Cameron Diaz looks decent in brown

September 22nd, 2006 // 103 Comments






  1. Cambry


    I would write something else here, but #29 already said everything I think about this twat

  2. BLucky

    The burping and farting thing is disgusting, but I still think she’s purdy.

  3. PaisleyMoon

    The only way that joker faced twat could look normal is if she glued a photo of Angelina Jolie on a paper bag and wore it over her nasty head. And #39 can kiss my bung hole.

  4. PrincessMuMu

    See I TOLD you she looks hot with dark hair.

  5. PrincessMuMu

    … except for the back fat.

  6. Team OJ

    Did she have a nose job ? I recall her looking more like Gargamel in real life.

  7. sarakai

    If by better you mean she looks like a sweaty hag monkey then sure, she looks heaps better. Seriously, who’s skin is that colour… and what’s with the eyes, she looks like a heroin junkie.

  8. 47 & 48- CruisingForCock & Binky
    I’m like Cock-Ninjas right-nut over there on his blog.
    Why didn’t you sign in and leave a comment.
    You can even change your identity if you so desire.

    Did you happen to sample Cock-Ninjas left-nut, Angry Ferret Jones’ blog.

  9. Captain Awesome

    It’s weird. I remember seeing this unnamed smoking hot chick in this film called “The Mask” a long time ago and then years later I realized this was the same person. I dont understand what happened between “The Mask” And now.

    I had to do a search and make sure I wasnt mixing it up with that other film called “Mask”.

  10. Oh yeah she’s hot, but I liked her hair better when it was blue.

  11. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    I thought Angry Ferret’s blog was a hoot. Especially the baby-on-the-MickeyD’s-counter entry. I used to work at a yogurt bar (sundaes, cones, that sort of thing) when I was younger, and someone was always putting their kid’s ass on the counter. And we weren’t allowed to say anything! Ack! Because “We might drive customers away.” Well, how many customers never came back because they didn’t want their food served where a diaper had been? Jesus.

    Haven’t checked out the others yet, but I will as time allows.

    ‘Finished’ you need to have a thick skin and a demented sense of humor to enjoy this forum…gotta work on that.

  12. Yes, she does have a big mouth, and swallow planets is just why Justin loves his lady!

  13. happy_bunny

    that’s probably something more like her real haircolor. it does look better. I don’t know why everyone goes blonde all the time.

  14. c

    cameron is well-known for being one of those actresses who do NOT look good in HD! her skin looks rough from all the sun damage and drinking she did in her modeling days. i am pretty sure justin is never going to marry her (and not just because she’s old).

  15. HollyJ

    You’d think with all her money and egotism, she woulda fixed that broken crooked bulbous schnozz of hers. I mean, that thing’s one side of a parantheses.

    And, damn…get someone to rasp down that dorsal hump.

    “Character” my ass.. People with flaws call it “character” to try to make it cool… Next, being 376lbs will be a sign of having “character.”

  16. deyanira_spain

    how do you dare to say she looks decent?

    i bet you wet your bed just thinking of her

    Let’s be honest.she looks amazing!
    and you all know it

  17. The Pharoah

    CD looks beautiful,as usual. And, what is the matter with her showing or looking her age? Aging, is a natural humanly process. FI’s.

  18. fat ugly girl with frizzy curly hair

    eeeeewwwwwwwwww.. look at the flab on her back

  19. fat ugly girl with frizzy curly hair

    it’s not that she’s old.. but she is aging waaaaaaaayyyyy too quickly. it’s the drugs.

    drugs are bad.

  20. deyanira_spain

    i hope i look like her at her age!

  21. maddoxjoliepitt

    she uses alot of makeup. i think she does alot of blow and thats why she looks so old

  22. She got creepy freezin eye, anyways she looks hot in Brown!

  23. September_bebe

    She’s only turned 34. She’s not old. I’m 24 and I wouldn’t mind partying it with her, she seems like a fun girl. Whoever says she’s old is probably like 12 or 13. Superficial, you’ve officially become BLAH

  24. BeaGass

    @44…..”Oh, and Edna’s a dike…” Freudian slip? finger….dike…..finger…..dike. now that i think about it the whole finger thing works with both ‘dike’ and ‘dyke’

  25. I guess she doesn’t look too bad.

    It’s a shame she has herpes. Hmmm…

  26. Dory

    she still looks like a muppet with that extra wide mouth of hers

  27. i_hate_all_this_crap

    i love this.

  28. maddoxjoliepitt

    go see “in her shoes”, her face looks like an old baseball glove, maybe she’s just twofaced like that woman in seinfeld, in the dark she looks good but in the light, holy shit

  29. check out those eyes!!!

  30. SuNsHiNe

    I think she’s gorgeous. Who cares if her nose & mouth aren’t perfect & if she has ‘flab’ on her back?? People are so judgemental

  31. Dory

    #80- yeah I suppose, I mean I think Miss Piggy is pretty hot

  32. SuNsHiNe

    Each to his own :P

  33. SuNsHiNe

    To each his own :P

  34. KelKel

    Are you guys kiddin me? You guys that think she is fat must think Skankole Richie looks pretty good,and as for the ‘Old’ comments…..apparently mom and dad didnt turn on the parental filter.Time for bed kids-school tomorrow.

  35. chirpysan

    You people are fucked.Leave the girl alone.
    If you think her mouth is big, what the fuck is yours? Post pictures of yourselves and we’ll judge you according to weight and ugliness…You are the people who I would like to spit on. (And I don’t spit) If you are so hot, why do you spend all of your time on this website shitting on someone who has millions more dollars than you and for sure has a hotter BF. Cameron is doing something right….Piss off losers.

  36. Binky

    # 85
    Chirp. I sense a some conflict here. Why all the bitterness ?
    It’s almost as if you…like…care…
    Get out more. And sometime soon look up the meaning of the words ‘sarcastic’ and of course, a few accompanied words such as ‘meaningless drivel’
    Not that I want to judge…

  37. #85 chirpysan, you are going to hell.

  38. Dory

    # 85… honey, your here too. On the superficial we lay in on celebrities for anything and everything. Deal with it.

    If it’s too hard to handle go join the care bears forum…

  39. Ooh, we got us a couple of Osmonds fans on here today? How sweeeeeet. Let’s all get our tambourines out shall we? And slow clap til our “Let’s not be spiteful” sistas GET THE FUCK BACK TO NICEYNICEVILLE. Bleuch.

    So anyway, my mother always said: Red Shoes; No Knickers. Anyone see a pink taco reflected on the toes?

    Like her hair though. And her eyeliner. So she’s a bit zoned? I like that look. Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya…. etc. (and yeah, I know the Osmonds are Mormons, but I can’t think of any singing church-ys)

  40. RichPort

    #74 – Hmmm, thanks for the clarification, I think. Though I hardly think the “slip” can be regarded as “Freudian”… maybe C’s in philosophy don’t exactly make one an authority. Y dydn’t realyze you were a connoisseur of Lesbyans, so Y’ll tri to be more careful where Y use mi “y’s” and “i’s”. Many thanks.

    #85 – Please review #44. Then dip your ass in cooking grease and try as hard as you can to dislodge the stick from your rectum.

  41. JBean

    chirpysan go change your tampon you cranky bitch

  42. jrzmommy

    Yes, the hair is nice, and it looks natural. However….face-wise, she looks as if she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  43. jrzmommy

    85–could you be a lamb and drop dead? Thanks.

  44. @43 finished

    Glad to see you learned how to copy and paste, I hear all the cool kids are doing that shit now. Thanks for the publicity to my profile, idiot…………..

    P.S. Your parents should have had an abortion………….

  45. krisdylee

    I like Cameron Diaz. I just hate her faggoty boyfriend, who is freakishly tall.

  46. jrzmommy

    Stallion–Oh, they aborted…but it lived.

  47. Eye-Dish Lass

    Sally Field looks fab!

  48. Eye-Dish Lass

    Justin is B O R E D and wants out. I am f’ing convinced. In the past several months any tabloid pix of them together he looks miserable. She better trap him….tell her to punch her eye teeth through his Durex’s.

  49. Eye-Dish Lass

    I don’t get it. She finally gets rid of those “broken popsicle stick” looking blonde hairdo(?) and grows it to a length and style somewhat smooth….and she colors it brown? Okaaaaaaay….

  50. ufos8mycat

    she looks posessed

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