameron. Especially don’t care about Cameron’s father. Good people die everyday that are light years better people than the Joker and her pop.

  17. El Ces

    Aw, that sucks.
    Hope she is okay.

  18. trulyjulie

    #52 Veggi
    YOU MOTHER FUGGIN’ piece of shit. That was uncalled for. With a response like that, makes me think you are a molester yourself! *gagging*

  19. Harry Ballzack

    Dying of pneumonia at such a young age seems to imply a VERY unhealthy man. He does not look that unhealthy in this photo.
    It implies his immune system was suffering so terribly he could not fend off a bronchial infection. At his age? – Why not?
    HIV causes such a collapse of the human immuno system to such a point.
    Many AIDS deaths have been via pneumonia.

  20. mike

    #51 That was brilliant–no shit. Thanks

  21. mike

    And #60 you are here why?

  22. will

    @50- Well, you must have liked daddy’s wee-wee if you kept letting him fuck you….douche.

  23. FRT

    #45…What is that you say? He smoked “crack” and that is why he died of pneumonia.?

    You pays your money you takes your chances!

  24. jeannedarc

    I thought you had to have immune system problems or be very old or young to die from pneumonia.. Thats pretty shocking.


    i count 6 toes on that old mother fucker!

  26. Kimberly

    Look at those stems! I guess Cameron’s aren’t so bad either.

  27. hobie83

    It saddens me to hear this. I’ve always like Cameron and thought she was a natural surfer chick pretty, funky nose and all. Plus, her dad was only a year older than my dad. Bummer. Hope life gets better for her.

  28. Audrey

    Ceci est si triste. Aucune fille doit devoir le visage cette tristesse à un tel jeune âge.

  29. Gunsmoke

    I’ve assumed her Dad was Emilio Estevez [the Actor] until i saw this Picture Seem like he was an overprotective dad, God bless him .

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