Cameron Diaz not dating John Mayer

August 28th, 2007 // 60 Comments

Despite recent reports that Cameron Diaz was getting close with Rumplestilskin John Mayer, E! Online’s Watch with Kristin says that Cameron is now dating Bradley Cooper:

Sources close to Bradley and Cameron Diaz tell me that the two have been dating the past couple weeks. Pretty adorable, no? Bradley’s rep insists that it is “not true” that the two are dating. However, insiders tell me that Cameron and Bradley have been busy sending flirty text messages to each other throughout the day and spending quite a bit of time together. This news comes on the heels of rumors in recent months regarding Cam’s post-Justin love life, including rumblings that she was romantically tied to Criss Angel, David de Rothschild and John Mayer.

From here on out, everyday you wake up, just assume that Cameron Diaz is dating a new person. How does she do it? Alcohol. Gallons upon gallons of alcohol. She funnels it into these poor bastards until they find her somewhat do-able. Of course this doesn’t always work because her face could sober up a wino. I saw it happen once. The guy owns a Starbucks now. He may suffer from incurable night terrors, but at least he’s off the streets.


  1. yomama

    You people are so lame to talk about Cameron Diaz like that. Did you ever consider her a person? Did you ever think maybe those guys she has hung out with are FRIENDS? This website is dumb, you all need to go to school and get some education and respect for other people.

  2. lambman

    The Joker had better keep her skank hands off Bradley Cooper! Dude just got divorced yesterday, what kind of whore is she?

  3. Tits McGee

    ….someone better marry a man soon. …someone’s not getting any prettier!
    …someone is looking pretty long on the tooth…

  4. nagger me

    There.s Someting About Mexican whore……….looks like a man again

  5. Frybread

    John’s FUG, but why would he waste time on a dried-up old prune like CD?

  6. Cuerva

    Que fea! After “The Mask” it was all down hill.

  7. Lindsay

    cameron diaz was in saratoga springs at the race course on wednesday … in case anyone is wondering

  8. this girl really needs some help. and by help i mean something surgical. a lower eyelid lift, some tooth whitener… and possibly more makeup. oh well. i’m happy for her that she has enough self confidence to walk out the door looking like that ^

  9. It’s a pity that she broke up with Justine. He was perfect for her.

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