Cameron Diaz turns 35

August 31st, 2007 // 102 Comments

Cameron Diaz celebrated her 35th birthday yesterday on the set of her new movie What Happens in Vegas. Wait, she’s 35? It kind of makes me wonder if all those young dudes she’s been with are really dating her, or helping her cross the street. I’m not saying Cameron Diaz is old, I’m just saying she’s not getting any younger. Or, let’s be honest, more attractive. But, hey, at least she’s finding work. Wait, what’s that? Ashton Kutcher is in it? Jesus! That’s terrible! I mean, uh, Happy Birthday?

Fun Fact: When not chewing food or speaking, Cameron Diaz’s mouth is occasionally rented out to host large parties and weddings.

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  1. pointandlaugh


  2. Anon

    She’d look good for 55 – I can’t believe she’s not 40 with those wrinkles and blemishes.

  3. veggo

    wow. did you pass on the story about Jessica simpson painting her nails? maaaaaaaaaaaaan! Hard to decide which story is better!

  4. Hey stop calling her old. She’s a year younger than me. But I’m a year cuter than her, so we’re even.

  5. Surprising that she’s not holding up that great at only 35.

    She always had kind of a quirky attractiveness about her that may not hold up over the long run…


  6. woodhorse

    Can’t hate her. She looks like a friend from high school who was a blast to hang with – a great friend with poor limit setting skills.

  7. Sam

    lmao Fish is funny today!

  8. Loveknuckle

    Those really are some sweet stems.

  9. jrzmommy

    Her face + Happy = Freak Show

  10. PatinNJ

    Wow is she ever ugly. How did she get famous? How does she find guys to do her? Yuck. I’m just an average dude but I have gone out with half a dozen girls prettier than her.

  11. veggo

    ak, I think she cute. And I happen to have poor limit setting skills. Makes for an entertaining down fall.

  12. Eleveth!!!

    Cameron is still pretty cute.

  13. tina

    She is so cute! I don’t know why you people hate on her so much. She is a very good-looking woman with a great, down to earth, personality. I would love to see what the people talking shit about her look like… or their wives/girlfriends for that matter.

  14. Jillblondie

    Hot legs..but that’s really about it. No tits, gigunda mouth…

  15. combustion8

    35 my ass… more like 40.

  16. Jazy

    she’s so so ugly…..Im not even trying to be a biotch either…..she has a Jack-o-lantern/gobblin face that makes me want to hide under my bed like a little 3 year old…..shudders!

  17. Fun Fact: When not chewing food or speaking, Cameron Diaz’s mouth is occasionally rented out to host large parties and weddings.

    Don’t you mean bachelor’s parties?:)

  18. kirsten dunst

    and shes still so fly.

  19. Taylor

    Close up you can see the Restalyne in her lips..

  20. wellep

    # 16 jrzmommy: that link frightened the shit out of me! I am sitting in my office alone in a freaking basement and my heart literally stopped for a second, then I laughed nervously to pretend like I wasnt scared. (but I am)
    you should have put up a warning or something… lol

  21. Alison

    This is the post that is making me take you out of my news reader. This site used to be funny; over the past few months it’s been lame.

  22. lambman

    Holy crap she’s only 35?!?!?!?! Monica Bellucci is 44 and looks a million times younger and hotter

  23. Anon

    Her looks are fading quicker than Britney’s comeback career. To think she was so hot in “The Mask” – what happened Cam? In 10 years she will have a face even airbrushing can’t help.

  24. Anon

    @ 13 , you can’t SERIOUSLY think she’s attractive. She is a Hollywood actress and her job is to look good (hot and sexy, not an aged and wrinkled mess) in the pictures. If she can’t do that she has no currency in the celeb business.

  25. Mama B

    Gimme a break people…she’s gorgeous

    You, on the other hand……probably are not.

  26. ssdd

    Pale, grayish, dark-eyed look…. has she got cancer??

  27. Anon

    That huge cavernous mouth, those trench-like crows’ feet, saggy eye bags, uneven complexion.

    I have no problem acknowledging hot women. This is not hot. Not even remotely.

  28. Michael

    She looks at least 10 years older than 35, that’s for sure. I’ve seen many 50 year olds who look younger.

  29. Loomit

    She is so pretty, i love her.

  30. woodhorse

    #16 that was cruel. I recognized the address from the post when he was arrested and knew better than to go there, but these other poor bastards….on a slow news day like this, Fish needs all the posts he can get and you’ve just left several bleeding by the wayside. You could wait until Britney shaves again before bringing out the razor wire – just saying.

  31. Lola

    I think she looks average for 35…doesnt look older or younger than her actual age but just average…and that wide mouth is a little crazy looking too…pumpkin face

  32. 35

    Im the 35th comment and shes 35

  33. jrzmommy

    Woodhorse, as Steve Martin once told us…….Comedy is not pretty.

  34. Italian Stallion

    I heard she likes to suck feet, not just the toe, the whole fucking foot……….

  35. hrmm

    Olsen Twins, take note: This is your future.

  36. 12:51

    it looks like she’s missing some teeth … or is it that her mouth is to big that the usual amount is not enough to fill in the gaps

  37. witchypointylookingoldlady

    She’s gonna be one of those witchy, pointy looking old ladies. It’s already starting to happen.

  38. JohnniePolo

    Fantastic body but I’d have to do her dog style because if I saw that face during sex it would give me a soft-on.

  39. New post please. Halloween is too far off to leave jack-o-lantern up all weekend.

    C’mon…there have to be some pics of Popozao clipping his toenails, or Posh Spice choking on water.

  40. Yea can we get a Posh Spice shot up? Haven’t seen one of those in awhile. Getting tired of seeing Cameron’s haggard old face. Michelle Pfeifer looks better than she does…and Michelles is like 900 years old.
    Where celebrity goes hip-hop.

  41. Posh choking on water…that’s funny! I can actually picture that in my head.
    My non-jack-o-lantern-shaped head.

  42. Che

    Maybe by the time she is 90 she’ll have enough sense not to promote the “wisdom” of communist mass murderers. Hold your breath.

  43. NotBad

    Cameron looks good. Not much else to say actually. I’m sure everyone saying she looks like shit won’t look in a mirror because it ruins their day.

  44. She looks like a million bucks… green and wrinkled!

  45. Frick!

    She looks pretty wrinkly for 35; maybe too much time in the sun. She used to be a lot more attractive, but I still never thought she was a stunning beauty or anything. But one thing I do have to admit is she’s got great legs! They’re definetly her best asset.

  46. alf oldland

    she only ever looked good in THE MASK, people, and she admits to having padded her bra in that role — which was well over a decade past. beyond this, she’s famous more for dating (“whoring herself out to,” if you will) any number of B-list actors and the actor/singer Justin Timberlake, but he got tired of her giant mouth and old, flappy cooch — tired of having to hog out her everyone-gets-a-try snatch. she’s gross. she’s a hanger-on. she’s getting old.

  47. Hexum2600

    I do have to say… I actually happen to like her giant, oversized mouth.

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