Cameron Diaz looks for something

April 12th, 2006 // 84 Comments

  1. Chrystal03

    EWWW Crack kills!

  2. Chrystal03

    oooh yeahh…I got first post for the first time ever!! I have accomplished all in my life… :P

  3. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Someone should use their money to buy jeans that fit.

    Her face is still so FUG! I’d still hit it from behind though… and by hit I mean with a huge shovel in the head to knock this bitch off… There’s something about her, maybe it’s just JT’s penis…

  4. Fabulush

    isn’t that the same shirt she wore without pants in “In Her Shoes???”

  5. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    #3, It’s the Joker’s grin. Look at a picture of Jack Nicholson in his Joker’s garb, then look at a picture of her. Makes me want to smack her in the face. She looked a lot better when she had some flesh on her bones, a la The Mask. It softened up the clown look to her face.

  6. Kfir

    “Thong thong-thong thong thong..”

    This is not uncommon really. If it’s someone famous though, then it’s something special.

  7. Doc

    nice… ah, pink, you know what that means… actually I have no idea what that means… liking the T-Bone though…

  8. Jayne

    I was watching that Julia Roberts movie a few ago… Best Friends Wedding.

    Cameron looked… somewhat appealing.
    I think that’s when she started to suck though.

  9. tiffny

    I like when people think they’re all cool because they think they have the first post and then its not the first…its funny, but then sad.
    More things not funny to post anymore-
    -Tom Cruise and cock in the same sentence
    -posts with “I’d hit that”. Even the clever ones that follow up with “a bat” or “a restraining order”

  10. Italian Stallion

    Alright, who went to google earth and put in little boy butt?
    Michael, is that you?
    Disappointed aren’t you?

  11. shes got a body thats for sure

  12. TaiTai

    I’d hit that, with a bat, and Tom Cruise loves the cock.

    Thanks tiffny.


  13. At least she doesn’t have zits on her ass. She should stay in that position.

  14. Italian Stallion

    #10 if your head wasn’t so far up your ass looking for treats you would see that Crystal03 was in fact first post and waited to make sure before commenting on it…..

    I hate that shit too (first) but I hate stupidity more……

  15. Zanna

    her ass looks better than her face, that’s for sure.

    #8 – your website blows donkey dick and chokes on the spunk.

  16. thisguy

    I’d hit that.

    With Tom Cruise’s cock.

    While dressed up like a bat.

    Am I first? Am I?

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Picture 1:
    Woman: “Hey, Cam, you want to try this new beverage? It’s a blend of organic shade-grown wheatgrass and carb-friendly Bolivian soy curd.”
    Cameron: “Duh, hur-hur-hur-hur. Okay, right on!”
    Picture 2:
    Woman: “Psyche! That’s a bottle of Britney’s menstrual blood! Now you are cursed ancient tribal Louisiana white trash VooDoo, and your thong will sit above your pants waistline wherever you go!”
    Cameron: “*Ralphing violently* Oh, God, No! Here, hold my organic umbrella *More vomiting*”
    Woman: *Evil Cackling*

  18. LRonHubbaHubba

    First! to say bugger off tiffny.

    Poor Cameron. The picture of her thong was so much better than the picture of her ugly mug.


  19. monkeywithnoeyes

    mmmmmm classy bird, arent thongs like soooo last season now though? all the cool kids have those boy shorts now days

  20. tiffny

    …thinking of a great comeback to save face and gain back the respect of Italian Stallion and the whole Superfish crowd…um…yeah, I got nothing. Sorry for messing up your little comment game, guys.

  21. Akapee

    #16 your comment about #8′s website is the funniest thing I’ve read today.

  22. Italian Stallion

    tiffny, I apologize, I am in a bad mood, I hope this doesn’t discourage you from commenting again….
    P.S. Tom Cruise loves the cock………

  23. TaiTai

    #21 It’s OK tiff we still are FIRST and LOVE THE COCK and are ROTFL. I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit, too.

    Oh and I forgot we all love PapaNotNuts and Megan Harris’s boyfriend. Just to keep you up to date.

  24. Chrystal03

    Thanks Italian Stallion, personally I always think “Id hit it” and “Tom Loves the Cock”, is always funny… :D

    Speaking of cock, looks like Cameron is waiting for one…heh!

  25. Trotter

    #18 – made me nose spew my mornin’ coffee-n-makers…

  26. They call it the “Whale Tale”

    She’s totally haggard, but I’d totally bone her.

  27. BigJim

    I betcha Justin is happy he isn’t with Britany anymore.

    Then again, maybe not.

  28. tits_on_snack

    Gross. I really don’t need to see pictures of a piece of fabric that’s been rubbing up against some lady’s poo hole in the hot afternoon sun all day long.
    Also, can the muffin-tops go out of style already please? Stupid low-low waisted jeans make every girl in the world look like a fatso with a chub-ring.

  29. TaiTai

    I just want to know what he is offering her in the tin can that is worth bending over and showing her muffin tops for. Where is she anyway?

  30. gammanormids

    The first picture is sooooo hillarious! :)
    ‘Look at me! I tried to get a part in Memoires of a Geisha….’!

  31. auh2o

    She ordinarily does nothing for me, but that picture unexpectantly made my cock spring to life. All you guys that are so critical must be banging supermodels every night, right? How about posting some pictures of these perfect women that you have in your life. Oh, right…

  32. Her facial acne is so bad you can see it on film (and that is in spite of Hollywood make-up and lighting magic). And I hate how she is always shaking her ass in the camera, as though some contractual obligation per film. Just a thought – If her face is that nasty, what is her ass like…

  33. tits_on_snack

    #32: if ance scars, fish eyes, and male torsos do it for you, by all means don’t let us stop you.

  34. Kfir

    lol @ drama

  35. shell

    Well at least she doesn’t have a skid mark.

  36. dirtypiratehooker

    Wow, it’s not like every movie she does she dances around in her underwear, so seeing her in a thong shouldn’t be such a suprise. I mean, I’m 399 1/2 lbs, and when I bend over, I don’t get the same publicity…I mean, if you don’t count the magazine “Whale Watcher Weekly”.

  37. THat isn’t the best picture of her i’ve seen.

  38. lebowski

    It’s really no big deal. She probably just got done drinking an enormous cocktail and decided to keep the umbrella because, you know she’s such a silly fucker. That’s Cam for ya, always being a drunk prankster!

  39. Jacq

    I’m surprised that Mother Earth isn’t wearing two leaves tied together. She’s probably trying to save a blade of grass or something.

  40. PapaHotNuts

    She should take that thong off and pull it back on her index finger like a big rubber band. Then she should pop Sean Preston in the ass with it. When the baby starts crying and Brittany asks, “Why did you hit my baby on the ass with your thong?” Cameron says, “Well, I bet he forgot about that concussion for a minute.”

  41. lainofthewired

    This is for all you wankers who keep saying she is ugly. She takes a bad pic sometimes just like everyone else. I’m a non-lesbian female and I’d hit it.

  42. CheekyChops

    Butter face.

  43. baltogirl

    #18, oshkosh, that was hilarious.

  44. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #42 – every girl looks better when they’re covered in gold paint and airbrushed by Russians. Even Drew Barrymore.
    By the way, word on the street is you are a non-lesbian female. Is this true?

  45. Jacq

    You can she how it looks as though the unidentified woman smashed that little bottle in pic #1 on Cameron’s face and stole her parasol. Seriously, pic #2 shows Jane Doe’s follow through and Cameron’s thong was a total accident.

  46. Nice…

    cameron can bring out the closet lesbian in me.

  47. sammmmmmmmmm

    Norman cabiao likes the crack pipe, I would ride her Toyota Prius anyday.

  48. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris, you have officially made me feel gross inside. You can chalk that up there with all the times you have made me feel bored, and the times I thought you were lame.

  49. PapaHotNuts

    osh- hit me up at I need help posting something.

    As for my email, everyone is welcome, especially The Stallion, Trotter, Jacq, and any other regulars.

    NewGuy if you’re reading this, well, for one, I’m suprised you can read. Secondly, this is not my real email address. I’m trying to fool everyone but you.

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