Cameron Diaz looks like death

October 18th, 2006 // 112 Comments


  1. Perhaps whorish clown would have been more appropriate?

  2. Bogart

    Mommy … what is that? I’m scared!

  3. commissioner

    “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”.

  4. commissioner

    And my trained eye tells me she has had Botox to her forehead and between her eyes.

  5. JohnniePolo

    As God awful looking as Lohan, Britney, assorted Hilton sisters etc. can look sometimes, this disgusting bitch in my opinion is consistently uglier than the lot of them. The best she might have ever looked is when she had spooge in her hair in Something About Mary. Ugly ugly skank. I’m off now to throw up in my mouth.

  6. assfacecocknocker

    she looks like she has exchanged her face for a tan hide from a monkeys ass.

    id still go her but

  7. cate

    “True, these are not her most flattering pics, but the truth is that without botox, surgery, etc. this is what happens. It is called aging. ”

    She wouldn’t look so bad if she didn’t fry her skin so much, though.

    This is the reason why i stay outta tanning beds!

  8. Dory

    Why hasn’t she Ever been introduced to deep pore facial wash or suncream? Does she realise with these two Wonderful products she could remain hollywood starlike for a lot longer. Perhaps some blotting paper she can use to get rid of the sheen when it arises!

  9. cole007

    “ridden hard and put away wet” – thank god someone else knows the cowboy colloquialisms that my father has been spouting at such appropriate times my whole life.

    As an aside, I wish tabbacy was the culprit here.

    I’m older than Cameron (30) and my skin is fucking awesome compared to her – I don’t have money for expensive products, either… and I smoke. I have clear, white-girl skin and extremely small pores.

    It’s sun exposure, people. SUN. And genetics. I have a friend who looks alot like Cameron. She has huge, ugly, shitty pores. She tans, too. IN the booth and sun. She has fake boobs and had her cellulite sucked out years ago. She might dress well and wear a size 6, but she looks like ass if you get too close up. Also, the fake blonde – back to real brown – back to blonde really does a number on your hair and skin I think. I feel if you strip your hair’s natural color, it possibly strips the oils that you need leaking down to your face to keep you supple and young.

    The only problem I am dealing with is my giant frown/thinking wrinkle in my forehead from reading so many posts so intently!

    “Frownies” work well, Cameron, if you don’t want surgury, bitch, so does Sheisedo products – get the WHITENING ones…. and stop tanning. ‘Sexy back’ is going to be backing out soon for a younger specimen.

  10. EvaDestruction

    …Even that creepy trannie from The Silence of the Lambs would not be interested in that skin.

  11. Sheva

    You saw Batman begins.
    Now the Joker ends it.

  12. The Jenny

    Oooh I totally know what I’m gonna be for Halloween

  13. Poor JT! Can you imagine waking up to that? Especially after a scary dream? I’d need an adult diaper.

  14. Do Freebird

    And when the lights came up at two
    I caught a glimpse of you
    And your face looked like something
    Death brought with him in his suitcase

    “The French Inhaler”
    by Warren Zevon
    (we miss you Warren)

  15. HollyJ

    3 “For the love of god, get her a skin peel before she releases the Kracken.”
    11 “She’s bringing sexy back.. if sexy is cowhide”
    22 “I don’t want to see Eva Longoria WITH makeup.”
    25 “no one can accuse her of having any…work done”
    62 “Oooh I totally know what I’m gonna be for Halloween”

    This is the single most generous helping of hilarious posts for a single shitty zoom shot that I’ve ever seen! Thanks! This made me laugh my ass loose!! HA HA!! (3 and 11 tie for first prize)

  16. Do Freebird

    Hey #59
    The skin on my scrotum looks better than the skin on her face. Also has less hair on it then her chin does.

  17. sukieD

    Woaaah….she’s like a wrinkled crone…(croney? you know the word I’m looking for…)

    Maybe she just has one of those faces that goes to shit when she smiles??

    Ps. #28 you’re hilarious

  18. scarletpoppies

    UNWASHEDMASSES totally called it. Crystal Gayle! I looked at that picture and i thought, “Which leathery black haired electric blue eyed country singer does she resemble?” She just needs ass length hair extensions and she’s a dead ringer.

  19. doihaveabooger

    her face is the reason for doggie style.
    also just be glad we don’t have to listen to her laugh like a seal.

  20. Hmmm….with blue eyes you shouldn’t try the vampira look. save the trash for Angelina.

    it could be worse. she could look like tara reid.

  21. Ted...From LA

    I just joined this site to defend Cameron. How can you possibly criticize her looks. She hasn’t looked this good since Batman.

  22. BarbadoSlim

    #71 WTF?!?!?!?!

    Batman? explain youself immediately

  23. BarbadoSlim

    ooooooooooooooooooh, nevermind, although she does resemble the classic Cesar Romero Joker more than the Nicholson version.

  24. Aging naturally has a career in it.

    Cher is basically laughed at, but someone who ages semi-naturally can get a part in a film as an older person.

    Maybe she’s in it for the uber-long-haul, ya know, and she’s not scorching her career by spending her thirties trying to look a decade younger, besides, she still looks a hell of a lot better than your typical 34-year old american woman.

  25. clown

    #35 said it right:

    she is the OLSEN Twins in 10 years from now.

    she is hideous! She made herself ugly.

    She deserves an OSCAR for MAKEUP.


  26. EliasAlucard

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, it’s true, she DOES like death! I just made that picture my new wallpaper!

  27. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Elias, you are truly courageous. Just remember what you did, so when you flip on your monitor tomorrow morning, you don’t scream the neighbors awake.

  28. HollyJ

    If you start at her left mouth corner (that’s your right, facing, peeps) and go upwards climbing the gorged wrinkles, by five huge cracks you’re at the top of the cheekbone.

    Unfortunately, her bangs cover the plethora of witch cracks between there and the corners of her tired eyes, but I can spy at least three mooncrate fissures radiating from that eye corner alone.

    I mean, you could literally spelunk down into those bad boys on a rope. Fuck’s sake. Anna Nicole doesn’t have cracks that deep.

    Someone needs some Oil of fucking Olay.

  29. G

    Shes bringing sexy black death.

  30. Italian Stallion

    When did Steven Tyler get plastic surgery?

  31. EliasAlucard

    InstantAsshat-AddFame, I’ll keep that in mind. Although, I may wake up and become petrified as soon as I see her death-like face, who knows?

  32. cayana

    #54 I think you are right. Her forehead looks suspiciously smooth compared to the rest of her face.

    Now they just need to take that Botox and hit the corners of her eyes too..

  33. OMG. Thanks for the nightmares.

  34. Chamois

    If I saw that coming toward me I’d kill myself out of sheer terror.

  35. lollie


  36. the-man-himself

    That happens when photoshop was not used.

  37. PrincessMuMu

    At least her hair is nice and shiny.

  38. AmberDextrose

    Eww, that hair is too black for her complexion.

    She needs to give up sugar and refined carbs. That shit makes big pores look craterous by causing “low level cellular inflammation”. Dull sciency shmmmeuh, but terribly true. And maybe give up smiling too. Thankfully my screen res is so poor that I can’t see her orange peel hide as badly as the rest of you. Thank you. Thank you.

  39. marie-jo

    If they should make a “there is something ’bout Mary

  40. Nuke L.A.

    Where’s her chainsaw?

  41. #28: ooooooo

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu


  42. tweetyeyes

    Thats where my wallet went! Her mouth looks like a big damn catfish!

  43. dstroyer

    Looks like 1970s-used-up-porn-star chic to me. She still has a twinkle in her eye, so I guess she isn’t completely dead inside…

  44. beifiori

    yeeeeaaaaccccck!!!!!!!!!!!**violent convulsions** why do this to us fish?????

  45. chewgees

    It’s nice to see H.R. Pufnstuf making a comeback………

  46. Mr. Fritz

    #95, lmao
    I never thought she was attractive, even when she was in “The Mask”.

  47. frenchtoaststix

    Nice resemblance here too:

  48. Eye-Dish Lass

    Why the F do these stars go brunette?! Nicky Hilton sealed her fate with it. Britney? What about when Skankfest XTina “I heart da Jew Boi” Aguilera was a brunette (or blackette….)? MISTAKE. ALWAYS A MISTAKE. Cameron: 1. Bleach the shit out your huhr Gurl. 2. Exclusively flaunt your body. 3. She’s still HOT – we’re just jealous cuz she’s banging JT who used to bang Britney who’s now banging Kevin who used to bang Char who’s now banging Quentin who used to bang Mira who’s now banging some super young guy. And NOW the circle is complete. Don’t bang young guys.

  49. Eye-Dish Lass

    ….and they say having a girl steals your beauty….

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