Cameron Diaz talks about marriage, her new nose

November 29th, 2006 // 56 Comments

On yesterday’s Ellen, Cameron Diaz explained she’s too scared of committment to marry Justin Timeberlake even though they’ve been dating for four years. And last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno she talked about her nose job, saying she got it because she couldn’t breathe out of her right nostril after breaking her nose several times from surfing.

“It’s not cosmetic, it’s for breathing purposes,” she told Leno. “They’re going to go in and fix the bone so the deviated septum is no longer blocked.” She insisted “you won’t notice… it’s not cosmetic.”

What’s weird is that she talks about the surgery in the future tense even though she’s already gotten it. And even weirder? That the scientific community hasn’t officially classified her mouth as a black hole yet.


  1. FecalPellets

    Could it be???

  2. calicojack


  3. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    That’s why I got my giant fake titties – surfing. If I fall of the board they help me stay afloat.

    God I wish that was a true story…

  4. thebor

    I don’t get it with this chick. She’s not particularly hot, she seems fairly stupid and annoying yet she considered one of the hotties in weirdwood. Look at the pic man she looks like the chick that gave me my coffee and smokes this morning. Except that chick didn’t have chronic acne.

    Woof indeed.

  5. TaiTai

    I thought it was Courteney Cox in the first photo. Sorry Courteney.

  6. jrzmommy

    Surfing? NO! Try a deviated septum from snorting Colombia’s finest.

    and while she’s at the doctor’s office, she may want to look into some microdermabrasion. Fuckin’-a man.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    girlfriend be lookin’ like the Borg queen.

    yes, it’s a Star Trek Next Generation reference.

  8. Kristin

    Lol. Ewww.

  9. Tracie

    It doesn’t really look like she’s had it done yet. The difference in the two pictures is simply makeup (which Cameron needs to wear…please!).
    How sad is it that, depite the millions she has (which is ridiculous because it’s Charlie’s Angles money), she still has horrible skin. She’s an example that Proactive and all of that other crap out there don’t work for everyone.

  10. AirMax

    i can’t see her nose????!…it’s hiding behind her mouth….

  11. tweetyeyes

    She should be able to swim like a champ! Her mouth looks like a big damn catfish.

  12. Missallanpoe

    Wow..she looks hideous.

  13. Tracie

    OK, Mr. SuperFish has since posted the “Before” and “After” tags, or should I say, “After” and “Before” tags (?)
    I do see that the bridge of her new nose is built up more, allowing for more air (and whatever else she chooses to inhale) to pass through.

  14. NicotineEyePatch

    Two different surgeries – one is septoplasty, to fix her deviated septum. The surgeon realigns the septum, and that’s it.

    The other is rhinoplasty, which is purely cosmetic. Most women who have septoplasty say, ‘ah, fuck it, since I’m already cut open, gimme something new!’.

    So Cameron may have had a deviated septum, but she should just admit she also hated her nose. I hate her whole face, but apparently it’s illegal to perform fuglymugoplasty on celebrities without their permission.

  15. NipsyHustle

    of course she’s afraid of commitment. that’s why she’s dating a 25 year old and she’s 1000 years old.

    she’s way past the expiration date and now that JT has brought sexy back, i think he’ll be dropping Cam off at Goodwill. Somebody will want a mummy.

  16. It’s a shame that Justin is wasting all of his big money years on this washed-up chick. She is annoying as hell, I bete he is just too much of a pussy to cut her loose.

  17. FecalPellets

    Dumping her would blow Justin’s ”hetero” cover ;)

  18. 86

    Justin needs a good southern girl. LOL @ fuglymugoplasty 16.

  19. 86

    I’m kinda with you 19. The more interviews I see him do the more I become convinced (completely against my will, mind you) that he is well, gay.

  20. llllllllll

    Speaking of ugly…look at this:

  21. 86


  22. jojo

    Good Lord..that is one big ass mouth. She has always reminded me of the joker. Can you get that “not cosmetically” fixed too? Would they call that a jokerplasty? DAMMMNNNNNNNN!!!

  23. girl69

    broke her nose surfing, yeah right. one night justin had an anxiety attack and the dildo shot out of his ass and hit her in the face.

  24. #16 is absolutly right.

    A nose job can be performed at the same time they are fixing a deviated septum and that is how a lot of people get their insurance to cover the procedure, but one is about widening your septum to make it easier to breathe the other is about shaving off extra schnoze, totally different surgeries and a deviated septum surgery shouldn’t change the appearance of your nose.

    So again we have a celeb who just doesn’t realize that the days of being able to tell any lie becuase entertainment magazines don’t fact check are over. Welcome to the age of the internet Cameron.

  25. PrettyBaby

    I have to disagree that Justin T is gay. I have great gaydar but I think she is just smart enough to keep him ‘sucked’ in. He needs to fucking shed her quick. He has some pretty sweet music, but he needs to be dating someone like oh say…Jessica Simpson!
    Cameron Diaz is washed up, boring and fugly. Bye-Bye

  26. PapaHotNuts

    I would give her a deviated vagina.

  27. PrettyBaby

    P.S. Michael Jackson said the same thing!!! Hhahaha- liar

  28. NipsyHustle

    why is it every girl that has been with JT gets goes down hill? i wonder who he will ruin next. god i wish it were lindsay lohan. nothing would be more satisfying than seeing that 5 chin coke whore wrestled down and cuffed on COPS for giving $20 head for blow in a musty motel in vegas.

  29. With a face like that, I would have to hit her in her brown eye………

  30. 86

    PS Cam if you’re going to go brunette, the rule is that you have to tan and wear makeup at all times. You are no longer allowed to just wake up and walk outside anymore.

  31. I wonder if I threw holy water on her face, if it would clear it up, or make it worse?

  32. ImaCracka

    Man she looks friggin horrendous in both picks……

    That is one ugly bitch

  33. RichPort

    And to think, I wasted all of that Kleenex and Lubriderm and her back when she was hot. As my six year old nephew would say, this is a disgwace. I want my money and all of my wasted splooge back.

  34. ponk

    she looks like that incontinent on the corner that I was throwing quarters at yesterday. Say “no” to drugs.

  35. Googolygoo

    It looks terrible. At least the Boxer’s nose gave her character, now her nostrils scream Bad Nose Job.

  36. bigsteamyone

    She really creeps me out,CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY.She has a very wide smile like ” the joker ” from BATMAN.

  37. FecalPellets

    fuglymoplasty LMMFAO

  38. UsedHotelSoap

    Cameron looks like helena christensen with the darker hair. but her face skin is ugfug

  39. RichPort

    #37 – incontinent… I fucking love that word.

  40. She could use a bit of face reconstruction.

  41. nicholelibra

    Wait, if that’s really the after picture, I sure as hell hope that bitch kept the receipts.

  42. ToiletDuck

    Holy fuck, that is goddam FRIGHTENING!! That looks like “morning after” if I ever saw it – I guess that’s what you expect when you break into the movies using your cocksucking skills…

  43. NipsyHustle

    she looks like a weathered anorexic muppet.

  44. Saera

    haha, i loved that future tense comment.

  45. biatcho

    #16 – fuglymogoplasty. that’s great.
    (rolling on the floor laughing out loud in a pool of my own urine for you kids out there).

  46. killeristic

    doesnt mean that if you do a nose surgery u will look 10 yrs younger

  47. Kait

    I have that too, nasal blockage, but I was just born that way… It’s a bitch x.x But I can’t get surgery for it until I’m 25, they say. Four more years >.I have that too, nasal blockage, but I was just born that way… It’s a bitch x.x But I can’t get surgery for it until I’m 25, they say. Four more years >.<

  48. Rachel

    Actually, she is gorgeous compared to most in Hollywood. Most women look horrible in pictures without a touch of makeup — I know, it’s what I do.

    She looks like she may have had micro-dermabrasion done recently. That’s what skin looks like after that or chemical peels. Even the capital “B” (botox) will give the skin a little extra shine when it goes taut.

    She has great bone structure and killer eyes. Most men would not complain about her lips, either.

    Not to mention that people seem to forget that she does a whole lot for the poor of the world and the environment. I would much rather look at her charitable, makeup-less face all day long, than a nasty picture of an heiress who has no purpose in life but to party (who’s kidding who – I love that stuff too…).

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