Cameron Diaz looks like death

October 18th, 2006 // 112 Comments


  1. xplayoboyx

    well give her some credit she is like 40 i think she looks pretty good

  2. joecharlton

    I believe that’s actually Lou Reed

  3. happy_bunny

    She aged. How dare she. That whore.

  4. Monkeehed

    I’ve seen her future, and it ain’t pretty…

  5. R-TIST

    cmon.. how judgemental can you be??? I mean.. there IS something really classy about her after all- I think it’s the rich corinthian leather?

  6. valcor

    Damn….she looks like the fucking Crypt Keeper…..and just in time for halloween too

  7. Truthseeker013

    Well, when you’ve living with a deeply-closeted-

    (censored by J Timberlake’s publicist)

  8. nat

    They’re not blackheads, they’re freckles…for fucks..

  9. Flavi

    Why u guys beeing so meaaaan???
    I have skn problems as well, i saw so many doctors, i did so many facials, i`m using so much stuff…theres someting genetic…
    I bet she got the best doctor in the world, and verything that she wants… but they can`t do anything as well…
    Some people they lucky, they got good skin some peolpe they don`t…
    I`m not happy at all about this , but what can i do……….???
    I bet she feels the same….

  10. yeah, old clown face is starting to show her years!

  11. penisfrapple

    she looks like a beastie from “Where The Wild Things Are.”

  12. She still has big warm smile though, very lovely, just dont stand too close

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