Cameron Diaz Orders Wedding Dress

20050121cameron.jpgCameron Diaz denies that she’s engaged to Justin Timberlake but according to her designer friend, David Jet Black Horse, she’s already placed her order for a wedding dress. Jet Black Horse reports that she wants a dress that will pay tribute to her mother’s Native American heritage. “I am hoping to make her a really cool Native American wedding dress, with white moccasins and everything,” he said. “I think she would look amazing in a white leather shortish dress with beading. She has a dress a bit like it already but it would be different and fun.” Now that I think about it, I’ve never ever seen a Native American wedding dress in my entire life. I didn’t even know that they had wedding dresses. I sort of just assumed that they were too preoccupied with being kicked off their land and murdered to care about such things.