Cameron Diaz testifies in court

cdiaz_trial.jpgCameron Diaz testifed today in the criminal trial of photographer John Rutter, who took topless photos of her and 11 years later tried to sell them back to her for millions of dollars. Diaz said a signature on a model release form giving ownership of the photos to Rutter was fake. “I have never signed my name like that,” said Diaz. “It’s kind of like 101 of modeling: You just don’t sign anything that’s on a sheet. If somebody gives you something, that means they’re not doing business in the right way.” Regarding the photos themselves, she added, “I felt that it was a safe environment. It was a professional shoot. It wasn’t like in a back alley, `take your shirt off.'”

So is Cameron Diaz trying to imply that asking women to take their shirts off in back alleys to photograph them is a bad thing? Who is she to judge me! If I want to go up to drunk desperate women and promise them a career in modeling in order to get them to take their clothes off, so be it. And if I want to then ease them into the porno industry for my own personal profit, all the power to me. That’s what makes America great. And in non-related news, be sure to check out my new DVD release Back Alley Porno Girls 5. The first four were pretty good, but I think the fifth one is my real masterpiece.

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