Cameron Diaz’s father dies of pneumonia

April 16th, 2008 // 79 Comments

Cameron Diaz’s father Emilio Diaz passed away this morning after a bout with pneumonia, according to TMZ:

We’re told the 58-year-old Emilio Diaz, a popular resident of Seal Beach, Calif., recently developed the flu which then turned into pneumonia. We hear his death was “shocking” as Emilio was in “terrific health.” Diaz is currently filming her upcoming flick “My Sister’s Keeper.” A source on the set tells us production on the film was shut down today.

My sincere condolences to Cameron Diaz and her family. R.I.P., Emilio, and many thanks for raising a super-fine daughter, who despite my cracks, is one of the few non-A-hole celebs out there. You done good, sir. You done good.


  1. newlysingle girl(fuck)

    Poor girl, I really like her.. Well, everything must come to an end. R.I.P.

  2. Mary

    DOes he have an extra toe?

  3. Mary

    DOes he have an extra toe?

  4. Mary

    DOes he have an extra toe?

  5. Sheva

    I”m not really a fan, but I’m sorry to hear anyone lose their father. Especially when he was relatively so young.

  6. tommy salami

    dad had bigger tits than his daughter………….

  7. roastbeef

    Two extra toes…

  8. Jack Nicholson if he was a middle-aged Cuban guy.

  9. alexa

    so sorry to see that ,father is the best man we have…..

  10. Losa ku

    I”m not really a fan, but I’m sorry to hear anyone lose their father. Especially when he was relatively so young.

  11. She is really hot, but on this moment,i only can say : sorry to hear that,yes,father is the best man we have…..Many fans of her feel said when they chat online on tall people site ___Tallmingle.com___,we hope her ok.

  12. Sorry McSorrypants

    Aw, it’d be really sad if she actually ever read this site, but just in case she does or someone she knows does…. Big, cosmic hug sent out to you and your family, Cams! A lot of people you don’t know are pulling for you, for whatever comfort _that’ll_ bring. xoxoxoxox

  13. Auntie Kryst

    Well said Fish.

  14. jason

    Losing a father at such a young age is devastating. And your sincerity in passing your condolences was actually refreshing.
    R.I.P. Emilio and we should all hope that his family can find peace with his passing.

  15. Jaffo

    Can someone PLEASE repost the numbers and info for those dating sites? I am ready to wage an all-out, non-stop war against these non-English speaking, spamming FUCKS! Even on a thread about an unfortunate death these miserable shitheels are lurking. Mother fuckers….

  16. Erin

    My heart goes out to her, we unexpectedly lost my mother-in law a month ago at age 50. It’s going to be very hard to get over for her, but STAY STRONG!

    People please be respectful, even if you don’t like her there is no need to say harsh things at a time like this.

  17. havoc

    These dating sites that are being posted are identity theft scams. Do not click on them.

    That being said, sorry about Cameron’s father.


  18. Jill

    That’s not an extra toe, it’s from the other foot, the one behind.


  19. Kate

    Mmmmm, it seems he is very interested in dating wealthy young guys. I saw him on “” last week. You can contact him on that site.

  20. Really Kate? Your site has access to the afterworld? You fucking retard.

  21. Mo

    So sad to lose a parent so young.

  22. TheFishThatWalksOn Land

    56 yrs old? Shitty. R.I.P.

  23. ROADTRIP!!! Ms. Diaz, Double D McGee is here for you in your hour of need. Every sad, tight orifice shall be valiently cozened. Ah, the inconsolable vagina of love, I shall comfort you. The wailing mouth shall be silenced with my compassionate penis. And yes you also, weeping anus, shall not be forgotton by my scepter of mercy and hope. Help gallops to the West, Ms. Diaz, fear not!

  24. Mardi

    Uh, okay, look. I’m sorry her dad passed, that’s very sad and all, BUT –

    Cameron Diaz is a TOTAL A-hole celebrity!!!! She thinks she is the sh*t and she refuses to sign autographs for humble fans because she’s so self-absorbed. She totally reminds me of Kirsten Dunst in that way.

    Had to get that off my chest.

  25. limerick guy

    She should’ve donated that huge blowhole of a mouth of hers to her dad. No ailment can overtake a respiratory blowhole of that magnitude.

  26. kitty

    oh cam…..thinking about you…..very sorry for your loss…..hang tough sister.

  27. kitty

    oh cam…..thinking about you…..very sorry for your loss…..hang tough sister.

  28. mamadough

    yes #4, good for her. it is so sad to see a clown cry…by the way #22, i will go check that out. i bet his morgue picture has sexy romance explosion.

  29. Kate

    I would like to state for the record that the retard Kate spamming that “dating site” is NOT this Kate right here.

    I wish there was something we could do about those assholes.

  30. Corlyss

    This is why I keep coming back to the Fish. When there is need for actual seriousness, you provide it. A++++++++++++ or some crap.

  31. Kate

    I had to laugh when I read those. “Good for her”? Really? Good for her that her father died? He’s interested in dating wealthy young guys? Really, so not only is he dead and looking to mingle, he’s gay?

    I may have some anger management issues today because I’m pretty ambivalent about Cameron Diaz overall, but I would like to reach through the cable wires, grab these fuckers by the hair, and slam their heads against a table a few hundred times. I hate spammers. Especially ones that are clearly criminals.

  32. God

    kate, they did the same thing a couple weeks ago with the “anna nicole has been dead for a year” story. that was actually kind of amusing. but damn spammers, wait til his body isn’t warm anymore to start him up on gay dating…

  33. Jakey

    This sounds just like what happened to my father in December. He was a little under the weather and, unfortunately, didn’t know that it was because his lungs were filling up with fluid. When he changed from “totally functional” to “emergency room time,” it was nearly instantaneous. He was in a coma for a few days and the hospital staff seemed pretty surprised that he survived. He researched it quite a bit after getting out and found that this is apparently a strain of pneumonia that’s spreading around enough to be a minor phenomenon, and just…BAM, kills you dead. Really low survival rate.

    My point is, if it was anything like that, then this happened about as suddenly as possible and had to have been a huge surprise. Total stranger on the Intarwebs sends his condolences.

  34. Bluff Stonewall

    He died of pneumonia because he has AIDS…


  35. Hecubus

    It’s sad but to be fair it is kinda her fault. The moment he complained of feeling a chill she should’ve let him climb into her mouth like Luke Skywalker climbing into that dead alien horse thing at the beginning of Empire strikes back.

  36. RENEE

    wow, that sucks. Its amazing how many people still die of pneumonia and flu related complications in this day and age of modern medicine. I feel for Cameron; it has to be devasating and must have come as a complete shock. 58 is a pretty young age to die at and he looks like he was a healthy and hearty man. But how does superfish know that Cameron is a non-ahole celeb? I don’t get it; usually she shuns the cameras and looks all pissy; not to say that she might not still be a nice person. Man, if I was a celeb I would be the biggest bitch if people followed me around trying to take my pic and harrass me.

  37. It’s quite sad actually, and I don’t care for Diaz.

  38. Randall Flagg

    He should have followed me…

  39. tommy salami

    now i know where she got those huge ugly feet from……….. if i was justin i wouldnt have fucked that girl with man feet..damn justin have you no taste?icant fuck a girl with oilve oyl feet like hers ,i bet her and paris hilton trade shoes all the time

  40. indeed very very sad.

  41. its amazing how some try to be funny……and just don´t get when its cool to crack jokes or not.

    This is a case of: its not cool. Its not funny. It just shows what retarded morons some are.

  42. jakebarnes

    I would very much like to look like this man when I am 58.

    Hell, I’d like to look like him when I’m 30.

  43. veggi

    I read that he was recovering, and at one point he woke up in the hospital and saw Cameron smiling down at him. He didn’t last long after that.

  44. shanipie

    Anyone who is being a dick on here about this post is a peice of shit.

    WHAT THE HELL, this poor girl’s dad just suddenly died. Have some compasion you heartless bastards.

    Don’t go posting about if you liked her or not or making fun of her dad or some crap, leave them for another non-serious post.

    I can’t believe I am saing this but seriously yall…GET A LIFE.

  45. Eddie

    Right before he died, he whispered “Cameron, listen to me, I don’t have long…the secret to good skin is…the secret is…uuughhhhhhnnn” and he was gone.

  46. My Deepest Sympathy

    My deepest sympathy to Cameron.

    My dad was abusive and molested me so the day he dies, I will mourn the father I never had.

  47. mamadough

    memo to #45, don’t forget to pull the serious stick out of your ass when you come here. if you want to hold a candelight vigil and prayer circle and talk to the celebrities “face-to-face” like some fucktards who think celebs actually read these comments do, then by all means team up with Randal for a good ol reach around.

    in reality, most of us don’t actually feel that way or would say such things in public. this site let’s us use that evil voice in the back of our heads to say all the mean shit we are really thinking. it’s therapeutic and avoids evil-shit build up.

  48. veggi

    #50 – did he make you come?

  49. tommy salami

    your dad is dead……….now go fuck yourself ,cam

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