Cameron Diaz offends Peruvians

June 25th, 2007 // 155 Comments

Cameron Diaz visited Peru’s Machu Picchu last Friday and offended everybody there by carrying around a green bag with a red star and the phrase “Serve the People” in Chinese. Turns out the phrase is a slogan used by Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong, and Peru has a history of communist insurgencies, including the Maoist Shining Path insurgency of the 1980s and early 1990s that left nearly 70,000 dead. A Peruvian human rights activist tells the AP:

“It alludes to a concept that did so much damage to Peru, that brought about so many victims. I don’t think she should have used that bag where the followers of that ideology did so much damage.”

On Sunday, Cameron apologized for her idiocy, emailing a statement to the AP:

“I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have inadvertently offended. The bag was a purchase I made as a tourist in China and I did not realize the potentially hurtful nature of the slogan printed on it. I’m sorry for any people’s pain and suffering and it was certainly never my intention to reopen what I now know is a painful wound in this country’s history.”

That’s what happens when you’re Cameron Diaz and stupid. I heard last month she wanted to visit Alabama wearing her new ghost costume, but at the last minute canceled and went to an Indian reservation wearing her cowboy outfit instead.



  1. jrzmommy

    No fuckbag, one of my best friends is a libertarian economist from Peru with a very well respected public policy organization where I used to work. Nice try.

  2. my comment

    Red China is still killing people. Diaz is a ditz.

  3. olive

    “and Psst…olive…Sendero Luminoso isn’t a person.”

    It isn’t? Oh my god, I didn’t know that. I thought I was talking about the government of Peru (which isn’t a person either) and the guerrilla the “human rights activist” was talking about without mentioning it.

  4. jrzmommy

    Look, just because you’re from Peru *rolls eyes* doesn’t mean that Mao wasn’t an evil oppressive fuck whos ideas and philosophies and policies were directly responsible for the deaths of millions and it also doesn’t mean that the Maoist revoloution in Peru didn’t result in hideous violence against Peruvians. Unless you’re some fucked up Mao/Marx lovin’ freak of nature than what is your fucking point…other than the one on your goddammed head?

  5. ok, how many people R there
    in China and like they let
    their zmall government get
    away with Communizm, Y?
    they zhould all juzt go out into
    the ztreetz and zay, fuck thiz
    I’m free..I am no Step=ford bitch
    for anyone,wtf.

  6. Romanesqe

    please stop cutting and pasting wikipedia quotes in order to try and prove that you have half a brain..or a college degree. We all know that you dont, so you can stop the charade.

  7. Nathan

    Uh, Olive, in response to your #37 post, in terms of 20th century dictators, Hitler isn’t even in second place in killing people. Mao and Stalin are way ahead in that category.

  8. she is a celebrity, everybody are watching her.
    she needs to watch out. i think is her stupidity, she should know.

  9. LaLaLa

    Fuck everyone who carries these bags, wears Che T-shirts and all that shit. Fuck all of you to hell. Also, fuck indie America for making “communism” synonymous with “hip, trendy counterculture”. Maybe the Cold War didn’t actually have battle grounds, but communism has killed a hell of a lot of people. It’s not fashionable. It’s not cool. It’s sick.

    In conclusion: read a goddamn book sometime, Ms. Diaz.

  10. Maeby

    It takes a very special kind of idiot to do something like this…

  11. West214

    The saddest part is that Cameron Diaz is part Cuban! She should be even more sensitive to Communism. In the next racial draft, you white people can have her!

  12. my comment

    59 I agree!

    If Communism is so hip and cool, go live in North Korea.

  13. Bugman4045

    Almost any other celeb I might consider this intentional. If Clooney or sheryl Crow did it I would think it was intentionally provacative, but Cameron is an idiot extraordinaire.

  14. Bullshit

    Well… I think she only offended the government, the corrupts and those that label everybody who fight for freedom in their country “terrorists” like Hitler, Bush and the Brazilian Cia Sponsored Dictatorship, or the Cia Supported Reactionary Nicaraguan Contras did. She obviously didn’t offended none of the Sendero Luminoso, Tupac Amaru, FARCs Soldiers of Liberty or the Sendero Luminoso.
    Maybe the writers and commentors of this blog are just superficial as the people they criticize.

  15. magneticdonkeyparty

    woah. I actually own that exact same bag. I currently live in China and I bought that bag along with some old propaganda posters. They sell that thing everywhere over here and almost all the expats I know here have one. I bought it because I think the Mao personality cult is fascinating/messed up but I . If I were to wear it though, I doubt I would carry it anywhere else besides the US. I would especially not want to be seen with that thing in Tibet or something. I know it can be extremely offensive to people especially after hearing stories about my Chinese friend’s grandparents who survived the Cultural Revolution. I even know one friend’s dad who got shipped off to a labor camp for 5 years just because he was a college professor and the Communists wanted to get rid of all the intellectuals. yikes.

  16. my comment

    That guy she’s with is hot.

  17. magneticdonkeyparty

    ignore that dangling “but I” in the fifth line

  18. my comment

    so bin laden is just a poor misunderstood ‘freedom fighter’?


  19. jrzmommy

    Dear Romanesqe sans the u…..Please fall into a punji pit.

  20. olive

    I have several points jrzmommy:

    - 70,000 isn’t even the 10% of the innocent people your country has killed in Irak.

    - Sendero Luminoso didn’t murder 70,000… Unless you have quoted that cab driver for us to imagine the rest of 69,999 murders and infer that all of the killing was made by Sendero Luminoso.

    - To say that Peruvians are offended by watching the red communist star because it reminds us the guerrilla movement and all the deaths is like saying that to see the stars on your flag would remind Mexicans about you stilling half of their territory, so you should avoid to wear a bag or any type of clothing that has your flag on it if traveling to Mexico.

    - The repression on my country against indigenous communities was made by the government, not by Sendero Luminoso, so the only ones offended by the red communist star are the followers of Fujimori and Alan García.

  21. Pookie

    LOL, maybe she’ll show up to family dinner night dressed like Fidel Castro!

  22. duh

    hey jrz, you are having a war of words with a cartoon. but then, who knew popeye’s girl was a mother jones-reading, mao-apologist. sure she’s fickle, ugly, wears ratty clothing, and goes around sniffing flowers, but even many other hippies acknowledge what horrors took place under those regimes. ‘uncle joe’ stalin said, one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic’. apparently she is taking that and applying mark twain’s comment about the three types of lies – ‘lies, damned lies, and statistics’.

  23. jrzmommy

    Olive, Iraq has a Q at the end. And by the way, the suni and shi’a muslims are taking care of blowing each other up, and everyone else around them, dipshit. But I suppose that’s a myth, too.

    Sendero Luminoso–the movement and those behind it–have blood on their hands and there is no getting around that.

  24. olive

    “hey jrz, you are having a war of words with a cartoon. but then, who knew popeye’s girl was a mother jones-reading, mao-apologist. sure she’s fickle, ugly, wears ratty clothing, and goes around sniffing flowers, but even many other hippies acknowledge what horrors took place under those regimes”

    Well said by a person that ignores that the USA has sponsored all the military dictatorships in Latin America… which from your point of view should have being a travel into the marvelous democracy you want us to have.

  25. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands


  26. olive

    “Olive, Iraq has a Q at the end.”

    Sorry, in Spanish is Irak… =)

    “And by the way, the suni and shi’a muslims are taking care of blowing each other up, and everyone else around them, dipshit. But I suppose that’s a myth, too.”

    So, none of the 760,000 deaths in Iraq are in anyway related to the US invasion? Not even if the UN says so?

    “Sendero Luminoso–the movement and those behind it–have blood on their hands and there is no getting around that.”

    I completely agree, but they didn’t murder 70,000 people. And yes, they were almost fundamentalist, the truth is that the Tupac Amaru guerrilla had better objectives and methods than Sendero Luminoso, but that doesn’t make Fujimori less of a murderer.

  27. star69

    First of all, I would never wear anything that I don’t know what it says on it. Even if I knew I’d still be sceptical. Why on earth would I buy anything with something in a foreign language written on it anyway? People are gonna keep asking me what it says and the last thing I need is tons of attention. That would bug. (But a true attention whore thrives on moments like this** cough**jokerface**cough cough)
    And on top of it all, something from a psycho, communist country with psycho communist activities against their people for hundreds of years. No thanks. That’s asking for trouble. China doesn’t seem like the place I wanna enjoy my next vacation. Police state’s don’t make good vacation spots in my opinion.
    Dumb hobag jokerface was asking for it.
    I wish the Peruvians had lynched her on the spot. How cool would that have been? Them toching her alive and her stupid bag with her, lol.
    Then she would be off the news forgood and what a great thing that would be.
    I’mn so sick of this ugly annoying person in every gossip magazine all the time.

    PS: For those who might get offended about my opinions on China…well I didn’t say I hate the Chinese people, so chill out.
    I just don’t have love for crazy communist riles and leaders and living in George Orwell’s 1984. If you like it go live there for all I care.
    Then you’d enjoy delicacies like mans best friend and cats and ferrets and anything that breathes really.

  28. jrzmommy

    Look, I didn’t say NONE of the deaths in Iraq were caused by the U.S., but you ARE saying ALL of the deaths in Iraq are caused by the U.S. You are an excellent commie, you know how to put a propagands spin and twist words like a champ. Mao would be proud…..and then he’d have you hung.

  29. star69

    Typo correction:

    Fourth line from the bottom.
    Meant to write “communist rules” not “communist riles”

  30. olive

    “Mao would be proud…..and then he’d have you hung.”

    That made me laugh. But it would have being Stalin, not Mao. Or the French after the revolution when they started to decapitate all the people that question the way they were applying revolution.

    But again, it’s the UN that said that, not me.

  31. my comment

    76 Where did you get that false number of Iraqi deaths?

    wait.. that’s right your country caved in to the terrorists after they bombed your train. So sorry for the victims that you surrendered so quickly.

  32. jrzmommy

    yes, because Mao never ordered the executions of anyone………*looks at the others* We got a real global historian on our hands.

  33. clara


    por lo demás… los gringos siempre están ofendiendo.

    uh I´m sorry, you didn´t understand? then look up it in a dictionary!

  34. kta

    I think its “look it up”… but i guess she was being sarcastic.

  35. Jessica

    I am peruvian and here the media hasn´t even mentioned the bag incident. We are not ignorants, we are a turistic destination we get people that come and wear that kinda of stuff all the time. Our history is a painfull one to remember, we lived for more than 20 years in a civil war that not only produced terror but poverty. Today we are just glad to have people come visit our country and spend lots ans lots of money in it. They can wear a freaking Abimael Guzman(the leader of Sendero Luminoso) outfit as long as they come and spend money, visit our country and enjoy the really good food.

  36. olive

    “yes, because Mao never ordered the executions of anyone”

    Then you have to apply it right. You said that Mao would have had me hung if he would have heard me using the materialist arguments and I’m saying that it would have being Stalin… he was the one ordering executions from people of his own party, and the French after the revolution.

  37. Hollywood Agent

    Cameron is a Commie Bitch and should just do movies with Jane Fonda, Harry Belefonte, and Michael Moore. I think all three of them are SS men or KGB spies looking for a new soap box to stand on.

    No wonder she and Timberlake broke up. I hate to say this, ….. but she makes Britney look smart.

  38. jrzmommy

    Whoever, Olive, I just wish one or the other was here to order it.

  39. olive

    “Whoever, Olive, I just wish one or the other was here to order it.”

    But you are a lover of freedom and justice and global peace… you are almost like Miss Universe

  40. jrzmommy

    Clara: Ofensivo? los latinos ilegales en los Estados Unidos me ofenden. Just sayin’. I mean just habla-ing. whatever

  41. jrzmommy

    I am a lover of freedom, but not you.

  42. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    @ 87: The movie would be based on Olive’s life story.

  43. olive

    Yes, if we are starting with the ad hominem arguments I’m out of the conversation. I know it’s funnier but it’s definitely not my style. It was my style when I was 11…

    And for a lover of freedom you are very misinformed.

  44. olive

    “The movie would be based on Olive’s life story.”

    Funny and snappy =D

  45. jrzmommy

    No, I’m not. I’d like to know what makes you such a fucking all-knowing authority on global politics and history. I’m not saying I am, but I am stating facts. You’re just an opinionated blow hard that likes to run her mouth off with commie, anti-U.S. bullshit propaganda with not one shred of fact to back up what you have to say.

  46. romanesqe


    There is one thing that everyone can be sure of, and that is the fact that Jrzmommy will always run her mouth, and verbally attack others as soon as she disagrees with someone’s point of view. (Check her previous posts calling people obscenities simply because she disagrees with their OPINIONS)

    Way to go Jrzmommy. You truly embody and display the same hatred and ignorance for those with a different opinion than yours, than that of the communists you so profess to hate!

    Way to discredit yourself.

  47. LL

    Thank you, Jessica, for the addition of some sanity and sense of proportion. Cameron Diaz is not unlike most people in the US, completely and utterly ignorant of the history of THIS country, much less any other. That doesn’t make her a great person, but it doesn’t make her public enemy number one, either. I love it when a celebrity does something out of the same sheer ignorance that most Americans possess, but when the celebrity does it, people assume they meant to offend as some sort of political statement. What was that about how we don’t care what celebrities say or do? When Cameron Diaz’s accessories can cause a minor international incident, I guess we care a hell of a lot more than we want to admit. Or those of us with no lives care. Now let’s get back to hating the real enemy: Paris Hilton. Her existence is becoming deeply offensive to me.

  48. olive

    “with not one shred of fact to back up what you have to say.”

    So, from now on we can consider the UN as… well nothing and your notes from Wikipedia and your imagination as the absolute truth.

    Nice and classy jrzmommy, nice and classy

  49. GOD

    LESSON: If you are going to wear an accessory with an offensive slogan on it you have to be a lot hotter and younger than this old giant pie holed skankasaurus to get away with it.

    But seriously there are worse offences than some idiot blond with a nasty rude bag. On the other hand how fucking hard is it to be a little more aware and not wear shit that says shit that you don’t understand.

    Stupid celebrities I love when this shit happens and they have to issue their little apologies that we all know they didn’t write. I am all for coming down harder on celebs. KARMA, KARMA, greedy whores.

  50. olive

    Thanks for the info romanesqe =)

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