Cameron Diaz talks about marriage, her new nose

November 29th, 2006 // 56 Comments

On yesterday’s Ellen, Cameron Diaz explained she’s too scared of committment to marry Justin Timeberlake even though they’ve been dating for four years. And last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno she talked about her nose job, saying she got it because she couldn’t breathe out of her right nostril after breaking her nose several times from surfing.

“It’s not cosmetic, it’s for breathing purposes,” she told Leno. “They’re going to go in and fix the bone so the deviated septum is no longer blocked.” She insisted “you won’t notice… it’s not cosmetic.”

What’s weird is that she talks about the surgery in the future tense even though she’s already gotten it. And even weirder? That the scientific community hasn’t officially classified her mouth as a black hole yet.


  1. CowgirlUp

    She used to be such a cute girl, what happened?! I’ve heard that the camera lights are bad on the skin, but yikes!

  2. Eye-Dish Lass

    Justin is f’ing hot and no way gay. Bcuz Britney cheated on him he has to prove he’s a stand-up guy and won’t dump her. He has GOT to be done by now. Cameron – dump him. Date like Vin Diesel or some manly man. U R still totally hot – photos CAN suck. Sad but true, dating someone younger puts a pathetic spin on things. Reality bites.

  3. A deviated septum is more common than people realize.

  4. jennyliz

    Holy bejeezus! This chick is so hideous. I can’t even…..there are no words to…..GAWD!!!

  5. geez, so clown face got a new nose…..doesn’t help her muppet mouth

  6. she looked different-older maybe-not as cute. So decided to look on here and see if she did have something done. I think big mistake. She was so unique-so cute. Now I think it makes her eyes look worse and makes her look older. Once they start, they can’t stop, huh? It’s just not her and that’s what we loved about her didn’t we? Her uniqueness.

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