Cameron Diaz signature was faked

cdiaz_tria.jpgUnder cross-examination yesterday, the guy who took topless photos of Cameron Diaz acknowledged that someone had likely faked her signature on a form that purportedly gave him ownership of the pictures, but it wasn’t him. John Rutter testified that he initially thought the signature on a model release form he showed Diaz was authentic, adding he was simply giving her “right of first refusal” before he sold the photos to someone else. When asked repeatedly by Deputy District Attorney David Walgren whether he now believes the signature is fake, Rutter said several times, “It looks like that.”

Could it be that Cameron Diaz is actually the one being truthful in all of this? I am shocked and amazed to find that a respectable Hollywood actress would be more likely to tell the truth than some seedy photographer who likes to take topless pictures of women and sell them back to them for a hefty profit. It’s like my world is turned upside down. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling me that porn directors aren’t the bastions of morality I’ve always believed them to be.

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