Cameron Diaz looks for something

April 12th, 2006 // 84 Comments

  1. Trotter

    Megan has made me feel things inside that I can’t describe other than as eerily awlful. Kind of like that feeling I get when I realizing NewGuy is actually an 11 year old hermaphrodite with numerous small animals in jars all around his/her room being prepared for “gender reassignment surgery” – shudder.
    Actually, Megan is much more boring than that.

  2. mamacita

    Huh. I got nothing.

  3. Cameron Diaz is hot. Way way way hotter than me. A different universe of hotness in fact. But she still has acne, and a small, sad part of me feels fantastic about that.

  4. Fawlty

    That first picture begs for a caption contest. I’m not witty enough to come up with anything myself though, so I’ll just say WOOHOO I’M LAST!

  5. LizzyBorden

    Even when it looks fake, I still get a kick out of Cruisin’ for cock and hittin’ it FIRST

  6. Isn’t she always looking for something though? I like the thong though. I just wanted to say though one more time though.

  7. gogoboots

    Well at least the thong matches her umbrella!

  8. diedl

    #42 . . . I’m not sure that link is very good proof of her attractiveness. Let’s all say it together: AIRBRUSHING. Wow. It’s so obvious. You can make any hag look amazing in the right lighting if you cake enough makeup on, and digitally delete or alter the undesirable features.

  9. Baroness

    I love Cameron; she’s hot and sweet and always seems so goofy and genuine.

  10. lainofthewired

    Who cares if they’re airbrushed? It only matters what they look like in your head when you’re beating off. Besides, almost nobody is “naturally” beautiful. All women wear makeup in varying degrees. Besides which, no amount of airbrushing is going to make Star Jones look hot. Ever. Unless they erase her face.

  11. bafongu

    You guys got it all crabbed. I was at the park that day. Cameren knows what to do when she see’s me… Turn around, bend over and grab her ankles, like a good little bitch. Than I give her a quick rectal cleaning with the Staff of Ra and I’m on my way. The piss boy with her helps clean her ass up when I’m done….

  12. mYslead

    wtf with the umbrella.

    micheal jackson wannabe.

  13. bigponie

    I just want to give a big shout out to the person who invented the “Thong”

  14. Marceelf

    Well, she has to make up for the photos of her in a bikini, showing her man-like chest. Freakish square pectorals.

  15. That’s not an umbrella in pic 1, that’s a sombrero and Cam’s playing a wooden pipe. See, she’s joined a mariachi band. I wish they had photos of her shaking her maracas, but the shot of the top of her ass isn’t bad either.

  16. I like Cameron. Could be that outside of Something About Mary and The Mask, I don’t think I’ve seen any of her stuff. With her bent over like that too, clear for landing.

    Hey Tiffny, what about Paris being a whore? I mean she’s as much of a whore as Tom loves the cock. And no matter how many times it gets said, Tom still loves the cock. And Paris is a whore.

  17. Star Maker Machinery

    Cameron looks like she scrubs her face with rocks every morning. I would too if I had that mug. Where’s “the mask” when you need it?

  18. Pez_D_Spencer

    For some reason, the second pic just reminds me of that movie “True Lies”. Specifically, the part where Bill Paxton says “ass like a ten year old boy”.

    There just isn’t much feminine about her anymore. She did make a hell of a first impression in The Mask, though.

  19. Star Maker Machinery

    #68: I agree with your Mask comment. Too bad she’s entering her Jamie Lee Curtis phase.

  20. Dee

    she looks icky and dirty….she looks homeless in the first pic…and that bony ass has to go…

  21. Cameron Diaz has the most odd-looking face I have ever seen in life…she has a guy’s name shaped like a man.

  22. krisdylee

    i liked her in shrek 1 and 2…

  23. DrDanny

    Her bony ass is OK by me. But I’ll never understand why anyone would wear a thong under jeans. It sorta makes sense if you just gotta avoid UPLs, but with baggy jeans?

  24. mamacita

    OK, #71………….How in the hell can a name be shaped like a man? I’m confused.

  25. sorry for confusion mama she’s shaped like a man (broad), and has a guy’s name cameron..

  26. BarryBonds

    I aint going to lie she just went up a notch in my book…now all she has to do is swallow a 13 inch cabassa sausage and I’ll be down with the smiling clown

  27. #76 – Is that supposed to be the Italian cousin of Kielbasa?

  28. sjb16

    I can’t believe the once stunningly beautiful Cam D. from The Mask, morphed into this pez dispenser, so is life!

  29. biatcho

    “Oh christ, my vagina fell out again. We need to find it FAST before it dries up in all this heat. Damn,I could kick myself for not having worn the granny panties today for support. You know,I thought it felt loose”.

  30. BarryBonds

    #77 no its the mexican version

  31. Queen LaQueefah

    please send me an email when she does find HER ASS

  32. ptprez

    After#10′s comment I’m ashamed and need to reflect…

    Tom Cruise Loves cock…
    Tom Cruise eats cock…
    Tom Cruise takes the cock…
    Tom Cruise is a cock…

    Have a happy Easter Tiff…

  33. ptprez

    And I’d hit that…with the park bench…

  34. i_hate_all_this_crap

    Tom Cruise would hit it………with his cock.

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